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Original Playstation 2 Console!
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Original Playstation 2 Console!

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Original Sony Playstation 2 System with controller!
Price: $104.95
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Original Playstation 2 system in GREAT condition!

This set includes the following -
  • The Sony Playstation 2 console
  • One controller
  • All hook-ups
The Playstation 2 system lets you play original PS1 games as well as the huge selection of PS2 games.
Product Details
UPC: 711719701101
Condition: Refurbished
Platform: Playstation 2
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Customer Reviews
4 Star Review So Glad I Found Lukie Games!
I have been looking for a PS2 for about a year now, the problem is they are either too expensive or I buy a cheap one and its a piece of crap that doesn't work. However browsing on google recently I finally found Lukie Games, and thank god I did! The console was inexpensive, the reviews were amazing, free shipping, and a guaranteed return policy. Needless to say, I was on cloud nine. So I ordered this console, another controller, a memory card, and 2 games, all for around $120. No joke, my order came only 3 days later! And did I mention the shipping was free!?! I immediately opened the box and started setting it up. This comes with everything you need, the console itself, a controller, and all the hook up/ plug ins. The only problem I had was one of the games I bought was all scratched up, completely unplayable. But the customer service people were awesome, I just emailed them about my problem and they emailed me back with a very nice response and a shipping label so I could send the scratched game back for a new unscratched game. These guys are amazing and I highly recommend Lukie Games. I was in the same position as you, distrusting of a new website because of past experience but honestly Lukie Games is as professional as it gets. Thanks so much Lukie Games!
Reviewed by: from New Hampshire. on 9/15/2014
5 Star Review PS 2 console
The PS2 console I bought was in even better shape than what I expected. I highly reccomend buying from this site and I will purchase from them again in the future.
Reviewed by: from Midland , Texas. on 9/14/2014
5 Star Review Great buy!!
Well to begin with, I got ride of my old ps2 system back in 05 and bought the ps2 slim. Don't get me wrong, I like my ps2 slim system but missed the original and regretted getting away my ps2 original system. I wanted to get the original back, so I look on the internet and found Lukie games. I didn't know if Lukie was the real deal or not, so I did some research and found nothing bad about the site, and realize the site does take pay pal. That great to me because I did not fell comfortable with giving my personal information online, to websites I do not know about. Anyway I received my system on 9/3/2014. It came with everything as advertised. even though the controller is genetic they gave me a brand new one which is a plus and the system is in great shape, just some scratches on the bottom of the console, which is nothing to complain about. It plays everything I have put in it CD's,DVD,PlayStation and PlayStation 2 games. It even played one of my games that was formatted on the blue disk format then the regular format. I only wished they would have taken some time to clean the system. Don't get me wrong, it is very minor which I can clean the system myself, but I thought Lukie said they would have already cleaned the system. Anyway I am not worried about it since my system is working great so far and have not experience any problems with the system. Very glad that I have made the purchased. I will definitely buy more things from this site very soon.
Reviewed by: from New Mexico. on 9/9/2014
5 Star Review Stro
Hadn't seen the delivered product first hand, but am told by my kids/grandkids (who I had it shipped to) that it came in great condition and plays perfectly. I'd recommend this site to others, and may even purchase another one for myself. :-)
Reviewed by: from Oklahoma. on 8/26/2014
5 Star Review PS2 console works great!
I'd never heard of Lukie Games but after reading the reviews figured I'd give it a go. My son took his PS2 with him when he moved and I really wanted to play my games. The console arrived in a timely manner and was well packaged; enough so that even though the post office tore a corner of the box, there wasn't a scratch on the console itself. Hooked it up and it works great! It's in better condition than the old one :-)
Reviewed by: from Michigan, USA. on 8/24/2014
5 Star Review Tickled
The PS2 system that I ordered was to replace the original that I had, it has played every game I put in it. Very satisfied! Would recommend Lukie Games to anyone. This will not be my last purchase from lukie games.
Reviewed by: from VA. on 8/18/2014
5 Star Review Loved it
I traded my PS2 in for my PS3 and I always missed my PS2. I started looking for a PS2 and some games for a reasonable price and it found Lukie Games. It was my first time ordering from here and the packaging and everything was good. I'm going to buy some more games from here in the near future.
Reviewed by: from PS2. on 8/15/2014
3 Star Review uh yeah it works
My ps2 i am enjoying, everything came on time and with great presentation. Now my playstation does work excellent but only after i open and close it about 10-15 times than it finally reads the disk other than that really cant complain i couldnt beat the price even with the mechanical issue
Reviewed by: from california . on 8/14/2014
5 Star Review 7/30/ 2014
I Have just received the PS2 console. got it hook up and tried it . Works grate and every thing was pack very well. Thank you
Reviewed by: from Orlando,FL. on 7/30/2014
5 Star Review PS 2 Console
Well pleased with this unit appears to look almost new. Good job on the packaging, received in excellent condition.
Reviewed by: from Jamesville NC. on 6/10/2014
5 Star Review playstation 2
it came on time and it works perfectly. very glad with its condition.
Reviewed by: from hemet. on 6/8/2014
5 Star Review Playstation 2 Console
I received the PS2 today, it is in great condition and was shipped fast. I installed it as soon as it was delivered and my grandson has not put it up yet. Thank you so much!!!!
Reviewed by: from Macon, GA. on 6/5/2014
5 Star Review Impressed with Lukiegames
The console I purchased appears to be in excellent condition as advertised. The game I bought is also. And the prices are reasonable. I recommend Lukiegames.
Reviewed by: from Anaheim, CA. on 5/29/2014
5 Star Review Awesome deal
I got the ps2 recently and it doesn't even en look that used. It works well besides the creaking disk tray. The only thing is that my controller broke with just a few uses and it's not the original Ps2 controller nor is it dual shock but it's still great =)
Reviewed by: from New York . on 5/9/2014
5 Star Review ps2
my refurbished ps2 works great. also lukie customer service is excellent.
Reviewed by: from Cranston RI. on 5/4/2014
5 Star Review worked Great
i got it it was very clean works great only had hard time with blue disks at first
Reviewed by: from New knet. on 2/20/2014
5 Star Review 110% Satisfied
I was looking around the internet for a ps2 & ran into this website after looking at ebay and amazon. I was a bit skeptical about purchasing from here because I had never heard of Lukie Games. I read the reviews and was still sketched out because some websites make fake reviews but i said fuck it and i took the chance anyways. And i am super glad that I did. I received my package yesterday and i am absolutely in love. My ps2 was in mint condition and working wonderfully. I also purchased 6 games and they are used but look and felt completely new. No scratches on anything. I am so glad i gave this site a chance. I am absolutely satisfied. I will be purchasing older games and consoles from here now. Thanks! :) <3
Reviewed by: from Whittier, California. on 2/16/2014
5 Star Review Happy Customer
My husband has a bad habit of breaking the PS2 he had, this is the 3rd one for him now. He's very happy with it.
Reviewed by: from Beach, ND. on 2/12/2014
5 Star Review Playstation 2 system
My old PS2 had given up the ghost, so I had several games with no way to play them. Lukie Games is a godsend. For a reasonable price I got the PS 2 system and a few more games. I'll be using Lukie Games in the future. The PS 2 is working like a champ.
Reviewed by: from Oklahoma. on 2/7/2014
5 Star Review Lukie Games made me a believer!
Bought this console off here after hearing about this site from a friend. Was extremely skeptical because the price seemed to good to be true. Turns out I was wrong to be skeptical! Lukie games sent me a PS2 that works great and continues to do so still. Came with everything that was listed in description and was packaged very well. The console itself had some scuffs but I don't care because it didn't say anywhere in the description that it was brand new and it works fine on the inside so yay! HEADS UP: This is the PS2 that plays PS1 games as well so if that is what you are looking for this is it!
Reviewed by: from Man Cave, CA. on 1/21/2014
5 Star Review great
Got it fast its as clean as a whistle works like brand new and plays without a hitch as always lukiegames is the best gamestop is a joke.lukiegames best prices,quality and customer support thank you
Reviewed by: from boca raton florida. on 1/5/2014
5 Star Review PS2
My son's had asked for another PS2 game system as theirs had broke some time ago. I googled PS2 consoles and came upon your website and so very glad I did. I had read reviews from your site before purchasing as well. All I can say, my son's were so happy on Christmas morning and the PS2 is working great! I was very happy with how quickly the PS2 arrived and when I called before I ordered to ask a few questions, customer service was wonderful. I will definitely recommend your site and if we ever need anything again, will definitely order from Lukie Games. Thank you!!
Reviewed by: from NYC. on 1/5/2014
5 Star Review Skeptical- at first.
I tend to be paranoid when i shop online, so When i first heard of Lukie Games,i was quite worried about buying from a store i have never heard of before. But even so, the reviews were great, and the price was very reasonable, so i bit my tongue and hoped i was not being scammed. The game console came in perfect timing, it works splendidly, and it came with everything I was told it came with. This is a great item worth buying, especially from Lukie Games. I will definitely shop from Lukie Games again. Sayanora~! :D!!
Reviewed by: from Texas. on 11/26/2013
5 Star Review Works like new
I've been looking for a fat PS2 for a while now and when i came across one on Lukie games, my heart stopped! Came in great condition, no scuffs or scratches, just like brand new! It came on time as well. 5/5 :)
Reviewed by: from New York City. on 11/16/2013
5 Star Review The best PS2 I have ever purchased!
I have definitely gone through my fair share of new and used PS2s over the years and I have never been more satisfied than I am with my first PS2 I purchased from Lukiegames. It is literally in perfect condition and I have put on 500+ hours on it and I haven't had any problems with it. I've played over 60 different games on it, watched movies, and listened to music with it, and yet it still performs like new. This is now the only place I spend my money when it comes to anything to do with games and Lukiegames always treats me good like true professionals. Take my word on it, Lukiegames won't let you down and they will take great care of you. Thank you very much Lukiegames. You've gained my respect and loyalty. I can't wait to spend more of my money here. Until next time, GAME ON! :)
Reviewed by: from Iowa. on 8/26/2013
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