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NES 72 Pin Connector

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New NES Nintendo 72 pin connector - includes 180 day guarantee!


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This is a BRAND NEW NES 72 pin connector for the original front-loading NES Nintendo system. Replacing this eliminates the common issues such as

blinking/flashing screen
blinking power light
blowing on games

Includes easy to follow step by step instructions on how to replace your NES 72 pin connector!

Comes with a 180 day guarantee!

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Nintendo NES


NTSC (N. America)

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Just what my NES needed
Prior to moving I found the NES in the basement and took it muwahaha! Clearly it needed some TLC. I carefully cleaned it.I can't believe how many sugary liquids made their way inside without it breaking. After some tinkering clearly the pin connector needed to be replaced. I could see this task being frustrating for some one who doesn't know their way around electronics and such. Having epic tinkering skills isn't necessary though! My NES is back to working quite well. Now to show my eldest the first console that blew my mind.
Reviewed by:  from Illinois. on 5/4/2015
5 Stars
A Great Restoration Part
My old 72 pin connector has seen better days i was in the middle of playing a game that i was half way through and the system would reset itself. it did it alot then i came to this site saw a 72 pin connector really worth the money now i can play games with out the system reseting itself. hours of fun with no worries thank you lukie games. just like a auto part with the right part i need lol
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Tennessee. on 4/1/2015
4 Stars
works but small hitch
It does what its supposed to do, except now I have to purchase a 3.8 mm security bit to clean my games. got a better connection then before but still not good enuff to play my games. but im going to remedy that.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Atmore . on 2/28/2015
5 Stars
This product is fantastic! worth every penny, quick and easy install. makes my NES like new!
Reviewed by:  from Mission BC. on 1/21/2015
3 Stars
helped some
this item does help a lot with game freeze and start up, however it was not a total fix to my system, still have to blow into the games and wiggle them around to get them to read. but does help some so worth the ten bucks to bring life back into a old system. some reviews said hard to install, mine slid right in with no trouble.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from indiana. on 1/4/2015
4 Stars
Fixed the problem
This 72 pin connector is great. I bought it from this website because of all the good reviews about it. The first time I installed it, it didn't work. I figured I just didn't install it very well. So i opened up my nintendo again and reinstalled it. This time it works almost perfectly. I say almost because it doesn't work when i push down on the cartridge. No problem though because it works perfectly when it is not pushed down. I don't know if this is a problem with the product or if I just didn't install it well which is why I give this a 4 star rating. Overall I would recommend anyone who needs this to buy it from this site.
Reviewed by:  from ON, Canada. on 12/26/2014
5 Stars
Like New
Changed the connector in nes, now games start up on first try. Well worth it!!
Reviewed by:  from St.Catharines, On, Canada. on 11/28/2014
5 Stars
Amazing price with delivery. Made my original nes machine just like new. I couldn't be any happier. I would highly recommend this product and this company. Mr nes quit working several years ago but I knew someday technology would do along and I'd get it fixed. After I got my part (pretty quickly I might add considering it came from Miami and had to go to mud Canada) I looked on YouTube where I found someone calling himself ganglym with THE best close up instructions showing me how to completely dismantle, ckean, and repair it.
Reviewed by:  from Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada. on 11/4/2014
5 Stars
Delivered to the house quickly. Took 5 minutes to install. Worked perfectly first time. Like a brand new unit. No more blowing on the games etc.
Reviewed by:  from Pittsburgh . on 10/2/2014
5 Stars
Back to Life
Changed out the old one with a new and that helped with some of those frustrating problems with old NES. Brought it back from the dead.
Reviewed by:  from Michigan. on 8/25/2014
5 Stars
Works great.
Reviewed by:  from Fargo, ND. on 8/7/2014
5 Stars
NES 72 pin connector
Works awesome !! Definitely I recommend this product =)
Reviewed by:  from Chicago IL. on 5/2/2014
5 Stars
Worked like a charm
Glad to be back playing my NES, uninterrupted without any extravagant methods to get the game to start up. Every game starts on the first try. Worth it!
Reviewed by:  from Hamilton, ON, Canada. on 4/14/2014
5 Stars
Now I'm playing with power....again
Excellent product, works like a charm. The connection to the circuit board is a bit tight so you gotta really force it on there, but once its once its on your golden. Thanks Lukie Games.
Reviewed by:  from Nanaimo, BC, Canada. on 3/31/2014
5 Stars
Problem solve
I could not play with all my games before I replace the connector, now with this replacement 72 pin connector I can play all my games without any problem.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Longueuil. on 3/10/2014

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