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Super Mario Brothers/Duck Hunt
On Sale: $10.34
Jeopardy: Junior Edition
Buy it for Just: $13.95
Buy it for Just: $17.95
Mega Man 2
On Sale: $44.97
Ice Hockey
On Sale: $6.54
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2
On Sale: $19.84
Rush N Attack
On Sale: $5.97
Spy Hunter
On Sale: $7.47
Kung Fu
On Sale: $11.34
Castlevania 2
On Sale: $13.24
Tiny Toon Adventures
On Sale: $10.97
On Sale: $11.97
Double Dribble
On Sale: $4.64
Final Fantasy
On Sale: $24.14
Hunt for Red October
On Sale: $6.47
Snake Rattle Roll
On Sale: $9.47
Fester's Quest
On Sale: $4.14
Tecmo Super Bowl
On Sale: $29.97
Zelda II 2 - Adventures of Link
On Sale: $20.34
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3
On Sale: $33.97
On Sale: $6.47
Metal Gear
On Sale: $10.84
Mickey Mousecapade
On Sale: $4.64
Galaga Demons of Death
On Sale: $16.97
Bionic Commando
On Sale: $11.97
Wizards & Warriors
On Sale: $5.14
Super Dodge Ball
On Sale: $20.97
Star Tropics
On Sale: $7.54
Zelda, The Legend of
On Sale: $31.97
On Sale: $6.54
On Sale: $4.14
Bad Dudes
On Sale: $4.64
Mega Man 3
On Sale: $30.47
NES Open
On Sale: $11.97
Spy vs Spy
On Sale: $9.44
Star Wars
On Sale: $12.97
Pac-Man Tengen Reg
On Sale: $8.47
Rad Racer II
On Sale: $6.97
Marble Madness
On Sale: $6.54
Castlevania 3
On Sale: $31.97
On Sale: $9.47
Pro Wrestling
On Sale: $6.54
Demon Sword
On Sale: $5.47
On Sale: $4.14
Battle Toads
On Sale: $25.04
Burger Time
On Sale: $9.84
Skate or Die
On Sale: $5.14
California Games
On Sale: $9.47
Adventures Lolo
On Sale: $12.97
Dick Tracy
On Sale: $5.14
On Sale: $7.97
Mach Rider
On Sale: $6.47
Mega Man 1
On Sale: $68.97
Little Nemo the Dream Master
On Sale: $10.34
Ninja Gaiden 2
On Sale: $15.14
On Sale: $11.47
On Sale: $4.97
Ikari Warriors
On Sale: $10.47
The Guardian Legend
On Sale: $12.74
Ikari Warriors 2
On Sale: $7.47
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Originally released in Japan as the Famicom (short for Family Computer) the Nintendo Entertainment System took the US by storm when it arrived in 1985 and re-ignited what was considered to be a dead market after the North American video game crash of 1983. Backed by what are still considered to be many of the greatest classic games of all time such as Super Mario Brothers 3, the Legend of Zelda, Mike Tyson's Punch-Out, Contra, Final Fantasy, and many more it went on to sell over 350 million games over its decade long run.

Today you can relive all your favorite NES games! If its the beloved classic that you beat ten times and never got tired of, the one that your friend had and you always wanted, or just the Nintendo video game you always wanted to try you can get it now from Lukie Games! So go and browse our selection of NES games for sale or search the site for the one you are looking for and get yourself a great game!