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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 NES Nintendo Game Cartridge


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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 3 original NES Nintendo Game cartridge only - Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

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Action & Adventure


Nintendo NES


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Good condition
One of the best beat 'em ups for the nes. Arrived in neat and good condition, a must have for any collector.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from lima on 3/22/2015
5 Stars
Teenage mutant ninja turtles 3: manhattan project
Great beat em up game! Those who grew up in th 90s will remember this. This is a fun game and is kind of hard which is good.
Reviewed by:  from California on 2/1/2015
5 Stars
the memories...
I remember going to my friends house one rainy Saturday morning when we were kids and beating this game. this game or #2 are a must own for anyone with a nes. game arrived in perfect shape and ran immediately. very happy.
Reviewed by:  from windsor ontario canada on 8/15/2014
5 Stars
This game worked right away with no trouble in my YOBO System. It was worth the money to pay for it.
Reviewed by:  from Melbourne,FL on 7/8/2014
5 Stars
Nostalgia at its finest
I bought this game as I was remembering all the times I played teenage mutant ninja turtles as a kid. This one is absolutely amazing. The best part is that it's a two player game which makes it fun to enjoy with others. Overall a fantastic game
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Canada on 4/23/2014
5 Stars
tmnt 3
This game brings back memories of the tmnt cartoon If you a were a tmnt fan I would go and get every nes sequel because this is classics a must have for gamers and collectors
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from new haven ct on 11/23/2013
5 Stars
Another great nes beat-em-up!
I will be grabbing this one soon. I owned it as a kid and it is just as good as the seond game in the series. This time the turtles battle even more of your favourite nostalgic 80's cartoon villians and sport some cool new moves such as grabbing enemies with your weapons and tossing them over head and wicked cool special attacks that are different for every turtle.
Reviewed by:  from Toronto,Ontario on 3/8/2013
5 Stars
tmnt 3
this is a must own if u like beat up games. this to me is better than the other 2 ninja turtle games for nes. I bought this game back around 2004 for 5 bucks it still plays great. Its fun but i have never beat it.
Reviewed by:  from rossville ga on 11/3/2012
4 Stars
I find TMNT 3 to be a long game.It has 8 levels. You must fight alot of foot soldiers and go through many obsticales. I like that it has alot of known characters from the series and the movie in the game like Bebop and rockseady, Tokka and Razar, Dirt Bag, Groundchuck. Slash, leatherhead, Shredder, and Krang. It has got nice graffic. The controls are like TMNT 2 but this time the turtles have their own special toss attack which takes away health when you use it.I don't know why games do that , when you find out you can do that your like, "yeah", this is awesome, untill you realize your draining your life bar. As the Turtles vacation on a beach in florida, they are watching April O'Neils news report, when Shedder shows up and takes April away! The turtles must save April and stop Shredder in his lair from turning Manhatton to an Island Kawabunga!!!
Reviewed by:  from Ontario on 7/26/2012
5 Stars
Fun game. Works great
Reviewed by:  from Ny on 7/1/2012
5 Stars
The Best of the NES TMNT Games
TMNT 3 is hands down the best Ninja Turtles game on the Nintendo. It's every bit the equal of Turtles in Time on the Super Nintendo, and although it's pricey for an NES game, it's definitely worth every penny.
Reviewed by:  from Elkin, North Carolina on 5/15/2012
5 Stars
A Must Own
This is by far the best TMNT games for the NES. I would put it right up there with the Sega and SNES games. It's a side scroller beat em up with lots of action. You can pick whichever turtle is your favorite; everyone has their favorite. Mine is Michelangelo, which is a common favorite. If you're over the age of 23 or so you probably know of the amazingness of this game; if you're younger you may have missed the bus a bit. Play this game!
Reviewed by:  from Michigan on 10/22/2011

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