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Game Genie
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Game Genie

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Game Genie NES Nintendo Game Cartridge
Includes: Cartridge Only
Price: $29.99
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Game Genie original NES Nintendo Game cartridge only - Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!
Product Details
UPC: 047246073566
Condition: Used
Genre: Accessories
Platform: Nintendo NES
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone
Customer Reviews
5 Star Review Game genie for the Nintendo
work perfectly and my friend love it i buy it for him so he can beat tmnt on the nes :) Great product like always :)
Reviewed by: from rouyn-noranda Qc. on 8/11/2014
5 Star Review game genie for nintendo nes
Awsome simply awesome I have just recently beat ninja gaiden for nintendo nes for the first time since I bought the game cartridge recently and super Mario bros 3 in a lot of years since I had it originality going to by a lot more games in the near future and going to buy a couple of ps3 games for .my friends birthday In the next week. Lukie is incredible glad I found your site and when I order from Lukie the customer service is excellent and the lady. And the gentleman that take the game orders are awesome signed a loyal customer Edward james Phillips
Reviewed by: from conway nh . on 8/5/2014
5 Star Review HOLY CRAP... I'm grateful!
This helped put the 20yrs of dust on my A B and D-pad buttons fingers off quickly... Worked amazingly and led to hours of help and good times! Thanks Lukie Games for keeping such wonderful products on the market!
Reviewed by: from Dubai. on 3/2/2014
5 Star Review Just like before
I purchased the Game Genie to give me a little help with some of the fun games I had recently been given as a present. It worked great and on one game that I couldn't get to work alone it got it to work with the Game Genie! Super fast shipping and the product worked wonderfully.
Reviewed by: from Colorado. on 1/23/2014
5 Star Review Exactly what I needed!
Exactly what I needed for my project :D. Thank you SO much, works great!!
Reviewed by: from Abbotsford, BC. on 8/4/2013
5 Star Review NES GAME GENIE
Always wanted this when I was a kid and never got it. Well I got it now and it's just as AWESOME as I always thought it would be! THANKS !!!
Reviewed by: from Prospect. on 7/5/2013
5 Star Review works as advertised, but be careful.
The game genie works flawlessly. Lukiegames shipped it to me and it came in perfect working condition. Be careful when using it though. There are certain games that the game genie will erase the battery and leave you with having to play the whole game again!
Reviewed by: from hialeah, fl. on 2/28/2013
5 Star Review gamegenie nes
Gamegenie is very good, now I can pass that stage I could not. recommend to everyone.
Reviewed by: from brasil. on 12/3/2012
5 Star Review It's "Enhancing" not "Cheating"
This is a tool that let you change various aspects of your game to make it easier or harder, depending on the codes you enter. It's almost a must use for some of the harder games in the nes library. The codes are easily found on-line, some of which have been discovered by people just playing around with the codes. It's a fun tool, worth having in your library.
Reviewed by: from NYC. on 11/2/2012
4 Star Review MR.
Works great,although still have to blow on connector pins. Still,at least it works, unlike my old one. I'm still looking for my code book though( got it around here someplace) so downloaded from web.
Reviewed by: from Waterloo, IA. on 9/9/2012
3 Star Review Classic Tool. But, Has many flaws.
The game genie is an amazing tool that you can use to enhance or increase (or decrease) difficulty. It features fun codes and large varieties of other codes. Although, it's often used for cheating and can screw up the connectors on a NES. Be careful. And really, only use it if the game is extremely hard. That was it's purpose.
Reviewed by: from Florida. on 7/6/2012
5 Star Review Game Genie NES Review
Game Genie is a "cheat" device that allows you to manipulate the files of your NES games to cater to your needs. Though it may be fun messing with these changes, and necessary to beat certain games, the true use of the Game Genie is it's pin connector. Although it bends the pins of your original NES system back, it has a much firmer connection with the system, and allows games to work on usually the first try! A necessity for an NES collector.
Reviewed by: from NH. on 10/28/2011
5 Star Review Game Genie
Game genie really helped me get through a lot of games and is great for any gamer to the most out of their games
Reviewed by: from London Ont. on 10/23/2011
4 Star Review Fantastic add-on
The Game Genie was a near-necessity back in the day. There were some games that were so mind-numbingly, embarassingly, eye-poppingly difficult that the only way to beat them seemed to be with a "super jump," "slow time," "near invincibility," etc. The Game Genie is also great because of the myriad of wacky codes that will make flying koopas spit up hammers, the sound & graphics to warp and distort in various fun ways, and more! The only known downside is that I have heard from several sources that the Game Genie will bend your internal prongs over time and will require the game genie to be a permanant fixture to your NES. I don't know if that has been remedied with the new 72pin connectors or the clone machines, but it's a mild concern for the trade off of INVINCIBILITY!
Reviewed by: from Texas. on 7/26/2011
5 Star Review Game Genie
A Game Genie is an essential addition to any NES collection. To see if it can help you, Goolge "game genie codes and [your game here]" You're likely to see unlimited lives, high jump, powerful weapons and all kinds of illicit cheats. Just remember, this will NOT fit into a Top-loading NES-101 without an adapter
Reviewed by: from West Vriginia. on 4/4/2011
5 Star Review Like my own GameShark!!
It works great and I get through games easier. I ordered one and when while I am reviewing this they are out of stock. Either I got the last one or they only had one in stock to begin with. Either way I like this Game Genie. Thanks Lukie Games!!!
Reviewed by: from Pennsylvania. on 1/4/2011
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