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Mario is Missing
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Mario is Missing

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Mario is Missing SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work! 

Don't look now, but Bowser's back, and this time he's in your world! But where is that mastermind of reptilian trouble doing his bastardly deeds? And what has he done with Mario?? Welcome to Mario is Missing! Take a trek with your travel agent, Luigi, and see the world! Track down troublesome turtles. Figure out where in the world you are, and what on earth happened to Mario. If your grasp of geography is good enough, you'll get the goods, stomp the hoods, and grab Mario out of Bowser's ghastly guest house. A learning adventure that the whole family can share. This is no Koopa stomping mayhem. It's a fun way to learn about our world.

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Action & Adventure


Super Nintendo


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Once you get past the fact that this is a low action and dare i say....educational. Its not the worst and u will learn something if you let it
Reviewed by: from Guelph, Ontario on
5 Stars
Mario is Missing Snes
Couldn't have asked for a better condition for a game. Right to my door super fast
Reviewed by: from Alberta on
5 Stars
Oh man, this takes me back.
I loved this game, but only because I became enraptured by it at 8 years old. So nostalgic for me. For anybody who has never played this game, you'll probably be bored.
Reviewed by: from Austin on
2 Stars
Snes Mario is missing
Works great but pretty boring game not like super Mario brother
Reviewed by: from Toronto on
5 Stars
is funny
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from canada on
5 Stars
Not quite a "Mario" game
For those of you looking for a new Mario game for SNES, don't look here! This is an educational title released by Nintendo for the SNES. I still got it for a great deal and it will help my wife get one step closer to owning all the Mario games.
Reviewed by: from Canada on
4 Stars
not bad
I don't mind this game. It does get boring but it is what it is
Reviewed by: from canada on
5 Stars
one word
one word...........weegee
Reviewed by: from clearfield pa on
4 Stars
Accept it for what it is.
If you're a history nerd like I am, this game is right up your alley. There's very little platforming, which is highly unlike a Mario game. When I first played through this game in the 90s, I was turned off by it because of the lack of platforming. Though, in retrospect, this is a great game. If you accept it for what it is.
Reviewed by: from Montgomery, AL on
2 Stars
The "fun" is what's missing
This game is boring. Unlike what you'd expect, this isn't the Mario we know and love (the platforming plumber) and is instead an educational game. You play as Luigi and go around the world learning historical facts about different cities, but its all done in a painstakingly tedious way that isn't fun and the educational aspect of it is just learning a few fact for half a minute (you'll probably forget it once you shut off the console). Though the graphics and sound quality is really nice, the physics and perspectives are off. Only get this is you really need every Mario game there is or if you're a fan of "edu-tainment" games.
Reviewed by: from Nova Scotia, Canada on
1 Stars
Mario is Missing
The quality of this game was great but the game itself was pretty borring. I thought it was going to be like the original Mario Brothers but it wasn't at all.
Reviewed by: from Holliston, MA on

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