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New FC Twin System in Box - Plays NES and SNES Games!
FC Twin System
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New FC Twin System in Box - Plays NES and SNES Games!

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Now you can enjoy both the NES and the Super NES retro games without looking to replace both of your broken gaming systems!
You'll receive -
  • The Black FC Twin System
  • 2 Controllers
  • RCA cable and power supply

The FC Twin Video Game System has separate circuitry and card slots for both hardware NES and Super Nintendo Entertainment System, allowing it to play games for both consoles. The FC Twin console uses Super Nintendo compatible controllers and devices such as the Super Scope, but cannot use Nintendo compatible controllers and devices such as the NES Zapper gun for Duck Hunt. The Super Nintendo controller buttons otherwise map to the NES controller inputs.
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Condition: New
Rating: Everyone
Customer Reviews
4 Star Review Love It, but there's just one problem
I ordered this and received it in just 2 days, the NES part of the system works great, the SNES is that part that I had a problem with, it's not playing any of the SNES games it worked for about 2min and the audio quit working, I tried using a different game and it flashed on for 2 seconds and went blank and it did the same with several of my other games. I made sure the game was in the right position, and also made sure the switch was in the right position as well and it just isn't working. I will be returning the item with store credit, I found that graywhale down the road from my house has this item and it would be much more convenient to return if I have any problems with it again. I will continue to shop with Lukie they do have great customer service. Thanks!
Reviewed by: from UTAH. on 7/20/2014
5 Star Review The perfect solution
I have bought three NES systems which unfortunately have all died.. I bought this system and it has been amazing. The games stick a little bit but play wonderfully.. All of the games I own work in it would highly recommend
Reviewed by: from Canada. on 4/23/2014
5 Star Review Brought back memories...
Just got this and a few games for my daughter for Christmas, it arrived quickly and in perfect shape. Couldn't help myself, I had to get it out. Once I started playing, I had to make myself stop. Lukiegames is absolutely awesome. Won't shop anywhere else!
Reviewed by: from Glasgow, KY. on 12/11/2013
5 Star Review mr
this things great i have bought a couple and will be getting more for my 4 kids
Reviewed by: from mi. on 6/30/2013
4 Star Review Controllera
Just received this item today with about 10 other games nes and snes together. The games work amazingly well. The only problem I got is with the controllers. I was playing super mario world 2 yoshi's island today and I just couldn't do the "stomp jump" when you press the y button and the down arrow while jumping. I just couldn't achieve this jump while on the original controllers it comes out easily. Instead, I kept going right wit one controller and left with the other. Except for this little problem, nothing bad to say :)
Reviewed by: from Montreal. on 6/12/2013
4 Star Review Not quite what I expected.
I mean that in a mostly good way though. When I first heard of dual systems like this I was extremely skeptical. I also had a friend who warned me that those systems were not ver reliable since the way they were wired or whatever meant that if, say the NES part went on the fritz it could take the entire system with it. However I decided to take my chances with the FCTwin, partly becase while I have an actual physical NES and SNES, I do not and have had trouble finding hookups for both systems. Then of course having just one system for both games would save me space on my entertainment center. So, having discovered I had rather more Lukie Points than I thought I did, I decided to treat myself. The system arrived yesterday, exactly on schedule. It appeared to be in perfect condition and when I got it out of the box I was absolutely fascinated. I knew from other reviews that the controllers it used are more or less exactly the same as SNES controllers. What I hadn't been sure about was the syystem itself. I'm not sure what I'd been expecting but it certainly was not the lightweight, compact little gadget that I got. Like the SNES and some later NES systems it's a top loader. And, as with everything I got from Lukie Games I had almost no trouble setting it up or getting it working. I say almost because of the SNES player. It does work, but I have noticed that if the game isn't inserted exactly right the system won't register it, even if the game did appear to latch into place. Once you do get it to work, however, it does what you expect. The only other complaint I have is that it does seem to have some audio issues with a couple games, namely Simon's Quest and Crystalis, the latter being more pronounced than the former. It seems to mess up one of the sound channels. Those are the only two complaints I have with the system so far. The really cool part is that the A and X buttons or the buttons in those positions on the controller, serve as turbo buttons when playing NES games. I approve. So while the system does have some quirks that may prevent me from playing a very few games in my collection (again namely that sound issue), I still feel it's worthwhile and was a good and creative idea. If they could just fix the sound issues in an update and make the games easier to put in and remove I think it would be more or less perfect. So don't blow this one off.
Reviewed by: from Twin Falls. on 3/14/2013
3 Star Review problem with snes slot
for me the nes slot work great but super mario world and other games just dont work in the snes slot i think im not luckie at all!
Reviewed by: from sainte-thérèse. on 12/2/2012
5 Star Review What a mind bender.
This is the way to go.Have no problems with this system,works every time I turn it on.Thanks Lukie!
Reviewed by: from San Antonio Texas. on 10/23/2012
5 Star Review FC Twin
The FC Twin works just as described. Plays my nes and snes games no problem. Comes with two controllers that are almost identical to snes controllers. You can plug in an original snes controller as well to get the authentic feel when playing snes games. You can't use nes controllers our zappers with the FC, but the games work with the controllers the system comes with. It is kind of hard to put the games in and take them out compared to the actual system, but it works just takes some maneuvering. Awesome deal for what you pay for.
Reviewed by: from Fairfield, CA. on 9/11/2012
5 Star Review oh yeah
This system is just what we needed. The kids love it, and now they are playing all of our old games....
Reviewed by: from Perry, Utah. on 8/16/2012
5 Star Review =]
This is a good console, brand new, I was very impressed actually, except the fact that the SNES part still takes forever to work, and I have to keep restarting it for it to start, as with the original consoles. AND after I bought it, lukiegames came up with a free $10 gift card promo with it. I missed out!=[
Reviewed by: from Newmarket, Ontario. on 7/10/2012
5 Star Review Weekend Fleamarket Dealer
Great item, sold easy.
Reviewed by: from Pensacola,Fla. on 6/20/2012
5 Star Review Just like the old days
It works great & I recommend getting this over some used SNES at a auction site. I ordered the super NES extended cables as it said a few posts below. They are NOT compatible, it made the pad act as if it only had 2 Buttons instead of 4. Lukie Games refunded me for the cables, what a GREAT store !
Reviewed by: from Illinois. on 5/26/2012
4 Star Review Great Gift
I actually purchased two of these systems, one for my kid, and one for my aunt. The SNES slot as well as the games worked great, but we had problems with the NES slot on both systems that I bought. You had to constantly put the games in and take them out until it eventually played. But in the end it stop working completely, but we do really enjoy playing the SNES games.
Reviewed by: from Bryan, Texas. on 2/13/2012
5 Star Review Awsome
I recieved the FC Twin system last month, it arrived along with Super Mario World, and they both work excellently couldnt of asked for a better product, I will be making more purchases from Lukie Games...Everything thing arrives on time and works great..
Reviewed by: from Leesburg, Fl. on 12/28/2011
5 Star Review Super Mario Brothers 3
The game arrived on time as stated; it arrived in excellent condition despite the fact that the website marked it as used; and it works fine. Lukie Games does NOT sell worthless products and therefore I will continue to buy from them. Lukie Games Rocks!
Reviewed by: from Bedford, TX. on 11/12/2011
5 Star Review Helpful tip
The Twin player works real good and so so the SNES & NES games. However, when you order the twin player system, also order the super NES extended cables which is compatible to this machine. That way you can play from your couch and have enough cord to play the games comfortable.
Reviewed by: from Michign. on 2/23/2011
5 Star Review new game
Reviewed by: from mundelein,ill.60060. on 5/7/2010
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