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Used Dreamcast System

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Original Sega Dreamcast System set with controller!


Price: $99.99
On Sale:$64.95
In Stock - Ships Within 24 Hours

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Original Sega Dreamcast system in good working condition.

***Please note this system has cosmetic flaws and has been discounted appropriately. Flaws may include markings, small cracks, discoloration, etc.

This set includes -
  • The Sega Dreamcast system
  • One controller
  • All hook-ups
This system is refurbished, tested, and guaranteed to work!

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Sega Dreamcast


NTSC (N. America)

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Used Sega Dreamcast
This system is just great. For being used I couldn't tell it wasn't brand new. They shipping to Canada was quick and I couldn't be happier. THANKS LUKIE!
Reviewed by:  from Saskatchewan, Canada on 9/16/2014
5 Stars
Why did this system fail?
Why did this system fail? It only lasted eighteen months before it was discontinued. It is every bit as good as the Playstation 2 except it doesn't play DVDs. It also cost $100.00 less than the PS2. I can understand why the Sega Saturn failed. It was inferior to the original Playstation and it costed $100.00 more. But seeing the Sega Dreamcast fail was ridiculous. It is four times better than the Saturn and cost half the price. This system should've been given more of a chance than it had. It was a great game system.
Reviewed by:  from Tennessee on 5/10/2014
5 Stars
Epic system, great condition
The sytem came fast, in great condition, games are awesome. Nuff said. Thanks Lukie Games!
Reviewed by:  from Vandling United States on 3/7/2014
5 Stars
Great condition, works great, awesome system
What can be said that hasn't already? The system I purchased from Lukie Games looked like it was in mint condition. It works like a dream. Honestly, for used/refurbished system it's amazing. The system was a pioneer and SEGA had to give up on it much earlier than it deserved. At this price, you can't lose.
Reviewed by:  from Toronto, Ontario, Canada on 11/23/2012
5 Stars
A very underrated system
I happen to love the Dreamcast. The build quality on this machines is outstanding and the selection of titles is very broad. Having never owned one when they were originally released, I do not have the nostalgia goggles. The machine is not without flaws. Some of the load times are a bit long, but with the quality software available, this system is a sure hit. Having 4 controller ports built in makes it a great multiplayer machine. At the price, you get a lot of game console for very little money. Definitely a must for gamers.
Reviewed by:  from Conway, AR on 10/24/2012
5 Stars
Best Failed System
Highly recommend, especially for this price. Works perfect and its a cheap multiplayer system to bring up to the cottage etc. Money well spent
Reviewed by:  from Ontario Canada on 8/9/2012
5 Stars
What year?
Can anyone tell me what year model this is? I've been told that the 2001 model cannot play burned cds so I was just wondering what year dreamcast this is.
Reviewed by:  from Washingtonville on 4/15/2012
5 Stars
I am very satisfied with the product has any problem and recommend really has a very good price on her that I will continue ordering from Luckie game thank you
Reviewed by:  from port-cartier on 4/9/2012
5 Stars
dreamcast & games
i have purchased a dreamcast console & 4 games from Lukiegames & We are extremely happy with all the purchases. I have recently referred friends & family to this site .Great products ,Great service & everything arrived safe & in excellent condition !!!! I would recommend this site to anyone !!!
Reviewed by:  from Cranbrook bc canada on 1/15/2012
5 Stars
Works like a new. Thanks.
Reviewed by:  from Montreal on 11/19/2011
5 Stars
Greatest overlooked console
Often called the "best failed system", the Dreamcast is a must have for most avid gamers. Having some of the best graphic quality on the market at the time of its release, this console would have succeeded if it weren't for previous Sega blunders and the market at the time. Buying this high-quality console allows you to play great games, such as Power Stone 2 (my favorite), the original Sonic Adventure games and the Soul Edge/Calibur series ports. Rarely does the loading ever take a long time and the construct of the system makes both it and the controller (for those who enjoy tossing yours) durable. It also plays CDs and the memory cards allow you to play additional games (sold separately on this site). My only complain is the controller, which is big and has the cable coming out the front. But with that said, this is a console that is fun finding and playing new old games on.
Reviewed by:  from Nova Scotia, Canada on 7/24/2011

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