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Castlevania 2
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Castlevania 2

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You thought you had the Prince of Darkness defanged - eh, Simon Belmont? Well think again, 'cause according to a damsel in distress, evil Count Dracula has left a horrifying curse in his wake.. In the evenings the cities are littered monsters and the evil creatures set loose in the other surrounding areas become much stronger. To remove the curse you take on the role of Simon Belmont to find the parts of Dracula, resurrect him, and then kill him. But beware the night. For when the sun disappears, Dracula's curse grows deadlier. And your chances grow dimmer and dimmer.

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Nintendo NES


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Castlevania 2 Simon's quest
When i receive my game it is mint beautifull catdridge clean and work very well Luckie Game with Luckie point and very good service are very nice old gaming shop
Reviewed by: from Prévost on
5 Stars
Splendid Condition!
I received this game from saved up Lukie points I had, expecting some bottom of the bin broken cartridge. But to my surprise the cartridge was in great condition! And the game it's self isn't bad. Certainly nothing compared to the first one but not bad. I am now purchasing retro games online exclusively at Lukie!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from West Linn on
4 Stars
Great but flawed.
This game is probably the weakest of the the original castlevania trilogy,but still a game I recommend play if your a castlevania nut like I am.
Reviewed by: from Dyersburg,TN on
5 Stars
castlevania 2
in perfect condition a must have for the whole series on nes
Reviewed by: from Ontario on
5 Stars
So Much Fun
Played this game when it came out and never beat it so now many years later I am more determined then ever. Game works without any problems. Lukie Games is #1 in my book!
Reviewed by: from Canton Pa on
5 Stars
What a Horrible Night for a Curse
Despite what others say about this game, I quite enjoy it. The music is unique, and the alternating day/night sequences are great, even if the introduction to the night is kind of...hackneyed.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Morgantown, WV on
5 Stars
one of my favs!
Not a lot of people like Castlevania 2, for a lot of same reason people didn't like mario 2 or zelda 2. It changed it up the gameplay and gave it more rpg elements as well as a day/night system. I love AVGN but don't buy into everything he says, as it is just his character to angry. lol. I for one thoroughly enjoyed the experience and it still sits on my shelf as one of my favorite games! I suggest giving it a try, you might be surprised. It can be difficult in the sense of "where do I go now", but games back then where more trial and error anyway. Besides, we have the internet now, and you can always check out a walkthrough.
Reviewed by: from Arkansas on
3 Stars
a crpytic and terribly flawed game.
this game has been the talk of gamers since it released back in the 80s and very much so. first the positive. the day and night thing was a new idea, though not executed well, it still brought something dark and scary in a sense that the monsters themselves couldn't do. the game itself feels better and looks better. but the negatives out weight the positive. the major ones are monster placements, so lifeless and yet so annoying. townspeople are a bunch of liars and what they tell you is cryptic. hearts you gather are currency, but once you die 3 times and continue you lose ALL of your hearts. no boss battles in the game, and when they do, they're dumb down and super easy that you can walk pass them and you're decked out with super strong weapons. the game is SO convoluted that you literally need a walkthrough to beat the game, i myself spend more time reading th walkthrough than playing th game. if wish to buy this game, go ahead but be prepared to be frustrated as well as confused.
Reviewed by: from Oakland, CA on
4 Stars
Love it!
Castlevania games are always good and challenging, this game also.
Reviewed by: from Brazil on
2 Stars
While I understand that game design was not perfected in the nintendo age, Simons Quest was an unworthy successor of the first castlevania. The thought of an rpg is pretty cool, but the password is too long and I cannot figure out where to go. The gameplay is great but nowhere near as good as the first. The grim reaper fight is humorably easy, and there are little bosses to begin with. The rpg is poorly executed and confusing, and the people give you false information. The way you find hidden areas are so complicated, you might as well just be trying to find the square root of pi. My biggest complaint is dracula. He looks like death, and is way too easy to kill, but the nail that seals the coffin is when you die three times, you lose all your hearts. This game is so bad I gave it two stars just out of pity. The only game I can find that is worse than this game is Dr. Jekkyl and Mister Hyde, but this is all my opinion. Other people love it, some people hate it. Its like Zelda 2. The Graphics are crazy improved, but I cant still accept the fact that I could beat Dracula on the first try.
Reviewed by: from Union, WV on

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