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Revelations The Demon Slayer
Revelations The Demon Slayer
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Revelations The Demon Slayer

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Revelations The Demon Slayer Game Boy Color Game Cartridge Cleaned, Tested, and Guaranteed to Work!

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5 Stars
Innovative and fun.
This game was a byproduct of though otherwise totally unrelated to the Pokemon craze of the 1990's. As I understand it this game was part of a series of bible based titles and, interestingly, the only one to ever reach US shores. It tells the story of a world plagued by monsters. Te main protagonist, El, is a student of magic, referred to here as Gaia. As the story opens he's just finished his apprenticeship and is asked to takeseveral children to a nearby mountain where they can be trained. But before that can happen the children are snatched away by monsters. As El digs deeper he discovers disturbing secrets that could spell the end of the world. Wat is the significance of the strange orbs the monsters and their creators are so keen on stealing at any cost? The gameplay combines elements of RPG's like Final Fantasy with some elements of the Pokemon games. You have your three main characters, El, Kishe and Uranus, but ten you have the ability to recrit monsters. THe way this works is when you enter into a battle you have the usual options to fight or run, but you also have the option of talking to the monster. If you choose to do this, you're faced with a series of yes/no questions. Based on your answers to those and the monster's own personality, you may recruit the monster and avoid the battle altogether, even if there were other monsters in the encounter that you didn't try to recrit. Once the monster is recruited it serves as a new party member. I believe you can have a maximum of ten party members, though only some of them can be active at one time, namely the three humans and three monsters. Also, if you run into a battle with a monster you have in your party, your monster may speak to the opponent and convince them to walk away. Needless to say this game has a great deal of strategy involved since you can have many different combinations. Add to that Kishe's ability to combine monsters to create new ones and you have an even greater variety. The game's audio is some of the best the Game Boy has to offer. Not very varied but stille excellent, particularly the three battle themes. If you haven't already done so I heartily recommend giving this one a try.
Reviewed by: from Twin Falls, Idaho on
5 Stars
The Best Game No One Has Ever Heard Of
This is a Role Playing Game that resembles Might & Magic (in the old days) but much better. Second best game for the Game Boy Color (behind Dragon Warrior 3).
Reviewed by: from Delevan, NY on

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