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Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits
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Arc the Lad Twilight of the Spirits

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Start off as Kharg, expert swordsman and royal scion, and learn how his destiny is intertwined with a half-demon boy named Darc on the other side of the world. Join these two heroes on their quest to capture the Great Spirit Stones, a resource sought by two warring races. Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Sprits features an epic storyline, a dynamic battle voice-over system, and strategic combat sequences that will immerse you in their adventures. Engage in the quest from town to dungeon to town, as you accumulate the magic power you need to uncover the spirit stones.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Arc of Lad
Cool game not bad at all!
Reviewed by: from Memphis Tn on
5 Stars
So far, So good
I found this game to be very enjoyable, yet I admit it did take me awhile to get into it at first for some reason. The story in the game took awhile to unwind, and those not used to doing a lot of reading, might find it harder to get through it. But in my experience at least, the longer i played, the more I found to enjoy. The story switches between two very different, yet in some ways, very similar characters. In each story line, you meet others that join your cause, that can be controlled during the turn based strategy game play. If you enjoy game play like that in the Fire Emblem series or ones like it, than I'm sure you will recognize and/or hopefully find similar enjoyment in this game, even though there are differences of course. The only thing I found kind of annoying at first, was when the characters said the same thing before or after each of them would take their turn, but i found that after awhile, it really didn't matter as much. The characters grow on you, and I found that I really enjoyed seeing them grow themselves and change over time as they face their challenges together. If you enjoy turn based strategy games, or just a good adventure with a good story, I would recommend trying this one out.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from La Mesa on
5 Stars
A great game
This is a game i picked up from a bargain shelf when i was a kid. i remember my Dad had a TV hooked up in the bunk of his big truck and the feeling of traveling down the bumpy road while playing this game will always be a special memory from my childhood. I'm glad i was able to pick this game up for such a great price.
Reviewed by: from Regina, Canada on
4 Stars
Not Too Bad
This is a pretty standard RPG game with a turn-based battle system. Unlike DQVIII (which I would recommend for anyone who is new to RPGs), you can actually move your characters around the battle field within a character's boundary/range. There are also elemental forces in battle such as Fire, Water, Wind, Earth, Light and Dark. A character must have Spirit Stones in order to use Magic or Special Moves which you can also divide among your characters. Also during battle an enemy may drop items in which you pick up yourself by walking over and presssing x before the battle is over, instead of them just being handed over to you after the battle ends or you lose those items. So make sure you do that. Anyways, this is a pretty cool game to play, but can get a little boring after playing it in a long sitting. But it's still a cool game, and obviously has all the basic aspects of a standard RPG.
Reviewed by: from Indiana on
4 Stars
A decent game..
Before I bought this game from Lukie Games, I had exposure to it when I was younger. I watched my uncle play this game when I was around 12. I only remembered it as the game with the demons in it. So when I stumbled on this game more recently, at an incredibly cheap price, I decided to have a go at it. Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirits has a surprisingly good story imbedded in decent but repetitive gameplay. I won't spoil the story, but it revolves around two very different people and constantly switches back and forth from their points of view. You meet unique people who join your quest and face off against an interesting array of monsters and people. The game is a basic tactical RPG; you can move around in limited areas, target enemies, use magic/skills that cost energy, eta. It's not bad gameplay, but it can get boring rather quickly. You'll find yourself skipping a lot of the battles just to get to the plot points. But you need to level up, so you can't skip all of the battles! All in all, Arc the Lad TOTS is a decent game with a great story. I would recommend playing it in small doses though, as the gameplay can be very boring if played too long.
Reviewed by: from New York on

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