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Final Fantasy Legend
Final Fantasy Legend
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Final Fantasy Legend

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Final Fantasy Legend Game Boy Game Cartridge Cleaned, Tested, and Guaranteed to Work!

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Childhood Favorite
One of the first Final Fantasy games I really got into and completed. While not the best example of a Final Fantasy game, its a great example for an early Gameboy game.
Reviewed by: from Springfield, MO on
5 Stars
Sadly underrated.
I played this game back in 1991 or '92. Then when I ot my own Game Boy I became more or less obsessed with getting a copy of my own. Unfortunately this was back during a time when these games were extremely difficult to find. I actually got this game pretty easily, but the other two gave me a great deal of trouble. Despite its US title this is not in fact part of or even related to the Final Fantasy series. I beliee its japanese title was Sa-ga. The story is extremely simple. He tower in the center of the world has long been believed to lead to a mysterious paradise. Many adveturers of course challenged the tower's secrets in the hope of finding a life in this paradise. In typical RPG fashion, however, none of them ever came back. Now four brave adventurers are about to make yet another atempt. You take control of those four. Te gameplay is very simple. You explore the game world, collecting items and talking to villagers to gain clues about where to go next. All battles are turn-based. Unlike most RPG's, however, youdon't level p in the traditional sense. Humans must use stat potions in order to gain more hit points and strength. Mutats te game's mage class, level up more or less randomly. Monsters level p in quite a unique way. Sometimes when ou defeat a monster in battle it'll leave behind its meat. If a monster eats the meat it'll transform into another monster, though sually not the monsterwho provided the meat. The trouble of course is that transformations can be downgrades as well as upgrades adit can be hard to guess which it will be. Generally a monster stroer than you will result in a transformation into a much stronger monster. I've also heard that whatever monster you start out with can have a bearing on what transformation a particular meat will trigger. Audio wise I find very little to complain about. The sound effects aren't particularly varied but they get the job done. Musically is where the game really shines. Yeah it's only 8-bit Game Boy sound but but they did very well with what they had to work with. Unlike the first Final Fantasy game for the NES, which featured just one battle theme throughout the entire game, Final Fantas legend features a theme for regular battles, one for bosses and yet a third for the final battle. I need hardly point out that all these themes are excellent. So al in all while I wouldn't consider this game necessarily worthy of the Final Fantasy title I definitely don't find it as horrible as a lot of other gamers I've talked to.
Reviewed by: from Twin Falls, Idaho on
4 Stars
Best Rpg for GB in my books.
Amazing game default name is Saga, realised as Final fantasy Legend is the US. Recommended for Square (Enix) Fans, Collectors and Rpg Lovers
Reviewed by: from Australia, Melbourne on

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