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Final Fantasy Legend 2 II
Final Fantasy Legend 2 II
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Final Fantasy Legend 2 II

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Final Fantasy Legend 2 II Game Boy Game Cartridge Cleaned, Tested, and Guaranteed to Work!

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Final fantasy legend II
Been a long time since I played this title. Really enjoyed it.
Reviewed by: from Walthill,NE on
5 Stars
Final Fantasy Legend : A different Sage, Epic nonetheless
Probably one of the most underestimated game in the Gameboy repertoire as well as one of Square's lost gems, FF Legend 2 had a team builder system akin to Final Fantasy 1, where players could opt between numerous races of characters to form their lineup, including the first FF game to allow you to pick a DRAGON as party member... wouldn't we have to wait for the appearance of Reis in Final Fantasy Tactics. Epic game for RPG gamers who want a challenge!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Quebec on
5 Stars
It actually has a plot!
This was the game I wanted most in the entire series. And it was the one that proved most difficult for me to find. As I recall it took about two years for me to find it. And during that time I'm sure I drove my folks and friends quite crazy. The story is more developed than the prior game. When your main character was a child his/her dad left on a quest to look for the 77 Magi, ancient relics of a lost civilization. When you grew up you resolved to set off on your own quest to find them and, if he still lived, your father as well. You get tree companions and then at various points a supporting ally will oin you in furtherance of their own mission. As with the prior game monsters increase in strength and ability by eating the meat of slain foes. Humans and Mutants gain strength and abilities after a certain number of battles. Unlike the prior game, hwever, this game actually lets you know when a character "levels up." Mutants can still learn abilities naturally and will lose one of their other abilities when they do. The best way to avoid losing abilities you really like is to put an ability you wouldn't care about losing at the very bottom of the character's ability list, since it's the ability in that position that gets replaced. Robots level up by equipping more powerful weapons and armor. As with the first game, Legend 2 features an excellent score. Most of the tunes are entirely new but there are a few reprises. The intro theme and battle victory theme come to mind very quickly. There are even a few sound effects from the prior game, but mostly the audio is completely new. It's definitely the sort of stuff that can get pleasantly stuck in your head for hours or even days at a time. My only complaint with this game is how weapons and armor work. They have to be repaired from time to time or they become unusable. Then there's the fact that if you have a weapon that has limited uses and you want to switch it from one character to another, you're better off ust leaving it where it is. Te game will cut the remaining uses in half when you equip it on the new character. So if you have a weapon with only one use, that new character would effectively be unable to wield it. That's my only real complaint though. Other than that this is an excellent game well worth adding to your Game Boy collection.
Reviewed by: from Twin Falls, Idaho on
4 Stars
Great turn based RPG for GBC!
If you're looking for a turn-based RPG on the Game Boy, this is a great game to check out. It's fairly basic, but the story line is interesting, and it doesn't really have any flaws. My only gripe is that armor and weapons have to be repaired every so often otherswise they become unusable. But this is a small issue and I became used to it fairly quickly. One thing I definetly like is that the game alows you to save at any point, which is something I think is missing from modern day rpgs.
Reviewed by: from USA on

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