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F-Zero SNES Super Nintendo Game
Includes: Cartridge Only
Price: $29.99
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F-Zero SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!
Product Details
UPC: 045496830021
Condition: Used
Genre: Racing
Platform: Super Nintendo
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone
Customer Reviews
5 Star Review 'Retro' gaming...
This certainly is a superb game; Please see my F-Zero Boxed (Factory Sealed) review for more details...
Reviewed by: from Las Vegas. on 8/24/2014
5 Star Review Essential Original Nintendo Spaceship Racing.
This is fun and fast!, the graphics, while looking a bit dated now really give you the impression of speed and motion. I believe this was a SNES launch title and it was a really good one to showcase the system at the time. Although I really think a huge opportunity was missed by this only being a single player game, it's still a really fun racing game for the solo player, especially if you like sci-fi and spaceships! I would say this game would have to be a major influence on the Wipeout games and a possible inspiration for the Podrace scene in Star Wars Episode One. A Super Nintendo essential!
Reviewed by: from Canada. on 5/14/2014
5 Star Review F-Zero = Classic
One of the first games for the SNES and still holds up well today. Perhaps, IMO, the second best racing game on the system next to Rock N Roll Racing. Fast pace, excellent tracks, kicking soundtrack. Like one reviewer mentioned, the only thing lacking is 2 players. Regardless, this was one incredible game back then and one incredible game still today!
Reviewed by: from Courtice, Ontario, Canada. on 7/3/2013
5 Star Review the best!
this is my favorite racing game for snes and the game works perfectly.
Reviewed by: from Illinois. on 4/1/2013
5 Star Review Amazing!
The game works great, looks brand spanking new. It also gave me no trouble what so ever. As soon as I turned my SNES on it showed the title screen. There was only one little slight problem. The shipping took almost a week could you guys try to ship faster, if possible? Thanks!
Reviewed by: from Cocoa Beach, FL. on 11/17/2012
5 Star Review Unexpexted Fun!
I got this game for the sole fact that it's a SNES classic. However, when I started playing it, I was really impressed at how well it controlled. Everything was smooth and fun, and it has gone down as one of my favorite Super Nintendo games. 5 stars!!
Reviewed by: from Austin, Tx. on 9/6/2012
5 Star Review Awesome
I loved this game!! I thought being an older racing game it wouldn't be that fun, but I was totally wrong!!
Reviewed by: from Deep in Candy Land. on 8/14/2012
5 Star Review F-Zero SNES
Great game. A classic SNES game with awesome music.
Reviewed by: from Canada. on 7/4/2012
5 Star Review Big Blue
Great racing game,with intense speed and graphics. Amazing music that gets you pumped!
Reviewed by: from Los Angeles, CA. on 4/2/2012
4 Star Review Great
Great game the courses are fun and vibrant and have some difficulty while others are easy just some like sand sea will leave you wanting to punch a hole in the wall
Reviewed by: from 134 Glenmore rd Toronto Ontario. on 1/31/2012
5 Star Review f-zero
This game was ok for me had some trouble with the steering of some cars
Reviewed by: from London Ont. on 10/23/2011
5 Star Review F-Zero
Great game, classic. Great condition, nothing wrong with it.
Reviewed by: from Georgia. on 7/5/2011
4 Star Review Falcon! Punch!
A great launch title for SNES, the only thing it was lagging was it is just one player.
Reviewed by: from CT. on 4/24/2011
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