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Super Mario Sunshine
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Super Mario Sunshine

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Super Mario Sunshine Nintendo Gamecube Game
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This is the Super Mario Sunshine Gamecube Game with disk, manual, case, and original artwork. It also plays on the Nintendo Wii!

The game takes place on the tropical Isle Delfino, where Mario, Toadsworth, Princess Peach and five Toads are taking a vacation. A villain resembling Mario, known as "Shadow Mario", vandalizes the entire island with graffiti, and Mario gets blamed for the mess. Later on, Mario is ordered to clean up Isle Delfino, while saving Princess Peach and Yoshi from Shadow Mario. Mario cleans up the island with a device called FLUDD (Flash Liquidizer Ultra Dousing Device) invented by Professor E. Gadd.

Super Mario Sunshine was generally well-received by reviewers. The game has sold over 5.5 million copies, and was the tenth best-selling game of 2002 in the United States.

Super Mario Sunshine shares many similar gameplay elements with its predecessor, Super Mario 64, but it also introduces new features, like the ability to spin while jumping. FLUDD, a water-squirting accessory, is another new element in Super Mario Sunshine, which Mario uses to complete his mission. When Mario first acquires FLUDD (an acronym for Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device), he can spray and hover in the air using its nozzles. Two other nozzles can be unlocked later in the game to extend FLUDD's functionality: the Rocket Nozzle, which blasts Mario up high into the air; and the Turbo Nozzle, which lets Mario sprint at high speed on land and water and break down special doors. Mario can also ride Yoshi later in the game, who can eat fruit and squirt the juice of that fruit. This juice can be used to dissolve orange generators acting as obstacles, and briefly transform enemies into platforms for Mario to step on. The color of Yoshi and the effect of its juice depends on the type of fruit last eaten. For example, if Yoshi eats a pineapple or papaya, he will turn orange. A coconut or banana will turn Yoshi pink, and he will turn purple if he eats a durian or a pepper. Yoshi will disappear if he touches a body of water deep enough to warrant swimming, or if he goes too long without eating a fruit.

There are 240 blue coins and 120 "Shine Sprites". The game contains a number of independent levels composed of various locations on Isle Delfino, which can be reached from the hub, Delfino Plaza. Gameplay is based on collecting Shine Sprites by completing various tasks in the levels (called "Episodes" in-game). The player is then returned to Delfino Plaza and a new task is unlocked in that level. Each level consists of eight tasks, which may be played again at will once they are completed. Once the player has collected enough Shine Sprites, a new level is available at Delfino Plaza, either by the acquisition of a new ability or a plot-related event. 24 of the 120 Shine Sprites available are gained by collecting and trading Blue Coins at a rate of 10 Blue Coins per Shine Sprite. Gameplay proceeds in this fashion until all of the Shadow Mario-related missions are completed, which unlocks the level containing the final boss.

Product Details
UPC: 045496960346
Condition: Used
Genre: Action & Adventure
Platform: Nintendo Gamecube
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone
Customer Reviews
5 Star Review Super Mario Sunshine
Thank-you, This is my sons 3rd copy of this game (Yes he actually wore out the other two). He loves it!!!!!
Reviewed by: from Texas. on 8/15/2014
Reviewed by: from VERMONT. on 8/10/2014
5 Star Review Super Mario Sunshine
This game is a lot of fun. It was in very good condition.
Reviewed by: from Ms. on 7/30/2014
5 Star Review mario sunshine
so happy i made the purchase, it came on time. it was the game only but for a used game it was clean. no scratches and the game works fine. i dont usually get a chance to buy video games since im busy studying or working but i think ill make this site my new choice for selecting games. all my childhood games are on this site so they will definitely be hearing from me soon. do yourself a favour and buy from them, you wont regret it!!
Reviewed by: from hollywood. on 5/21/2014
5 Star Review Best game ever
I had this game a long time ago, and had to sell it. Now that I had some extra money I decided to get it again. I think that this is the best Mario game ever. I like helping the people get there their island back. I would definitely recommend this game to anyone who asked.
Reviewed by: from . on 4/6/2014
5 Star Review Awesome
I remember when my mom got my gcube this was the game that came with it and i loved it. It was so fun, and the graphics were cool, it was so much you could do, and with such a spin on the various mario games. Overall I would recommend this game to a friend.
Reviewed by: from NC. on 6/15/2013
5 Star Review Awesome
I was so glad I could get this game again, it was one of my favorites. The game came (after a rather disappointing wait time for express delivery) in perfect condition. Thanks, I will definitely buy from this site again.
Reviewed by: from Winnipeg. on 6/5/2013
5 Star Review Great Game
Fast shipping, game in excellent condition.
Reviewed by: from Gig Harbor. on 2/5/2013
5 Star Review Best Game
This game gets a lot of hate from other places on the web, but it is one of the best games if not the best for Gamecube! A must buy if you are a fan of Mario and having fun!
Reviewed by: from The Moon. on 1/13/2013
5 Star Review AMAZING!!!
Super mario sunshine is one of the best games EVER! If you have aa wii/gamecube and enjoyed super mario 64, get this. It's even better. Plus, it has voice acting in the cutscenes.
Reviewed by: from Srtatford. on 10/10/2012
5 Star Review great game
tooke only four days to get the game . Lillie games is great for all your retro games
Reviewed by: from lethbridge Alberta . on 9/22/2012
5 Star Review a awesome game
i love this game! its super fun! what i love the most is going to fight badguys and jumping and playing all around! the badguy i love the most is browser and jr. browser! my best preson is mario! :D
Reviewed by: from new york city. on 8/30/2012
5 Star Review Super mario sunshine
Muy buen juego, que tiene que estar en tu colleccion de juegos de la querida gamecube.
Reviewed by: from Chile. on 8/30/2012
4 Star Review Super Mario Sunshine
Great condition. Great play if you're a Super Mario fan.
Reviewed by: from Vancouver. on 4/1/2012
5 Star Review If you want fun, you got it!
If your looking for the perfect game then pick up super mario sunshine! Its a beast!!!
Reviewed by: from Quebec,Canada. on 2/15/2012
5 Star Review super mario sunshine
If you like cleaning, comedy,and wierdness, you shouldbuy super mario sunshine.The game is very funny, once you think about it.I mean you can jump on the people of isle delfino, and they'll say HELP!!! Plus you get to clean the whole island, and fight a bunch of wierd looking things. So buy super mario sunshine its so cool you will get dirty from playing it too much
Reviewed by: from 3501 olsen drive. on 11/4/2011
5 Star Review Sensational!!!
It is the best game for Game Cube .
Reviewed by: from Brazil. on 4/26/2011
5 Star Review Super Mario Sunshine
This game is awesome!
Reviewed by: from Hoth. on 4/19/2011
5 Star Review this game is GREAT
when i got my first gamecube this was the game i got with it i loved it soo much. the graphics are superb and the gameplay is great and the three different jetpacks powered by water are really neat. i actually didnt get too far into the storyline part of the game bcause i had soo much fun playing around the city this is a mustbuy for any gamecube/wii owner.
Reviewed by: from bossier city,LA. on 11/29/2010
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