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NEW Nintendo 64 N64 Gold Controller
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NEW Nintendo 64 N64 Gold Controller

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New high quality third party controller. Modeled after Nintendo's original design, the N64 controller features 10 active buttons (including Left and Right shoulder functions, and Z-trigger) An analog control stick commands your action with precision, while the legendary D-pad offers a classic gaming feel. Features include -
  • Extra long 6 foot cord!
  • Precise analog control
  • Compatible with N64 Rumble Pak and Memory pak
Controller color is gold as pictured.

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Nintendo 64


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great controllers
Much more sensitive in the joystick than refurbished controllers however they feel great.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Melbourne on
5 Stars
Very happy
Works great
Reviewed by: from New York on
2 Stars
Poor attachment holding
I recently purchased this controller and it works great with one exception. Controller paks and memory paks will not stay in the controller. They fall right out of it. Sometimes it will say damaged controller/memory pak and requires to power of system and jiggle it to get it to work.Also, the transfer pak for Pokemon stadium requires me to jiggle that also for it to be usable. I might have gotten a faulty controller in that regard, but that is my experience with it so far.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Alma,MI on
4 Stars
Since Nintendo probably isn't cranking these out anymore, this is a solid solution at a solid price ($16.97 when I bought it). The control stick is pretty sensitive, which makes aiming a challenge in certain games. However, character movement is very precise. I am happy with this purchase.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from USA on
5 Stars
Good controller
The controller is working fine like an original one, like it should. Nothing more to add xD
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from SAINT-GABRIEL-DE-BRANDON on
1 Stars
Really bad!
The joystick broke after two weeks of playing Mario 64. Very cheap product and inferior to the real N64 controllers.
Reviewed by: from Ottawa, Ontario on
4 Stars
gold controller
I am a collector, I didn't try it I just put it away in safe place. Hope one I can sale it.
Reviewed by: from Gilroy on
5 Stars
game controller
I ordered and received the gold game controller, it works great, just like the Nintendo controllers. It was a great price and it shipped before the date.
Reviewed by: from San Jacinto, CA. on
5 Stars
It's a cool controller. It arrived in great condition still in the packaging I just recently opened it because I wanted to keep it looking great in the plastic haha. But it's a great controller and the color really catches your eye and it's a great price. I recommend it!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Pittsfield, Massachusetts on
5 Stars
great addition to my collection. sleek, stylish and an admirable piece to show off to my friends.
Reviewed by: from Canada on
5 Stars
My husband and grandson were so pleased that they could play together by adding this not roller.
Reviewed by: from Comer, GA on
5 Stars
Gold n64 controller
great controller works just as good as any other controller you will find and has some style to it
Reviewed by: from Oshawa on
5 Stars
Works excellent, controller is just like OEM
Reviewed by: from nm on
4 Stars
Gold 64 controller replica
The controller looks great and feels great just like the original controllers. It plays well, but its minor set back Ive seen with playing Mario Kart it tends to make your driver slip alot when turning with the analog stick. Other than that its a great controller.
Reviewed by: from Atlanta, GA on
3 Stars
Not as pictured and a detailed sensitivity review.
While I did recieve a gold replica controller in a clamshell packaging, designed almost exactly like the original (the plug on the cord is grey, unlike the original gold controller) I gotta ask that Lukie Games, update the image of the product here. The controller in the image looks like a blank form copy though they actually have a big ugly printed TTX Tech logo on the front of them (underneath where the Nintendo emblem should be). Everything about this controller is TIGHT. The buttons are great and the joystick is nice and tight which is good but I had to use FORCE to plug it into my console, almost needed pliers to unplug it which is bad. However to give a detailed analysis on the controversial sensitivity of these replicas I'll tell you this. I tested it on 3 types of games, a platformer (Mario 64), a racing game (Star wars racer) and a flight simulator (rogue squadron) The platformer sensitivity is definitely something you can get used to. A little hard to sneak around at first but I think after some use and wear it gets better. 4/5 on ease of use. For a racing game its a bit more tricky, its something you'll personally have to adjust to yourself. 3/5 on this. And finally for the flight sim... Just give up hope. The x and y axis of this controller is so sensitive to the point that its almost impossible to line up any accurate shots and this leads me to fear how bad this thing is on a first person shooter. 1/5 on these 2 genres. Get this if you want an extra controller that is obviously 3rd party and want to play games that dont rely to heavily on sensitivity.
Reviewed by: from Rougemont, NC on

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