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Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone
Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone
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Harry Potter Sorcerers Stone

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Be the young wizard in training Harry Potter, learning to master all things magical in a world filled with fun and danger. Overcome adversity and challenges, and encounter unforgettable characters from J.K. Rowling's worldwide bestseller.As Harry Potter, you will hone your magical skills and advance through three terms of study during Harry's first year at Hogwarts. Each term will challenge you to meet a number of objectives, such as collecting and mixing potions with Professor Snape or piloting a flying broom through the Forbidden Forest in search of Neville Longbottom's Remembrall. 

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Action & Adventure


Playstation 1


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Addictive game
Great game! Gives a nostalgia vibes even if you didn’t play it in childhood. Game arrived quickly and in perfect condition!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Pittsburgh on
5 Stars
Harry Potter SS
Game arrived in great condition, Gameplay is what you'd expect from this era of games. Fun trip down memory lane. Thank you Lukie games!
Reviewed by: from Georgetown on
4 Stars
its ok
game was good but poorly packaged
Reviewed by: from 16 high st on
5 Stars
Awesome- love having my old games and teaching my son
Reviewed by: from WESTLAND on
2 Stars
No... I've seen worse but this is borderline bad...
The game came in its original case and with the little book in the front, so great on that part. However, you start the game and it throws you into the world with very little explanation. The game starts and you're given the basic story of "There once was a boy whose parents were killed by some evil guy and then some dude with a beard flies him to his aunt and uncle's house. Then, somehow, he gets to some magic castle thing." And that's about it as far as an introduction goes. The game throws you in and gives you your first task of the game: explore! Now, normally this would be great! But, the layout of the castle is nothing more than a maze! You're put into a rather large and open hub where you have to find your first task. This would be realivily simple IF there were a map or any sort of guide to direct you places! After a long while of aimlessly wandering around this seemingly never ending maze, I finally found my quest! You're told that Malfoy has taken Hedwig captive and somehow you have to find her. The stage is a really strange platform/shooter/puzzle thing... You jump from bookshelf to bookshelf, using your wand to cast a spell to move a platform to where you need. This comes across as a great idea, however, the execution of this is poor at most. The wand does not auto-lock onto the platform so you're using a very stiff control scheme to try to aim. It is near impossible to target those platforms! After fighting moving and hard to target enemies, you get to your second task. You've got to practice flying your broom! This is impossible to do because of the controls, the very confined level design and the difficulty. You have about 1 minute to go through some 70 hoops that are scattered everywhere in this small, cramped space! The second you get in the level you're off! Using the very clumsy and slippery- yet stiff controls you have to try to win. I've not yet passed the second level of this and I've had my copy for over a week! If you're looking for a rage-inducing nightmare, this is the game!
Reviewed by: from USA on
3 Stars
great game follows with the movie,
most games that come out with movies have no connection but harry potter and the sorcerers stone, the first of the series is pretty close to the first movie for a playstation game it was really good with the free roaming and the graphics were actually pretty good ,
Reviewed by: from miami lakes florida on

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