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Final Fantasy
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Final Fantasy

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Final Fantasy original NES Nintendo Game cartridge only - Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

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Nintendo NES


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
The one that started it all
This game is a piece of history. What it lacks in graphics it makes up for in nostalgia.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from US on
4 Stars
Good game for the NES.
It's a great RPG game for the NES but it's so difficult to beat. But it is a great game nonetheless.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Lively, Ontario, Canada on
5 Stars
need advice
If anyone has bought this game on this website is there gonna be scratches all over it or like where it says final fantasy on the cartridge is that scrapped off because to me it seems to good to be true
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Denver, Colorado on
5 Stars
Great game. Product in great condition and super fun guaranteed
Reviewed by: from Brasil on
5 Stars
A Classic That Stands the Test of Time
The original Final Fantasy is easily one of the most important JRPGs ever made; its unique gameplay and approach to storytelling (along with its numerous sequels) sent ripples throughout the RPG community, sparking what many agree amounted to a revelation in the way games were made in the 1980s/90s.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Morgantown, WV on
5 Stars
Great game impressed with quality
this is only my second order and I love it the game works on the first try and I am a very happy customer you have a loyal customer for life
Reviewed by: from Middletown ohio on
5 Stars
Final Fantasy 1 NES
Of all the different platforms I've played this game on, the NES is by far the best. Can't beat the originals.
Reviewed by: from 110 Beaver Creek Road, Richland, MS 39218 on
5 Stars
Final Fantasy
Perfect Game!!! It's my first game in life. Happy to find it on Lukie Games.
Reviewed by: from Rimouski, Canada on
5 Stars
Final Fantasy...
Oh man, this has got to be one of my favorite games ever.I just need a few more bucks and I am buying this sucker. Anyway, Final Fantasy was one of SQUARE Inc.'s greatest acheivments. The music, the artwork, all fantastic. Ther is also a secret where if you don't have enough doe for your people the screen will sometimes put the words out very slowly saying "You don't have enough money." It was said so slowly because it was hinted that the coders of the game were mad because of their low wages, so it was a way to get back at their boss. The only problem was that over time the sequels became competitive of each other, by trying to make each game better than the last one. Sadly, it kid of back fired and the games sort of TOO competitive messing up the series. So I personally like this one the most.
Reviewed by: from Greenvile on
5 Stars
Final Fantasy Review
Final Fantasy is an rpg game made by Square. This game is easily the best rpg on the system. The music, gameplay, story, and graphics hit a sweet spot that other rpgs on the system didn't. Customization plays a large role in Final Fantasy, and years later you can find yourself re-playing the game with a different party over and over. The game has aged considerably, but that doesn't stop me from giving it 5 stars. Have some patience if it feels slow, this is one of the more rewarding games on the NES to play.
Reviewed by: from NH on

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