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Super Mario Brothers 2
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Super Mario Brothers 2

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Super Mario Brothers 2 for the Nintendo NES
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Super Mario Brothers 2 original NES Nintendo Game cartridge only - Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

Taking Mario and company in a very different direction from the past blockbuster platformer, the second Super Mario Bros. games finds our hero falling through a doorway into a strange new world, run amock by the evil Wart. Choose from four playable characters -- each with his and her own unique abilities -- and run, hop, yank, and throw your way through seven challenging stages in order to stop Wart.
Product Details
UPC: 045496630386
Condition: Used
Genre: Platformer
Platform: Nintendo NES
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone
Customer Reviews
5 Star Review great game super mario 1,2,3,
I bought all three games they came to my home fast and were in great shape hooked everything up and they played so good no problems I will always come back to buy more things from this site..
Reviewed by: from mich. on 8/5/2014
5 Star Review Love my ol' school game
I bought this game about a month ago and I've been playing it with my 4 children who now also love it. It's funny to see the reaction of them when they are comparing my games and system to theirs. The kids ask me how I can be so good at the game and know all the secret passages when I just bought it,I have to keep reminding them that I to was once a kid and this was one of the games that I enjoyed.
Reviewed by: from Oklahoma . on 7/28/2014
5 Star Review My favorite Super Mario Bros. game
This is my favorite Super Mario Bros. game. It's different than the other Mario games. You don't kill enemies by jumping on them. You kill them by throwing things at them. You can throw vegetables, keys, other enemies, etc. If you find mushrooms, you can collide with enemies four times before dying instead of two like the original SMB. This game has four players to choose from unlike the other two SMB games. The characters are Mario, Princess Peach, Luigi, and Toad. This game's only downfall is that it's too short. It only has 20 levels instead of 32 like the original. If you want a great Mario game, buy this game.
Reviewed by: from Tennessee. on 5/10/2014
5 Star Review The Best of the NES
Many people think of Super Mario Bros. 3 as the best of the original NES series, but for me, Super Mario Bros. 2 has always been the pinnacle of the series. Referred to in Japan as "Super Mario Bros. USA," the second game released in the States is one of the most unique games in the entire franchise. It was the first game that relied not on stomping enemies and punching bricks, but on using a strange combination of vegetables plucked from the ground to attack your targets. The basic story is that, while on a picnic with Princess Toadstool (whom I will NEVER accept as Princess Peach), Toad, and his brother, Luigi, Mario and his friends come upon a strange door, and follow a creature into it who is asking for their hope. Once inside the door, they are transported to another world, inhabited not by Goombas, Koopas, and Lukitus, but by Shy-Guys, Bertos, and a giant toad named Wart. This is, by far, my favorite game in the series for several reasons, not the least of which is the fantastic music - the main level music is a fantastic ragtime piece that is truly difficult to play. I highly suggest this game!
Reviewed by: from Morgantown, WV. on 3/8/2014
5 Star Review Wonderful Blast From The Past!
Worked amazingly and led to hours of memories and good times! Thanks Lukie Games for keeping such wonderful products on the market!
Reviewed by: from Dubai. on 3/2/2014
5 Star Review fun game
man this is a classic game i love this game nothing is more enjoyable then finding these secrets in this game doki doki panic....wait WHAT?
Reviewed by: from monaca. on 2/28/2014
5 Star Review Sir
Game is in pro condition and worked without worry!
Reviewed by: from Australia. on 11/4/2013
5 Star Review This game is awesome!
What can I say about those two Super Mario Brothers? They are so entertaining, fun and perfect for people of all ages and this game is awesome!
Reviewed by: from West Park, Florida. on 8/27/2013
5 Star Review none
Arrived in great shape and works really well.
Reviewed by: from California. on 8/26/2013
5 Star Review Super Mario Bros 2
Very fast shipping & the game is nice a clean. Works great. I'll buy most of my vintage video games from this site for sure. Thanks again and keep up the great work! :) -=Pete
Reviewed by: from Frederick, Md. on 7/20/2013
5 Star Review mario @
great classic. Its my favorite because of the oddball game play that doesnt fit in the same realm as parts 1&3
Reviewed by: from West Virginia. on 7/19/2013
5 Star Review The gap was a sore spot for me
Most people own Super Mario Bros (usually with Duck Hunt) and Super Mario Bros 3 but I've found that this game is missing from alot of people's libraries and honestly that's a shame. Awesome game. Don't think about it. Just buy it and enjoy.
Reviewed by: from Saint John, NB, Canada. on 1/31/2013
5 Star Review love it
Worked very good :)
Reviewed by: from home. on 1/24/2013
5 Star Review theme music will get stuck in your head
I like this game, perhaps not quite as much as Mario 3, but still enjoyable nonetheless. As my title says, the theme music is catchy; in fact, I often can't get it out of my head if I've played for an hour or so.
Reviewed by: from Alabama. on 11/20/2012
5 Star Review Just like I remembered!
Haven't made it all the way thru yet. My favorite character is the princess. Too bad I threw out a gaming magazine (can't remember name of it)that showed maps and other ways to get more lives. Maybe there was a way to save game levels so that you did not have to start all over.Any help here? Overall it meets my expectatiions. Besides me, my children(who are all grown now)loves to play and so do the grandchildren.
Reviewed by: from At home. on 11/14/2012
5 Star Review Mario own
As a kid i never got a chance to beat this game now that i have this game I'll be able to see how it looks at the end.
Reviewed by: from Maryland . on 10/14/2012
5 Star Review Super Mario Brothers 2
this game works like new, Lukie games sells the best stuff this is a great online game store you guys keep up the great works... Billy
Reviewed by: from Tampa Fl. on 5/9/2012
5 Star Review The game is a lie!
You may not realize this, but if you actually have played this game, you, my friend, are not playing the real Super Mario game. Have you ever noticed why it is so different from the rest of the series? Why are there no goombas? Why can't I kill an enemy by jumping at it? Whats with da freakin' plants I throw around!? That's because you aren't playing Super Mario 2, you are playing Doki Doki Madness, just with Mario, his brother, the Princess and Toad. Let me explain. Super Mario 2 only released in Japan on the Family Computer. Their reason: they thought it would be to hard for Americans. It honestly was much harder than the first game but I don't see why they couldn't release it to us anyway. You could play as Mario or Luigi, but there wasn't a 2 player. Mario was normal but Lugi could jump much higher though he didn't have as good traction as Mario. The enemy's were placed in just the right places to where you might just throw the controller across the room. If you pressed A while jumping on an enemy you could jump higher. The reason that was harder on you was because certain levels required you to jump higher. Later on it was released for the SNES in "Super Mario All Stars" as "Super Mario 2: The Lost Levels". Even though it's not the real deal, if this did not have happened we wouldnt be seeing Shy Guys, Toad, those Spiky Ball enemy's and Birdo in the Mario titles of today. Either way, this game is really fun and is one of my personal faves!
Reviewed by: from Greenvile. on 4/22/2012
4 Star Review SMB2
Great game. More of a challenging game then any other Mario out there. This game is a must have for any true Nes player!
Reviewed by: from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. on 4/22/2012
5 Star Review A forgotten classic
Great game that everyone should play. It always gets left behind because of its sequel the GOD LIKE Super Mario 3, but this is still an amazing game on its own
Reviewed by: from Victoria BC. on 4/13/2012
5 Star Review Great classic.
This game is a great addition to anyone who loves the classic Mario Bros. series. I get a lot of enjoyment out of it and I think you all will too.
Reviewed by: from Ft. Payne AL. on 3/5/2012
5 Star Review SMB2
My son was so happy to add this unusual game to his SMB collection he says its different but Fun! Im always amazed at the great low prices, it makes it easy to say yes as he grows his collection!
Reviewed by: from Newberry Fl . on 2/26/2012
5 Star Review Fun, fun, fun, and did I mention FUN!!!!!
Even though the other mario games on the nes are better this game is tons of fun and still gives you that mario bros. satisfaction. All that I can say is that it is awesome.
Reviewed by: from Schaumburg. on 10/23/2011
5 Star Review Mario 2
If your are looking for a bit of a challenge for your regular nes console try Mario 2 it's fun and challenging
Reviewed by: from London Ont. on 10/23/2011
4 Star Review The Oddball of the trilogy
I feel this game went in a totally different direction than the others did. It stands out with things like picking up objects and throwing things to kill the bad guys. Also being able to choose your character was different. Now different doesn't mean it was bad; no way. It's a cool game with something new to offer players. I don't think it's quite as great as Mario 3, but it is still a sweet game.
Reviewed by: from Michigan. on 10/21/2011
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