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Slim Sony Playstation 2 System
Slim Sony Playstation 2 System
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Slim Sony Playstation 2 System

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Slim Playstation 2 system in GREAT condition with a full one year warranty!

This set includes the following -
  • The Slim Sony Playstation 2 system
  • One controller
  • All hook-ups
The Playstation 2 system lets you play original PS1 games as well as the huge selection of PS2 games.

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Playstation 2


NTSC (N. America)

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Customer Reviews

3 Stars
The system looked brand new, operated absolutely silent.. but the ribbon cable ate the first game I put in to test the system in about 25min. Upon removing my SSX tricky disc, the bottom had a ring about 1/2 an inch in from the edge scraped in. My eyes shifted to the still open top-loader of the disc drive and saw and little pile of fine dust that gathered on top the now noticeably high ribbon cable:( hovering the disc above where it would seat made obvious the side of the cable was contacting the disc while reading it. I still am super supportive and with LUKIE GAMES all the way due to how they are handling the situation. Since the game was ordered in the same shipment, they are currently refunding me for both, and what's special is the ease of process due to awesome employees. I can't wait to order a fat only due to this scare/luck of mine but still through LUKIE GAMES for after research I found these systems to have many instances of this issue happening though rare. If anywhere is the place to take the chance on these old systems, DO IT HERE, you'll thank yourself if ANYTHING happens like so:)
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from CALIFORNIA on
5 Stars
PS2 Slim
This is the third console that I have purchased from Lukie Games. (Previously purchased NES and SNES). It arrived in excellent condition just like the others. I almost purchased one for a lower price from Offerup, but I decided to go with Lukie Games because I can trust them and their customer service. No complaints from me.
Reviewed by: from California on
5 Stars
Looks brand new. Works perfectly just how I remembered it. Absolutely love it. Definitely recommend
Reviewed by: from Mount Jackson on
4 Stars
Glad I Took The Leap
Like almost all of us that had this system 20yrs ago, the dvd reader wasnt working anymore. Ps2 games were iffy. Ps1 games still play great though. My controller at this point were barely functional too. Of course, i didnt want to spend 700 on a brand new console. And finally after years of inaction i stumbled on Lukie Games by accident. Took a look just for giggles and saw what these guys had to offer. Besides for the higher prices (which as far as my experience has been, is worth it. Items look ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS). Looks like the tray lense and cable are new (im hopeing the arm was switched out too or it might not last as long as im wishing for)! Also grabbed an extension cord for the new controller and replaced my State Of Emergency for a whole $8. As long as it withstands the test of time, i am a very happy customer! (1 complaint however, the survey after you order isnt wound up being some third party claiming to give out up to 100 dollar coupon for magazine subscriptions.....Lukie Games, i will say you need to change that set up with your contracted survey company and tell people its not your site and that we gotta sell our info to get said coupon for a magazine subscription.....only reason I'm giving a 4 star review instead of a 5 star review)
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Chicago, IL on
5 Stars
Exactly as advertised. Husband loves it now he can play all his old games that have just been collecting dust.
Reviewed by: from Oregon on
5 Stars
Verified Buyer
I bought the ps2 it plays great no problems at all love it been playing for hours
Reviewed by: from ROAN MOUNTAIN on
5 Stars
I got it a few days ago and have been playing a lot on it. I had one before I bought this and it was skipping my games and such and Felt bad but it would play my ps1 games. So I bought this and it works Great! This was so worth buy. I love it a lot and have been playing it a lot now.
Reviewed by: from Cohoes, NY on
4 Stars
Love it
So happy to have a playstation 2 back,I'm rusty because it has been years since I played,had a few minor things going on but nothing to complain about,I'm super excited to be able to play again.
Reviewed by: from McCalla on
5 Stars
Great system!
System came in great condition. Looks new and works perfect. All of my original PS2 games play with no problem!
Reviewed by: from Sebastian on
5 Stars
Best decision I ever made!
So I purchased a PS2 it came with all the pieces needed and necessary to get the system running. All my games work on the system. Now I can finally play my Guitar Hero! ??
Reviewed by: from New York on
5 Stars
Slim Sony PlayStation 2 System
Packaged very well. System works great.
Reviewed by: from Hiram, Georgia on
5 Stars
PS2 Is Great!
Just got my PS2 and it works perfectly like brand new! It reads all my game discs just fine
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from California on
2 Stars
I am very disappointed with this machine. It plays game discs but will not read Gameshark or Action replay discs. Apparently there is a software update installed and I don't know how to reset the console to default. I expected a refurbished machine that would read any PEE disc.
Reviewed by: from Ridgeway,SC on
1 Stars
Not working
I was super excited to play the ps2 slim that i had ordered but when I tried it for the first time it wasn’t reading any games. Super bummed out and I am definitely going to ask for my money back.
Reviewed by: from Texas on
5 Stars
Other than not in the original box, unit looks as good as new. Shipping was fast and everything is as good as advertised. Thanks Lukie!
Reviewed by: from USA on

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