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Alundra 2
Alundra 2
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Alundra 2

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Alundra 2 Sony Playstation Game

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Playstation 1


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
I remember that this was the very first video game I ever played and wanted to play it again. Great price so I bought it. Disk itself was great, no scratches or chips anywhere so that was great. Playing it for the first time in 15 years was amazing. So glad I found Lukie Games!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Colorado Springs on
5 Stars
Lukie came through for me again, with a pretty good price for this classic game as well as sending it to me in great condition with the case also doing pretty well. Which is weird; you see, I clicked it "Game Only" on purpose - I owned this awhile ago. And a few years ago I actually went to check it out, and found that the game had disappeared! Over the years, who knows where it could've gone. Maybe a cousin of mine has it, or worse, an old roommate. I dunno; it's long gone. So I wanted a replacement for awhile, and I figured I could finally get one -- just the CD -- from Lukie here! I've gotten games in just paper sleeves before, so I figured this was perfect. I clicked "Game Only" and ordered away! When I received this game, I got it! AND THE CASE! Now I have two cases and one copy of the game :P Oh well; not really a problem, just some funny joke the Universe must be playing on me - whatcha gonna do? The game is actually pretty great; I've never gotten that far into it in the past, but plan on really diving in this year some time. I've always been impressed with its production values; from the beginning fully modeled 3D intro (the plays like the opening to a wacky anime, that's done by all the characters on a stage like for a play) to in-game action, its easy to see why Matrix Software was such a standout developer back in the day. They went on to do the Final Fantasy III and IV 3D Remakes for Square, and Final Fantasy: 4 Heroes of Light - its actually kind of a shame to see such a promising team back in the 90's STILL making games that pretty much look the same these days. But man was it standout stuff back here in Alundra 2! A great game, arrived in great condition (better than I asked for, technically) for a great price. Nothing to complain about here! :)
Reviewed by: from USA on
3 Stars
Alundra 2
this game is not as good as the original Alundra.
Reviewed by: from New Hampshire on
4 Stars
my take on alundra 2
first of all this game can get pretty tough as the controls can get annoying fast once you get past that issue it's not such a bad game if you don't mind the final fantasy 7 like graphics overall I really enjoyed this game the pros out weight the cons!
Reviewed by: from California on

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