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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest

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Final Fantasy Mystic Quest SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

The planet is dying. Cold winds blow. Fires rage. Trees are withering. In other words, it's brutal out there. Only you can stop the Dark King from consuming the light from the Crystals of Earth. But don't think it'll be a walk in the park. You're up against the sleaziest of slimebags, the evilest of ecto-scum -- we're talking serious monsters here. This isn't your basic shoot-'em-into-smithereens kiddy game, either. You'll have to think your way out of some tough spots. Think you can handle that?

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Excellent condition plays great
Reviewed by: from Jacksonville on
5 Stars
not terrible
The soundtrack for this game haunts my dreams. I can barely remember any of the gameplay, but I find myself humming at least one song from it almost daily. I may have to get a lobotomy.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from canada on
5 Stars
Mystic Quest
I do not understand the bad reviews for this game. Sure it's not hard and there is little to it. Great walkthrough RPG though. It was my first RPG and I believe it is a great entry level Final Fantasy game.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Missouri on
2 Stars
it sucks. this can hardly be called final fantasy. I almost wish I didn't own it. the gameplay is dumbed down, way way way way down. its more of a test of patience than skill which I woudldnt mind the only problem is that there is hardly any story so why bother? I do not recommend that you buy it. I would recommend checking out final fantasy anthology if ur looking for something cheap with a retro feel to it with a great story and real final fantasy gameplay. unlike this only buy this if for some reason you want to torture yourself or if its the very very last part of your final fantasy collection
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from shucks it sucks on
3 Stars
RPG : meet the casual gamer!
This Final Fantasy game is faaaaaar removed from the other titles in the series, BUT its redeeming quality is the originality of it's world system, which might make you think of Super Mario World. The original soundtrack also features some fantastic rock music. The difficulty level is easier though still not a walk in the park for casual gamers, but at least it was a good starting point back in the day for those who hadn't played Final Fantasy IV. Modern RPGs tend to take the player by the hand, and we might credit Mystic Quest for this.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Quebec on
5 Stars
good game
Very good game if you like rpg games
Reviewed by: from sarasota on
4 Stars
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Good rpg with some great music.A little too simple and easy but fun to play.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from St-Pie on
4 Stars
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
A good simple RPG game. Came on time and in great condition.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from St Andrews MB. on
4 Stars
And There Was Music, and There Were Wonderful Other Games
American video gamers have, since home gaming consoles first started supporting JRPGs, been consistently considered to be some of the laziest, least focused players in the world. In an attempt to cater to the obviously mentally inferior American audience, Squaresoft created "Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest." While sporting little in the way of any sort of challenge, what this game DOES bring to the table is a phenomenal (for the time) soundtrack. Graphically, it is most similar to "Final Fantasy V," a game that didn't make it to U.S. shores until the release of "Final Fantasy Anthology" for the Sony PlayStation several years later. In terms of gameplay, the Japanese developers decided to keep things as simple as possible - a simplistic story, with characters virtually free of any complexity or depth; puzzles so easy to solve that most six-year-olds could do so with relative ease; a party so small that it's quite literally a "duo," rather than a party. If you're looking for a classic Final Fantasy game from the era when Squaresoft made good games, you can probably skip this one.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Morgantown, WV on
5 Stars
Final Fantasy Mystic Quest
Like always, the game arrived within the allotted time frame and in the condition listed. The game itself plays like a stripped down version of your standard final fantasy games. It is a bit too easy for an experienced gamer but its great for a kid or anyone who wants to complete their final fantasy collection
Reviewed by: from Ohio on

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