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Star Tropics
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Star Tropics

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Star Tropics original NES Nintendo Game cartridge only - Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

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Action & Adventure


Nintendo NES


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
One of my favorites!
I loved playing this as a kid and its still awesome today. Great game!
Reviewed by: from Miami on
5 Stars
Great game
Received game in perfect condition. Gameplay is great.
Reviewed by: from Lively, Ontario, Canada on
5 Stars
It also has plot twist after plot twist, especially in the last three chapters of the game, and it branches off in directions you'd never imagine. Highest possible recommendation! Classic NES game. Great condition
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Dothan, AL on
5 Stars
Star Tropics
Excellent game. Very addicting, great music. Definitely recommend
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from St John's on
4 Stars
It's Zelda...with a Yoyo
If you just couldn't get enough of The Legend of Zelda in the early 90s, StarTropics was the game for you! This game quite frequently draws comparisons between itself and TLOZ, and for good reason - the production teams were virtually identical. StarTropics shares several elements with TLOZ, including the classic top-down style, and the action battling...but, with a yoyo, instead of the Master Sword.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Morgantown, WV on
5 Stars
star tropics
Order was on time and cartridge works great.
Reviewed by: from St. Andrews MB on
5 Stars
Unique Zelda-style adventure
This is a unique, Zelda-style game for NES. Not as well known as Zelda, but excellent!
Reviewed by: from Louisville, KY on
5 Stars
A classic hungering for a remake.
I first played this game back in 1993 after a friend at school gave me his copy. My dad and I spent many hours on it but never beat it. The game shares some elements of Legend of Zelda and was, incidentally, created by the same team that created that classic title. The story centers on Mike Jones, a typical teenager from Washington, who receives an invitation to visit his arcaeologist uncle on the island where he lives. So Mike flies there only to learn from the locals that his uncle has been abducted. So he sets off on a quest to rescue him, armed at first only with a yo-yo. Perhaps the biggest complaint with this game is the controls, particularly in the action sequences. They tend to be a bit stiff, which can sometimes make it hard to get out of the way of an enemy. So you might find yourself cursing at the controls sometimes after you die. Gameplay wise it features two modes. The exploration mode takes place in towns, where you can talk to people but can't make use of your weapon. Then you have the action sequences where you need to run and jump and fight your way to victory, making use of not just your yo-yo but a variety of other weapons, a few of which will only function when your life meter, measured in hearts just like Link's, is at a certain level. At the end of most dungeons is a boss monster that must be defeated, ranging in type from a fire-breathing snake to a monstrous lava beast to a giant ghost. One of the game's highest points is its soundtrack which, though not very varied, is still excellent. Most if not all the tunes will get pleasantly stuck in your head. The sound effects are pretty much your standard NES fare for enemies getting damaged and dying. They're still pretty cool though. In fact my only real complaint with the audio is the high-pitched squeak that plays when Mike's health becomes critically low. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't play everytime Mike jumped or used his weapon, but I suppose it makes sense if you think of it as Mike paying for the action with pain. As annoying as it can be it's not nearly so annoying as the constant beeping in Zelda or the sound they used in the second Star Tropics for the same situation. All in all this is an excellent game that deserves a place in any NES owner's collection. A word of warning though, be sure you either have access to the game manual or to a walkthrough on the net, otherwise you won't know a certain code that's quite necessary to completing the game.
Reviewed by: from Twin Falls, Idaho on
5 Stars
Star Tropics
This is a very underated game for the NES, it plays a lot like Legend of Zelda but is much more linear, but if you enjoye that classic there is no reason why you would not enjoy this.
Reviewed by: from Chicago on

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