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Ghost Recon
Ghost Recon
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Ghost Recon

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The Red Army is back. Now that Russia's government has collapsed, a hardline leader is bent on taking over the republics. Take a highly skilled Ghost team through a series of missions that range from demolitions to search-and-rescue and all-out firefights for survival. You can carry dozens of standard and special-issue weapons such as the M16A2, the M4 carbine, and the fearsome and deadly OICW. Next-generation inventory and weapons will give players a glimpse into the real U.S. Army "Land Warrior" program on which Ghost Recon is based.

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Action & Adventure


Playstation 2


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Recon out!
Heart pounding, laying still within the bog, air bubbles rising as I try to breath. My team and I are surrounded, but those villagers need our help. Locked and loaded they’ll never know what hit’em. It’s time to go ghost.. and do some reconing.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Ontario, Canada on
4 Stars
Classic Shooter
I was a bit nervous when I made this purchase. I saw some gampleplay footage on Youtube (after purchasing it) and I wondered if I made a bad choice. It just didn't look like a fun game. However, I was wrong. I'm having a lot of fun with this game. Don't expect a COD type shooter, this is not this game. However, what it does right it excels at. You control two squads, each with three soldiers. Before each mission, you get to customize your team members and the weapons they choose. Your selection is crucial to completing the missions, so choose wisely. For a game that's over 15 years, I would say it has stood the test of time.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Trinidad on
5 Stars
Ghost recon
The game is in great shape and got here quick love the speed and customer service when u gotta talk to someone will be buying another game from here for sure.
Reviewed by: from Usa on
5 Stars
ghost reacon should be the best classic
great childhood game great condition and great multiplayer
Reviewed by: from planet ozzla on
3 Stars
Good Game, But Not That Great.
This Game is Good, But Not Great. It is Very Old, the Graphics are Very Sub-Par, But Most Importantly, the Gameplay is Bad. the Tactical Map Squad Command System is Uber-Super Fkd Up and Messed. and the Gameplay Seriously Lacks, that of What Other Military Shooters Have to Offer. Replay-ability is Low as Well, Being that you Have to beat the Missions to Play the Game Modes on the Map Again, and Doesn't Offer New Maps for All out Fun Skirmishes away from the Campaign. This game is Very Low Qual, and I wouldn't Reccomend it for a Person wanting a Top-Notch Military Realistic Shooter. (Yes it Is Realistic, Just Farrrr From Top Notch) 2 and a Half - 3 Stars.
Reviewed by: from Branford, FL on
5 Stars
ghost recon
ghost recon is where you kill bad people and just have fun with this game and where you get sick weapons so by the game.
Reviewed by: from deposit NY 39second street on
5 Stars
ghost recon
ghost recon
Reviewed by: from housten on

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