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Kirby's Dream Land
Kirby's Dream Land
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Kirby's Dream Land

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Kirby's Dream Land Game Boy Game Cartridge Cleaned, Tested, and Guaranteed to Work!

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Action & Adventure


Game Boy


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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Where It Started!
My order came before the estimated date. For an old game, I was ecstatic to see such a good condition cartridge. The original sticker was kept fully intact with little to no scratch marks nor the sticker lifting due to age. Game works flawlessly and I look forward to my next online purchase! Lukie Games...I was originally worried about buying from a website that I only recently came across. Now you have sold me on quality products!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from California on
5 Stars
I havent played this game since I was a youngin but it all came back after this gem arrived at my door. Pretty easy and quick to pass but it was a really fun game then and still is now. Definitely glad I picked up that game boy at the yard sale now! Game was in excellent condition when it arrived as well.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Toronto on
3 Stars
Paid Demo
Kirby's Dreamland is what started the series, but if you've played the other main Kirby games, you might feel cheated by this game. Kirby's Dreamland is short. It can be challenging, but it is very short. Being the first game in the series, Dreamland does not include Kirby's ability to copy an enemy's power. He can inhale, spit out enemies, fly, and spit out puffs of air. This game should be treated as a demo or a proof of concept. It is in no way a bad game, it just doesn't feel like a full game.
Reviewed by: from Florida on
4 Stars
Very fun platformer. A little easy and short but still bery fun to play and a must have!
Reviewed by: from Texas on
5 Stars
Great Little Game
This was quite a fun game for me in the 90's, and all the more-so now while playing it on the Super Nintendo (using the special game slot) in color. I recommend it.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from BC, Canada on
5 Stars
a must for any Kirby fan!
this is one of my favorite games of all time! the music is great for a game boy game, the levels are fun and creative, and after you finish the game you can find out you can play thru it on a harder difficulty. it may be a short game but its worth the money.
Reviewed by: from windsor on
3 Stars
A very short yet fun game.
Kirby's dreamland is the 1st kirby game and isn't the's actually a bad game but that's only because it has 5 levels. Don't get me wrong the game is good,the music is good, the controls are perfect, the graphics look rather good, and the gameplay, other than being extremely easy for experienced and older gamers is very fun. Note:In this kirby game you can only inhale and exhale enemies at other enemies. The verdict for this game is that you'd only like it if you like replaying games since 5 levels is very short but other than that the game is great.
Reviewed by: from florida on
5 Stars
Short but very sweet.
The original Kirby is a classic, and for good reason. Although incredibly short (the game can easily be beaten in 20 min), it's loads of fun. The difficulty isn't high in the normal mode, but you can activate the hard mode by pressing A+select+up while in the opening screen, which will satisfy any gamer's need for a challenge. In addition, while in the opening screen, you can press down+B+select to access the game options. Here not only can you adjust the number of lives and health that kirby has, but you can also listen to all the games' amazing sound tracks. Do keep in mind that because this is the original kirby game, you can't take the powers of your enemies, but even so, devouring cute little creatures is a blast.
Reviewed by: from U.S on
2 Stars
Kirby's Dream Land
Game worked correctly and arrived as promised. Only rating two stars because it was very short and not very challenging.
Reviewed by: from Missouri on

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