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Bubble Bobble
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Bubble Bobble

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Bubble Bobble NES Nintendo Game Cartridge
Includes: Cartridge Only
Price: $39.99
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Bubble Bobble original NES Nintendo Game cartridge only - Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!
Product Details
UPC: 020588010062
Condition: Used
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Nintendo NES
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone
Customer Reviews
5 Star Review What's not to love about Bubble Bubble?!?
Amazing game all around. The music, the gameplay, the increasing difficulty but no as impossibly unattainable as some of the more well known retro games. BB is a well-rounded classic game that will provide entertainment for years to come. Game was received in perfect condition. The label still has that new-shine that we used to get when getting them out of the box. Not all games from Lukie have perfect labels and quite often the cartridges will have an original owner's name or mark on them.
Reviewed by: from Toronto, Canada. . on 8/12/2014
5 Star Review Super fun family Game
Showed this game to my twin daughters and now they can't stop playing it. Loved this game in the 80's when it was in the arcade, A lot of money spent playing it back then. Add this game to your collection. Thanks Lukie
Reviewed by: from Calgary, Alberta,Canada. on 6/10/2014
5 Star Review Bubble Bobble
Great game. one of the best for NES. truly a classic. a must have for any old school collector/gamer. cant go wrong with this game ;)
Reviewed by: from Toronto, Canada. on 2/22/2014
5 Star Review One of the best on the system
It's a simple port of an arcade game, but it's fantastic. You're a small dinosaur that blows bubbles. You trap monsters in those bubbles, and popping the bubbles turns the monsters into fruit and vegetables that you collect for points. I mean, obviously, right? The game is fun and can be challenging, and best played with a friend (in fact, you can only get the "true" end if you play with 2 players). The music will also be stuck in your head forever, that's not a bad thing, just a heads up. It never stops.
Reviewed by: from NYC. on 11/3/2012
5 Star Review A True Classic.
Bubble Bobble is a game that you need to play, there are tons of levels, increasing in difficulty, some cheat codes to get you to the end of the game instantly exist, but 90% of the fun is the journey to the end.
Reviewed by: from Cold Lake, Alberta, Canada. on 9/12/2012
5 Star Review bubble bobble
game played great . will order again from lukiegames. only took week and half to get game.
Reviewed by: from home. on 4/9/2012
5 Star Review Classic Action Puzzle game!
Bubble Bobble is a classic action puzzle game! Lots and lots of levels, many enemy types, and addictive two-player action makes it a must-own for any NES fans.
Reviewed by: from Louisville, KY. on 1/12/2012
3 Star Review Bubble Bobble Review
Bubble Bobble is an arcade/adventure game by Taito. It is widely considered a classic, and has a soundtrack that will get stuck in your head for DAYS! It also is one of the best multiplayer games on the system. My critiques are that the game is seemingly never ending, and that the combat mechanic takes a little getting used to. Overall it's pretty fun, but I tend to lose interest pretty fast. A must-own for any game collector.
Reviewed by: from NH. on 10/19/2011
5 Star Review fun game
I use to play this game a lot back years ago and still very addicting love this game
Reviewed by: from Decatur,Tennessee. on 9/15/2011
5 Star Review adorable game
Play by yourself or with a friend as two adorable, bubble-shooting dinosaurs named Bub and Bob. This game never got old for me as a child, and I still enjoy playing it.
Reviewed by: from MS. on 7/25/2011
5 Star Review Bad Memories
I loved this game growing up. The only bad thing was my mom and her husband learned how to play. After that, it seems like I was always grounded from paying my NES. And everytime it happened, they played Bubble Bobble. I guess this game kept me on locked down.
Reviewed by: from California. on 6/17/2011
5 Star Review This one never gets old...
Bubble bobble is a classic arcade-based platform game that can be played with either one or two players simultaneously and, believe me, with another player this game defines the word fun. It's simple by today's standards, but if you're looking for a great NES game that will never get old, this is it.
Reviewed by: from Redford, MI. on 4/30/2011
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