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Blaster Master Blasting Again
Blaster Master Blasting Again
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Blaster Master Blasting Again

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Blaster Master Blasting Again Sony Playstation Game

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Action & Adventure


Playstation 1


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Playstation Disc: Blaster Master Blasting Again ----- My Review & Thoughts: Blaster Master... it is good to have you back once again, old friend! Blaster Master to me was an amazing adventurous game that just keeps on giving. Blaster Master Zero 2 on Nintendo Switch, is an example of a Master Piece done well. i kid you not, i played and beaten BMZ2 over 87 times, because it's just that good. it's like an Sunday Vanilla, Fudge with Chocolate syrup that covers the top part that is served to you on a well glassed decoration that just keeps on coming. you just can't stop asking for more until you've had your fill. and that is what BMZ2 is to me, it just kept getting good and better, where BMZ3 wasn't as good as Part 2! Maybe it's for the best that it stays that way for a long time until another BMZ surfaces with a lot more promises of goodies to be desired in time. why do i bring up those Zero series up besides Blasting Again? because BMZ was the beginning of the series, and than comes Blasting Again which is another nickname for the Legacy that was left behind and now He is beginning the journey that his Father sadly couldn't make. not giving away any spoilers for those who which to get into the series themselves. i guarantee you that this game, is definitely a well designed 3d adventure for old and new ages to behold. Soundtrack: 10 out of 10 -> it's all about METAL!! Gameplay: 7/10 -> doesn't play like the old NES but it does deliver new founded ideas. Story Line: 6/10 -> this was the 90's and keep in mind that creating polygans was not an easy task especially for the staff members who worked hard on it. The VA did their best to make an amazing adventure dialogued voiced pretty well. p.s - do check it out it is worth it my friend. Strap on that Helmet and grip hard on that Blaster Rifle. And Switch it on the Full Gear and HIT THE METAL TO THE PADDLE for it is an Adventure that will become a Legend in your name.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from San Antonio on
5 Stars
Excellent Condition
Controls can be a little wonky, but it's a fun game. Disc was excellent condition.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from MA, US on
5 Stars
Blaster Master Blasting Again Includes: Complete
Item is a fun game the disc was like a new disc Lukie sells perfect games used but like new.
Reviewed by: from Laceys Spring on

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