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Original NES Nintendo Console System w/ Gun, Games
NES Nintendo Entertainment System
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Original NES Nintendo Console System w/ Gun, Games

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Refurbished NES Nintendo System with 2 controllers, gun, games, and a new 72-pin (so no more blinking!)
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Original NES Nintendo System in GREAT condition!
This package includes -
  • 2 Controllers
  • Zapper gun
  • Power Supply
  • RF Adapter and RCA Cable
  • New 72-pin connector installed (so no more blinking, blowing on games, etc)

  • And the following games -

  • Super Mario Brothers
  • Duck Hunt
This system has been refurbished and thoroughly tested - it works like new! Backed by a 1 year warranty!

Please note the light gun will only work with older tube-style televisions, it will not work on any type of plasma or flat screen.

The original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released in the United States on October 15th, 1985. Backed by classic hits such as Super Mario Brothers, Duck Hunt, and Excitebike it was instantly a hit. It's state of the art graphics, extensive library of innovative and entertaining games, and revolutionary joypad controller design quickly pushed Nintendo to the top of the video game market outselling all its competitors by a ten to one margin. Over 61 million sets were sold as well as over 350 million games during it's ten year run.
Product Details
UPC: 300654013532
Condition: Refurbished
Platform: Nintendo NES
Region: NTSC (N. America)
Rating: Everyone
Customer Reviews
5 Star Review old nintendo nes
wow my nes looks new except for the flap that is a little discolored. The controllers look brand new and work great. The only problem is that the light gun does not work on my led tv so I can't play my favorite game Duck hunt. I will be buying more games from soon. Thanks lukiegames.
Reviewed by: from Saratoga Springs,NY 12866. on 8/9/2014
5 Star Review Nintendo
This shipped fast and was in perfect condition when received.Very good service and products.I was very happy with my purchase ;)
Reviewed by: from Kirbyville Texas. on 7/5/2014
5 Star Review Original NES W/gun
The system came in great condition and fast. What sold me to this site is the free fast shipping for purchases over $25 and the customer service is awesome!! Easy to get a hold of them and no hassles!
Reviewed by: from Hawaii. on 6/10/2014
5 Star Review Original NES Nintendo Console System w/ Gun, Games
Everything arrived in good condition and works great! Arrived with the wrong game but great customer service - they sent the right game in no time!
Reviewed by: from New York. on 6/4/2014
5 Star Review mom
Got this for my son for his birthday cause he says he wants to start collecting all the old school game systems. When it arrived aIopened it and realized it's the same gaming system I had when I was 15 the birthday he was celebrating!!! It was fun to play Zelda with him again and actually kick his butt on a game for once. Great quality, great product, thanks for keeping it old school!
Reviewed by: from nm. on 3/24/2014
5 Star Review Just... amazing
Absolutely brilliant Even the light gun works. Yes I said it actually WORKS!!!! It came in great condition with absolutely no problems at all. great job Lukie Games
Reviewed by: from Michigan. on 3/15/2014
5 Star Review Just Like I Remember
I don't like the newer game systems as much as I like this old game console. I played this when I was a kid. Just got out of jail and this brings back good memories.
Reviewed by: from St. Louis, MO. on 2/26/2014
5 Star Review Valentine's Day
This is what the wife wanted and she got it. Came Clean and quickly. The package of course. Had bad power supply, I called tech support and they sent a new one free. Thanks
Reviewed by: from Charlotte, North Carolina. on 2/19/2014
5 Star Review gamer
Lukie is quick, system works great would definitely buy from here again best deal around.
Reviewed by: from San diego. on 12/28/2013
5 Star Review Old School wonders with a Great Package
my father had this in its original box with everything included its one of Those Rare great 8 Bits of Glory though the Zapper only works on CRT TV's but otherwise a Sweet System a rare one to also come with the AV Cables for hookup for HD TV's
Reviewed by: from New York. on 7/4/2013
5 Star Review nintendo order
I am so please with the product & games I purchased.they are great business and plan future purchases.I did't think would be able find original Nintendo system at reasonable price.Lukie is a great business who care about their customers I don't whatelse to say about Lukie other than other companies should follow their practices
Reviewed by: from lansing,mi. on 6/26/2013
5 Star Review original nes nintendo and games
'm very very pleased with this Nintendo.
Reviewed by: from SAN BENITO. on 6/19/2013
5 Star Review Just like old times
I am a Nintendo fan for life. I will say that this NES is a well built unit. The simplicity of this machine is wonderful and easy to maintain if necessary. Thanks again Lukie Games. You have helped me relive my childhood all over again. I look forward to doing more business with you all in the future.
Reviewed by: from Sugar Hill. on 4/6/2013
5 Star Review Refurbished Nintendo Entertainment System
This Nintendo Entertainment System arrived in a timely manner and functions as intended, although has trouble reading cartridges when they are pushed down into their locked position. Be that as it may, the system looks like it was just manufactured yesterday, and the peripherals are in pristine condition. 4.8 out of 5!
Reviewed by: from Micanopy, FL. on 3/19/2013
5 Star Review Original Nintendo Console System w/ Gun, Games
My 27 year old daughter and son loved the "old school" Nintendo that I bought for Christmas. They said it was the best Christmas present, it made them feel like little kids again :) Thank you for supplying a quality product at a reasonable price!!
Reviewed by: from Opelika AL. on 1/21/2013
5 Star Review NES
This system came in great condition everything worked great, system looked almost new
Reviewed by: from manitoba. on 1/20/2013
5 Star Review great!
I'm really pleased with this Nintendo. I gave it as a gift and the recipient was thrilled!
Reviewed by: from Missouri. on 1/16/2013
5 Star Review Re-living my childhood.
Out of all the consoles I had when I was a kid, this one is by far the greatest. This console has so many of my childhood memories that I regret getting rid of my original NES console. The console is in great condition and comes with a 1yr warranty. I've been playing it quite extensively and really don't expect it to stop working. The only downside and to no fault of Lukie games is that the light gun does not work on HD TVs. Luckily I still have a 32 inch CRT TV that I was able to kill ducks with. I am now passing on the 8-bit experience to my 6 and 4 year old. It's great to see them play a video game that doesn't have HD graphics. They have said the game looks really old. Hahaha! The only thing left is to start building my library of games.
Reviewed by: from San Bernardino, CA. on 12/24/2012
5 Star Review NES Pride
When I was a kid back in my native country of Cuba, I used to play with the nes all the time. Then I left with to th US and forgot about it, because I thought they were not going to be on sale since the console is so old. But when I found it, I had to buy. Forget about ps3, xbox 360, wii; Nes is my childhood; I hope my kids learn to appreciate the nes as much as I have. Definately one of the best consoles made in the world
Reviewed by: from Glendale, Arizona. on 10/11/2012
5 Star Review Great Buy!
The Nintendo system came in great condition. No complaints whatsoever. And the neat thing is they include some extra accessories which is great. In regards to the Lukiegames: easy checkout, fast shipping, easy to get a hold of great. Couldn't ask for more!
Reviewed by: from Illinois. on 8/16/2012
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