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Goonies 2
Goonies 2
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Goonies 2

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Cartridge Only
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Goonies 2 original NES Nintendo Game cartridge only - Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

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Action & Adventure


Nintendo NES


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Good e'nuf
This is a fun and challenging adventure game and apparently the sequel? This was a freebie with points and they sent a copy like I paid cash!!! Label great, cart was super clean and played well. Thanks again lukie for the point system, you don't have to do it but you do and it's what keeps me coming back always updated and fresh options. Aka my time to take a chance on something I have never even considered playing.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Phoenix on
5 Stars
Awesome NES game
This is a classic NES game. If you liked the movie then this NES game is right up your alley. Fun game play and decent graphics.
Reviewed by: from Nanaimo, BC, Canada on
5 Stars
Goonies II
I love this game, from as far as I remember this is the first video game I ever played. The main music theme is excellent and it has a metroidvania feel to the gameplay. You'll have to look up at some obscure things to do but overall a great game. Also I have never seen a cartridge that looked so new it was flawless! Thaks a lot Lukie Games!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from France on
5 Stars
I admit, I was debating ordering from Lukie, with their great prices and insane inventory, but boy am I glad I did. The free shipping leaves something to be desired, but the quality off all my games were outstanding, especially this one. It's not a collector cart or anything, just high sentimental value and i was expecting half missing labels, discoloration, beat-up, cracked, BUT NO. Besides a few MINOR, MINOR scrapes, ALL these games look pretty dang close to "out-of-the-box" new. Great business and they have earned my repeat business. SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from springfield on
5 Stars
Hard but fun
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Cheyenne on
5 Stars
Works perfectly
Game is in wonderful shape. Terrible side scoller wouldn't be able to tell it's goonies if it didn't have a title. Lol
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Logan wv wv on
4 Stars
game arrived today in good quality loaded it in nintendo loaded first try definitly a 4 rating am very pleases with product
Reviewed by: from canada on
5 Stars
Baby Ruth
Goonies is a great game for the price. Is it up there with Mario 3, Megaman and the like? No, but it's still fun, especially for under $10
Reviewed by: from Waldorf on
5 Stars
Why are you reading this?? Buy it now!
This was my favorite game when I was a kid. It helped that I was a Goonie fan. I went back to play this game a few years ago because I saw that it was pretty cheap, and immediately I felt...BLISS! This game is amazing. Solid graphics, amazing music, and some great platforming come together to make this an out of this world game. Not sure where this mermaid came from, though. However, like the movie, it's not the destination, but the ride that is important.
Reviewed by: from Saskatoon on
2 Stars
Maybe this one
I found this game is very long because of what you need to do to finish certain levels. You have to find 6 goonies plus save the mermaid. It is only helpful if you have a boomerang and know what implements help you and how strong your enemies are.
Reviewed by: from calgary on
3 Stars
Goonies 2
This game is an interesting game. It has platforming elements and some point and click style of game play. I wouldn't go as far to say it is a hidden gem. However, it is very reasonably priced so it is worth a shot ,if you don't have this in your collection, or if you remember the movie and have a soft spot for Chunk.
Reviewed by: from New York on

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