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Earthbound SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work! 

Intergalactic terror strikes the small town of Onett as a blazing extraterrestrial object crashes in the night! The earth now faces imminent destruction by the universal evil threat known as Giygas! Armed with a cracked baseball bat, a cookie and an ATM card, a courageous boy named Ness vows to save the planet from hideous destruction. He must first find his heroic companions, Paula, Jeff and Poo. Will Ness succeed in his attempts to ambush countless frightening monsters as he travels? The ultimate test lies in the impending encounter with the all-powerful Giygas!

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Earthbound SNES
I got this as a gift for my sister. She had this game years ago but lost it in a move. So when she mentioned it to me as we talked about some of our favorite games, I just had to track a copy down and get it for her. This is a great game with awesome effects. My sister has been playing it every free minute she has. I told her I want to borrow it when she's done. Her initial reaction was "No way." But then she changed her mind saying as long as I keep it in the plastic case when I'm not playing I can borrow it. She treasures this game and I can't blame her it is one of my favorites as well.
Reviewed by: from OHIO on
5 Stars
really collectible
This game is very special...seem to be a wrong game, but dont be concerned by the look and graphix, that game has the best RPG ever made!!! Thats so funny, i like that, and i buy it about 4 times in my live, and i really regret to sale it every time, cause this time i pay 225$ for it, but it's the price for this game. Thats my heritage for my kids.
Reviewed by: from quebec,canada on
5 Stars
great series
its a good game all around but it's to bad that they didn't make one where you could use all of the characters together somehow (porky Lucas ninten) like a switch up in the same game for more than 1 minute
Reviewed by: from long island on
5 Stars
The Best Game Ever Made!
EarthBound: The War Against Giygas has to be THE best game ever made. me, my older sister and brother all 3 are addicted to this game. i really don't think it should be catagorized as Role Playing. It should be action & adventure. you beat up baddies with weapons, your fist possibly and cool powers called psi. also travel to many lands. the music is so great too. especially the soundtrack that you first hear in Dusty Dunes Desert when you fight the Smilin' Sphere. and the Kraken. also the soundsof the city. the game is also a funny and corny one. but that makes it better. the only thing about the game that confuses me, is when you use the Hard Hat in Dusty Dunes desert, it says it can be used to find treasure, but when you use it anywhere, it just says the same thing: the usage description. i also love the small tasks you can perform while using the game. like reuniting tiny sesame seeds. fixing thing, and supplying money to people. and the fact that certain supplies can easily lead to defeating monsters. like i will give you first timers this: when you make it to Threed, you must keep the honey jar in order to defeat The Huge Pile Of Puke, i forgot his name, but he is like alcoholics on cocaine for that fly honey, he doesn't even attack. but later in the game, when you fight him again in the Swamp, the same thing doesn't apply to him. he is also pink, as if he doesn't like fly honey anymore. also, i dunno why you guys say the their names are Ness & such, when actually you decide the names for yourself, but the limit is 6 charcters. i grew up with this game. and no matter how old you are, you must make this a part of your life once you play it for the first time. bottom line: everybody should own this game and the company should make new copies of it cause everybody wants it. that will also decrease the price. :D
Reviewed by: from Virginia on
5 Stars
A rare, beautiful work of art! The ultimate get for any snes enthusiast. Truly one of the best video game scores to date! I LOVE IT!
Reviewed by: from MA on
5 Stars
The Greatest!
I was so lucky to find this game at a blockbuster when they were phasing into the new systems. This is one of the greatest games that I still play and replay on a regular basis. Even to the point of emulation on my cell phone. This is a must have for any RPG fanatic!!
Reviewed by: from Harrisburg, PA on
5 Stars
a priceless gem
Earthbound holds a special place in my heart as one of the best cult classic rpgs ever made. Although the graphics are a bit sub par for its time, its light humor, interesting story, and quirky characters keep me wanting to play this game over and over.
Reviewed by: from MS on
5 Stars
Earthbound: an unheard of legendary rpg
Earthbound was an amazing rpg released in North America on June 5, 1995. With all the other rpg's we had on the super nintendo, this game did not sell very good. Even while having a GIANT box with a cool players guide inside, the game still didn't sell, this game was widely unheard of as well, now here in 2011, I am still playing it, and would like to type a review of my honest opinion for it. The storyline of this game I will start off with, it is the year 199X in a town named Onett is where it all starts, and the future is under attack, you are a young boy named Ness, and live next to a jerk named Pokey, Pokey takes advantage of you a lot in this game, Ness is sleeping, very quietly in his bed, when all of a suddon a meteor crashes and hits Onett, Ness wakes up, it is late out, so he goes to check the meteor out, the whole place is largely surrounded by cops, the police are guarding the meteor while you find the obnoxious pokey annoying the cops, you go back home for a bit, back to bed, and get some rest, while sleeping Ness is woken up AGAIN by an annoying knock at his door, he opens the door, and who is it? Why, none other than the snobby Pokey! Pokey lost his brother (porky), and couldn't find him, (you really have no option to refuse him, so you're going to have to look for him anyways.) But it's night, with bloodthirsty enemies, and what could be more handy then a bat? All of Ness's family says good bye as he goes to check out the meteor and find pokey, there are many enemies you will have to make it through in order to get to the meteor, I will explain that when I get to the gameplay, you finally make your way to the meteor to find Pokeys brother, time to return home, right? No, out of the meteor comes a bee named buzz buzz! He explains to Ness how he is from ten years in the future, and in the future, all is devestation, and it is all behind the most creepiest villian I have ever seen in a videogame, Giygas, Giygas is pure evil, and is behind all of it, you stick with Buzz Buzz for a bit as you return to Pokey's house, you encounter a starman, from the FUTURE, he is working for Giygas and will not allow you to pass, buzz buzz, Ness, Porky, and Pokey (Not helping you at all in the battle what so ever) defeats the star man and proceeds to Pokeys house, Porky and Pokey are sent to there room's as punishment, does that end that? Not quite... Pokey's Mom find's the bee flying around, as she was freaked out, she killed it... what does this mean now that buzz buzz is gone? Is this the end? No, you are given a sound stone by buzz buzz, as he slowly dies, there are 8 dungeons to go through, you must record a sound melody for each one, these sound melodies are important, you must have all 8 in order to reach giygas's lair. As the morning rises Ness is ready to set off in his journey, there are 3 other people you will meet in the game, Paula, jeff and Poo, who will help you in your journery to defeat Giygas! It's a far and long journey Ness, and don't give up. Now for gameplay, this isn't your typical RPG it takes place in our modern society, although it plays like your typical RPG, but finding hamburgers in trash cans to restore your health, CRAZY monsters that you would never find any thing like in any other rpg's, and the whole world at destruction being saved by a little boy, what is there to worry about? This isn't like Pokemon where you just randomly walk in grass and encounter enemies, enemies are all over the place, they will chase after you, your best option is to go up against them and fight them, they are fast and can give you back attacks, if they back attack you, they attack you first, if you're really lucky you can back attack them, but if you're strong enough to easily defeat the enemy, they will run away from you, NOT only that but if you walk up to them while they're running away and back attack them you will instantly K.O. them, even though this was made by Nintendo, that's something you'd NEVER see in Pokemon, sometimes you will encounter monsters in town's so don't always think you're safe everywhere in towns. For the battling system you have a Health and PP bar, your PP is for magic, or should I say PSI, PSI is the name of the magic you use, PSI needs to be used a LOT in battle, they're all kind's of elements for PSI, ice, fire, electric, etc. And then you just have your simple hitting attack, if lucky you will get random "SMMMMMMMMASHHHHHHHHH" attacks which will do a big amount of damage on your enemies, of course I forgot to menchion each characters specialty, Ness uses a bat and has PSI, Paula is sort of the PSI type, you will use PSI with her a lot, and for a weapon she's uses a frying pan, and her big specialty is being able to pray, your 3rd party member, Jeff, the blonde hair geeky dude, has a pop gun, and can spy on enemies (In other words tattle) which can show there HP and other stats, and finally Poo the ninja guy, uses swords, but finding a sword for him isn't too easy, anyways in battle, he can use PSI STARSTORM! The most ultimate move in the game! Poo can also use mirror which will reflect enemies moves sometimes. The battle screen is displayed with the most odd moving backgrounds, the enemy is displayed on the top, he doesn't move, it's just a displayed monster on the screen with a moving background, and a box showing your HP and PP, then the black box on the top of the enemy displayed showing the options to, bash the enemy, pick items out of your goods (an item you can maybe throw at the enemy, or that you can eat) there is auto fight so it will automatically fight the enemy or defend, whatever it feels like. You then have your PSI of course, with the list of all your PSI moves, and then you have the option to defend (y'know take less damage from your enemies while keeping guard). And finally the option to run away, running away isn't always too easy especially if your enemy is strong and running away fails, run away works at random but most of the time for me, it has worked. While exploring if you "Y" on the Snes controller your game is paused and brought up with another black textbox with options, let's say you wanna talk to an NPC, walk up to him or her, pause, then hit talk to, and he or she will have something to say. Let's say you find a present, wanna open it up and see what's inside? Pause and hit check, you can check all kinds of stuff in the game besides the gift's with weapons, food, etc. There's of course the PSI and Good's box just like in battle (for healing and teleporting). There is then the equips, this is pretty important if you find a gift and get new armor, to equip it pause click on equip, your brought up with a smaller black text box showing you an option of all the stuff for each part of your body you can equip, it marks how strong it is, and how it defends, and all that stuff, just click on what part of your body you wanna equip the item on, then choose the item, in stores it'll mark glowing if the item your wanting to buy is better than the one you already have, which was a very helpful feature! There are then the status, this marks everything about the player your using, your players offense, defense, speed, guts, vitality, IQ, and luck, it marks how much more exp you are required to get to level up, your hit points, your psychic points and your experience points, and last your PSI info, one thing I forgot to menchion when approaching an enemy (whether its a back attack or not) a little sequence animation will play before entering the battle, like a swirly circle for example, fading the screen into black, and so fourth. As for your characters now, you of course have Ness, a boy with a red cap, and a blue/yellow striped shirt with shorts living in the peaceful town of Onett, then there is Paula, the only female in the game who live's in Twoson but gets captured as a sacrifice for Giygas and hid in a shed, but is saved by Ness! She has blonde hair, a pink dress, and a bow. Then we have Jeff, the geeky kid who wets his bed, and his best friend Tony who he leaves all the way from a far away land named winters, Ness meets him by oddly calling out his name, while trapped down a deep dark place, after being completely attacked by zombies. With the help of Dr. Andonuts on his side, his friend Tony, AND the "Bad key machine" (obviously to help Ness and Paula while being trapped) he can't be defeated. Jeff has Blonde hair, a green shirt with a bow tie, and geeky glasses, one specialty of his I forgot to menchion is that in battle he can fire an item called a bottle rocket which does pretty good damage. Last is poo, living far away in a land east called "Dalaam" and has to train in his final test. Your final trial is to meditate, and you have this really odd dream of somebody tearing you limb to limb to your death, all of a sudden Poo wakes up from the meditation, once your done you return to Poo's master and he make's you help Ness defeat Giygas. You are then automatically teleported to help Ness. Poo is bald for the most part, but has braided hair and id dressed like a samurai, how awesome is that? For graphics, the graphics are so pretty, and the areas you explore are drop dead gorgeous, it's an adventure rpg like you'd never seen before, it's such a gem, and it's so good at being modern like, if there's anything you would NEVER see in an rpg its 4 youngsters saving the world againt the most worst creature in beautiful enviorments while digging out of trash cans for burger. In Japan, this game was known as Mother 2, so wait if there mother 2, that means Earthbound is a sequel!? The answer is yes, Mother 1 was sadly never released to America, and after Earthbound they never made a 2nd one, so it remains as mother 3 in Japan, as lucky as they are. There are so many memorable moments in this game that are awesome, if your a hardcore RPG fan, buy it, unfortunately it is not on the virtual console, but you find it on ebay for the super nintendo, it's pretty rare though, so if you're willing to spend 100$ or more for this, I say you're spending wisely, it's the most abnormal RPG which made it a legend. I rate it a 5/5 this game truly was amazing the 16 bit music was so calming to hear at times and there's those moment's where your just caught up in the battle with the awesome music! It's an amazing Super Nintendo classic, hell, it was MADE by Nintendo which makes me wonder why it didn't sell. Final verdict, Earthbound was an amazing RPG with an amazing storyline and all hardcore rpg gamers should play it. I hope this has been a good review.
Reviewed by: from Massachusetts, Charlton 3 wakefield drive on
5 Stars
Quite possibly the best RPG ever made
Earthbound is something really unique. Great storyline, beautiful graphics, tons of items and weapons, and the strangest enemies you will ever encounter! The game can be hilarious and is very fun and addicting. It is also a long game, well worth your time. One of my top favourite games. Not necessarily rare but in high demand, hence why it is so expensive. Great game to play and add to your collection.
Reviewed by: from Michigan on
4 Stars
Cult classic
I absolutely love this game, but it is an acquired taste. The graphics and gameplay aren't the best quality for an SNES game (battles are particularly repetitive and not very flashy) but the writing for the game is clever and the auto-win feature keeps things moving. A great addition to your RPG library, but if you're just getting into RPGs you'll want to work your way up to this one.
Reviewed by: from NJ on
5 Stars
RPGs at its best
Earthbound is one of the best RPGs ever made. Join Ness and his friends to save the world from an evil entity. This game is by far one of the best RPGs I have ever played. It has witty dialogue and a fantastic story. Great graphics for the SNES and music that just are just candy for your ears. All gamers will love Earthbound.
Reviewed by: from New York on

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