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Forsaken 64
Forsaken 64
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Forsaken 64

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An experiment gone wrong ripped away the earth's atmosphere. Bathed in the searching radiation of the sun, the planet has been condemned. You are among the Forsaken few who invade the now abandoned settlements to collect what little fortune was left behind. Enemies will be numerous however. Your path will be littered with all kinds of drone ships tanks and turrets that make up Earth's still-intact automated defense system as well as the occasional rival scavenger. This is a first person shooter that features 25 unique weapons each with its own grade of destruction.

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Action & Adventure


Nintendo 64


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
great game if you like 90s fps games
Reviewed by: from São Paulo on
5 Stars
Great game
It works great came fast and is awesome game thank u lukies game
Reviewed by: from Fond du lac on
4 Stars
Fun game
Not a title that gets any talk but a good enough game worth playing and given the price its definitely worth it.
Reviewed by: from Michigan on
5 Stars
Must have in N64 library
At the time (so, I'm not going to consider the Steam Remastered version or the new graphics when, in 2007, the game code became open source) you needed a 3dfx Voodoo 2 card to match Nintendo64 visuals. Those - really few, indeed - who say that the PC version was superior, simply show a bad memory. The frame rate, the real time hardware lighting effects, the models and the textures was outstanding. The controls was far superior with auto leveling option and the local multiplayer suffers no crush unlike the PC version. Reccomended.
Reviewed by: from Rome on
5 Stars
great game
at first i had my doubts on buying from lukie games so i decided to make a small purchase and bought forsaken 64. the game arrived on time worked great and in good condition, this game has become on of my favorite games on the n64
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from central america on
5 Stars
Forsaken 64
Game works great and in good shape. This game is descent on pc from 1995 brought to n64, if you loved playing the descent on the pc you will love this game. Other reviewer of this title are saying the controls are weird, clearly they have never played the pc version or they would cry. Really I thought the controls were great (joystick controls your movement and aiming). Only downside is that graphics are not really good compared to the pc version and I don't remember having to finish the whole game on certain amount of giving lifes at the start making the game harder to complete. Overall fun game and multiplayer is a plus.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Canada, ON on
5 Stars
cool game when you get past the odd controls, and possible motion sickness - the game flips itself around all crazy-like. But the game is super cheap, so I couldn't afford to not buy it! Lukie Games wins, FOREVER!!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Robot Land on
4 Stars
a guilty pleasure if you can get past the confusing controls
ok, i had this game when i was growing up so to me this game is an underrated gem. however its not for everyone, because of the controls, however the soundtrack is the selling point in this title. it is on the ps1 as well too. its also a difficult game and can easily get lost in. the verdict? i say its a decent game, awesome soundtrack, and if you can get past the controls, it's a fun game.
Reviewed by: from Oakland, CA on
2 Stars
Controls are rather mind boggling. it's an amusing game, but has it's issues.
Reviewed by: from Edmonton, Canada on

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