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Mega Man X3
Mega Man X3
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Mega Man X3

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Mega Man X3 SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work! 

Mega Man X and his trusty partner Zero have a new force to reckon with. Named after the scientist reploid, Doppler Town was supposed to be a place where humans and reploids could live in harmony. After discovering a virus that was turning reploids to Mavericks, Doppler's anti-virus was a big success. But Doppler itself became infected with the virus and assembled a team to take out the Maverick Hunter Units. Use the unique talents of each character to destroy enemies and assimilate new weapons and powers. Along the way, they will have to find a variety of secret items including a helmet and some robot armor.

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Action & Adventure


Super Nintendo


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Mega Man X3
I received my copy of Mega Man X3 right before Christmas. I'm so happy with it because the label was in perfect condition and it was just a really clean cartridge. I have used Lukie games a good bit over the years I can't recommend them enough. When I'm on YouTube I'll always recommend them in the comments. Overall I'm very happy with my copy of Mega Man X3 thanks Lukie games.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Rhode Island on
5 Stars
Imcreible Mega Man X3
Una Super Satisfaccion! Imcreible... Juegazo! THANKIU LUKIEGAMES! El final de la trilogia, un juego Muy Raro de conseguir en casi perfectas condiciones, en lukiegames, desde que me inicie en el coleccionismo de SNES hasta la fecha de hoy en dia. Si yo diera una puntuacion top del 1 al 10 en mis compras, esta seria mi puntuacion "9.5" el precio que se ve por este juego en esta pagina. como opinion personal ..para mi estaba muy alta. pero cabe resaltar que ay veces que lukiegames hace acto de magia y permite al consumidor llevarte juegos que dirias "Oh Dios, se lanzo en el 95' tiene 20 años, lleva un chip integrado que desde su antecesor el x2 ya venia en evolución acelerada recreando graficas bellicimas en el campo Retro,el Mega Man X3 es un juego limitado, y a la fecha de hoy No posee una cifra exacta de su venta en el mercado Retro. Yo solo puedo decir muchicimas gracias a lukiegames Nuevamente! El Cartucho que me enviaron esta Imcreible!!! ..los labels lucen magnifico Completamente Original y sobre todo en Great,great condition waoooooooo... thx
Reviewed by: from usa on
5 Stars
Good condition
I'm glad the game came in great condition. As you can see in the price it is an expensive game. It was always in the back of my mind what if it came in bad condition or the labeled damaged. No worries here what a great piece to add to my collection :)
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Courtice on
4 Stars
Great Game
One of the best in the series, although X2 is still better. Something seems a little sloppy but still works out. After this game is when the series starts to take a turn for the worst although MMX4 was decent but MMX5 and after is terrible and ridiculous from the story to the new characters they introduce.
Reviewed by: from Canada on

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