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Sonic Riders
Sonic Riders
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Sonic Riders

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Sonic Riders teams up Sonic the Hedgehog, Tails, Knuckles and a group of new characters, in a wild new racing game. Dr. Eggman has challenged Sonic and friends to race in his World Grand Prix, and you can enter the event and try to unravel his mysterious plot. The races happen on floating boards and include tricks, fighting, and racing. You can customize your character with upgraded equipment as you race down 13 different tracks through a handful of game modes.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Sonic Riders
It's a hard game however it's still fun playing it but when it comes to learning curve it just throws you in the deepest part of the ocean.
Reviewed by: from Fitchburg on
5 Stars
just amazing
Reviewed by: from paralimni on
4 Stars
Pretty Good Game
This is a pretty good racing game.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from NC on
4 Stars
A Fun but Flawed Experience.
This game is very fun and the best Sonic Racing game hands down. It has lots f hidden mechanics to get ahead and some proper practice ensures that you'll never run out of air mid race. However, the game is kinda unforgiving. Collecting rings throughout the race will level up your racer increasing their stats. However, getting attacked or falling off the map takes away all your rings and will usually set you in last place. There is a lot of room for skill here like how front flips carry you further while back flips carry you higher. Or secret shortcuts depending on different character types (Speed, Power, and Flying). I still had a blast playing this and found every character (Save throwaways like cream and eggman's robot servants) to be completely viable. It even has unlockable Sega characters like Nights, Ulala, and Aiai along with multiple game modes like battle mode (it kinda sucks), mission mode (a great way to get better at the game). I feel like the chaos of Sonic levels really played well with this game to create some really fun tracks. Although some characters are clearly better on certain tracks with Eggman being unplayable on most levels due to his high air consumption. Great game, I'm so close to 100% completing it.
Reviewed by: from 1665 W. Sunset Ave. on
5 Stars
Sonic Riders
First time purchase through lukie games and i must say though the items came a little late i still recieved them. This one was in perfect working condition along with having no defaults of any kind. amazing customer service and i am very pleased with the price. I dont think i could have gotten a better deal any where else.
Reviewed by: from Wisconsin on
2 Stars
I don't really like this game. It is annoying with the constant having refuel your board. If you want the better version get Sonic riders zero gravity.
Reviewed by: from Orlando on
5 Stars
Great game
Reviewed by: from Canada on

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