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Mega Man X
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Mega Man X

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Mega Man X SNES Super Nintendo Game
Includes: Cartridge Only
Price: $59.99
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Mega Man X SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!
Product Details
UPC: 013388130153
Condition: Used
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Super Nintendo
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone
Customer Reviews
5 Star Review Awesome
So happy with this! Great condition and I love this game sooooo much! Megaman games are the best!
Reviewed by: from Ontario. on 5/20/2014
5 Star Review Mega Man X
I can't say anything better than what Egorapter said about this oh so awesome game in his vid Sequelitis Mega Man vs Mega Man X ^_^
Reviewed by: from San Diego. on 3/20/2014
5 Star Review Mega Man X is one really awesome game for SNES
I loved this game when I was a child and I love it still to this day. Top 5 in my all-time favorite video games overall. Excellent game graphics, really catchy tunes, and challenging bosses to the very end. Only took me a little over an hour to beat the game but I could slam Level 3 Sigma all over his floating fortress all day long! 5 stars x's infinity!
Reviewed by: from Mabscott, West Virginia. on 3/12/2014
5 Star Review Truly Mega
Fantastic gameplay, graphics and some neat new tricks that elevates this entry of the Mega Man series onto the heights heretofore only reached by Mega Man 2. Brilliant and fun, can't ask for a better combination
Reviewed by: from Dundas, ON, Canada. on 7/17/2013
4 Star Review Good but not as good as X2
Great game but not as good as X2. Very easy. Highly recommended
Reviewed by: from Canada. on 5/26/2013
5 Star Review Great game
Had almost forgotten how good this game really is! One of the best games for the SNES.
Reviewed by: from Charlottetown, PE. on 3/21/2013
5 Star Review The Start of a new Era
Mega Man X was a giant leap forward in the series. It kept the feel of the original NES games, but added incredible 16 bit graphics, ledge jumping, and even more powers! Zero was first introduced in this game, and soon become one of the most adored and respected Mega Man characters. The story in this game was fantastic, with a few twists at the end. It was an amazing upgrade from the classics, and a great start to its own series.
Reviewed by: from Lehighton. on 2/10/2013
5 Star Review Excellent !
The first Mega Man X , is a perfect game! Is classic for SNES , you need for your collection! Is a difficult, I think, is more difficult for the MM X2 and X3 !
Reviewed by: from Brazil. on 1/10/2013
5 Star Review Wow
This game is the closest attempt a human has ever reached in creating physical awesomeness. If you do not have this game, THEN BUY IT. DON'T READ THIS ANYMORE JUST HIT THE ADD TO CART BUTTON.
Reviewed by: from The Intergalactic Space Arcade. on 11/3/2012
5 Star Review The Quintessential Platformer
Mega Man X, is, in short, the moment I stopped being a baby-boy gamer and became a young man. To this day, this game maintains some of the tightest controls, fluid gameplay (minus the few unavoidable segments of SNES slowdown; X is indeed too hardcore for the SNES at times) and rewarding gameplay in video gaming's rich history. I have beaten this game countless times (and by 'countless', I literally mean I CANNOT count how many times) yet I still find myself being driven to play it again. It is a game where your skill alone will carry you through the game; you won't be dying to dumb luck, random in-game dice rolls, or "cheap" tactics. You will die because you, as a player, made a mistake. This kind of gameplay is the most rewarding, because it is entirely reliant on your performance, which will become more and more fine-tuned as you play the game. Not only that, but the skills you acquire from playing this game translate to virtually every game you will ever play again- the main two skills being twitch reflexes and careful, reactionary play. I could go on, but at this point I assume most people reading this review are at least moderately familiar with X because it is such a legend of the video gaming legacy. Suffice to say, there's a reason it is held in such high regard. More specifically, there are countless reasons why it is held in such high regard. If you add this game to your collection, you will find yourself never wanting to get rid of it-- on that I can assure you.
Reviewed by: from Minneapolis, MN. on 11/2/2012
5 Star Review Mega Man Xcellent!
It was my first Mega Man game when I was younger and since then still my fav! It has opened me to the whole series for NES and GB, I strongly reconmend this game if your new to Mega man or you are a huge fan who hasen't played before!
Reviewed by: from Moncton, New Brunswick. on 5/2/2012
5 Star Review Awesome
To put in a nutshell, this is one of the best megaman games ever made.
Reviewed by: from Union, WV. on 5/1/2012
5 Star Review Mega Man X
Simply put, one of the best games for the SNES. Delivered on time and in great condition.
Reviewed by: from New Brunswick CAN. on 3/30/2012
5 Star Review Mega Man X. Great, or greatest?
I recently ordered this game with a SNES. And I must say, I absolutely loved it! I'm a big fan of the classic Mega Man games, so I was very excited to get this game. And with Lukie Games' cheap prices, why wouldn't I wanna order this?! So when it finally came in the mail, I was so hooked I ended up spending 80 percent of my time playing it! It retains all of the fun the classic series had, and makes it even better by including better weapons, and a cooler, more serious story line.
Reviewed by: from MD. on 11/5/2011
5 Star Review Mega Man X, a Super Nintendo Classic
This game is what made me a Mega Man fan. Pure, simple action game with a great amount of depth and secrets to find. It's Mega Man grown up!
Reviewed by: from Victoria. on 10/24/2011
5 Star Review A Great Challenging Platformer
It's the same megaman you know and love! Play a level, kill a robot master, steal its power, its all here! There are a few things added to enhance the megaman experience, though. First of which is the wall jump. Now on any wall you can jump at it, then off it, on it again and repeat to scale it. This new move leads to some challenging and unique instances where you must use this move while shooting or fighting a boss. The second change is a speed boost you can use at any time to evade enemy attacks, or to jump over a gap. In addition to these new gameplay elements, you can find tanks in levels this are like refillable E-Tanks, and upgrades to your character. Megagman made a great jump to 16-bit with this game. Buy it now!
Reviewed by: from US. on 4/24/2011
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