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Jungle Green Nintendo 64 System
Jungle Green Nintendo 64 System
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Jungle Green Nintendo 64 System

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Original Nintendo 64 system in GREAT condition!

This set includes the following -
  • The Jungle Green Nintendo 64 system
  • One original N64 controller (color may vary)
  • Power supply and AV cables

This system has been refurbished and thoroughly tested!

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Nintendo 64


NTSC (N. America)

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Great product
Works great! I was so happy to find this site! great products for great price!
Reviewed by: from CT on
5 Stars
Great condition i would highly recommend these guys!!!!!!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from tonawanda ny on
5 Stars
Definitely satisfied!
Soo.. I wanted to wait at least a month (its been a little over a month) before I gave my review. When it first arrived I was a little curious on what to expect since it is my first buy from lukiegames.when I opened the box to see the condition of the n64, I was actually pretty surprised on how good the condition it was in! It didn't have any cracks or noticeable scratches that I was kind of expecting for a old console. You could tell that its been used over the years but it still looks great! The controller it came with is actually in good condition too, the only problem with the controller was the joystick being worn out and was hard to play games with, but I expected it to be like that since its a older console and the joystick wasn't replaced, so I replaced it with a GameCube style joystick (from lukiegames) and it made it feel new. The n64 didn't come with original ac or av cables, and the ac adapter was actually a little difficult to slide in and I actually thought it didn't even fit, until 4 days later when I decided to mess around with it, i realized i had to wiggle it side to side and kinda force it in a little (I felt dumb after I got it in!) And it turned on without a problem so I was pretty happy. The av cable is "okey" becide that when you're playing a game, i could see little static lines running down the screen just a tiny bit (I can't really explain it that good) but it was still manageable but it did bother me just a little bit cause all I kept noticing was those little lines running down my screen, so I just use my SNES av cable and it looks perfect, but its no biggie! I did take the n64 apart and cleaned the inside since it was a pretty dusty in there and the console is old and I had no problem doing that. I also bought a hand full of n64 games from lukiegames and cleaned the connectors really good, and every single game works the first time and their all in good looking condition too! Their hasnt been NOT ONE TIME that i've put a game in and It didn't come on! I'm very pleased with my purchase and I will definitely be getting all my consoles and games and accessories from lukiegames! Thank you
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Tampa, fl on
5 Stars
Great Buy
I spent about 6 months comparing websites that sold Nintendo systems. I just got this system and it was well worth the wait. Lukie games was the only site I found that seemed honest and specific about what was included with this package with an original controller and the right cables. I had it shipped free between 5-7 business days but got it in 4. The console as far as I can tell doesn't have so much as a scratch on it anywhere. It works amazingly and I could not be happier with my purchase. ****(however and this has nothing to do with the system but one thing I didn't know about is that newer tvs may not recognize the console bc it's such a low frequency compared to HD flat screens now so know that when you get it you may or may not have to buy an adaptor for like $20 at the most.)**** just don't think something is wrong with the system when your tv won't play it.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from New York on
5 Stars
Perfect working condition. Very happy with the outcome of this order!
Reviewed by: from Canada on
4 Stars
Just got it so far so good
Came in great time with the cables and one original grey controller. This was my first purchase with lukiegames so i was a little scared but that was taken away when the item came. PROS- -works perfectly - original controller has tight stick -original av cables in great condition - great shipping speed -great customer service -LUKIE POINTS!!! CONS- -System had a pretty gnarly scratch next to reset button - Reset button looked awful- all scratched up - DIRTY! i know lukiegames didnt claim to clean this but the inside is really dirty which i cant clean . The outside looks beatiful though - power cable had the prongs a little bent- nothing major OVERALL- will buy again from them i just gotta make sure to find items that said they were cleaned because that was the only serious flaw. The rest was golden !
Reviewed by: from New York on
5 Stars
I bought this N64 about one month ago and it works like new!! when i took it out of the package i thought it might have scratchs and what not on it but i was wrong there was probley 1 scratch in total! i'm extremly inpresed and happy with this product and i've already bought more stuff off here for my first purchase on here i'm extremly glad i bought it here!
Reviewed by: from 1490 Canterbury st. Sudbury, Ontario, Canada on

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