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Starfox Adventures
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Starfox Adventures

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Eight years on from the defeat of Andross chronicled in Star Fox 64, meet the Star Fox team members in their new roles: Slippy in Weapon Tech Development, supplying Fox with the latest gadgets and equipment; Peppy in Mission Support, always on hand to give directions; and Rob The Robot, supervising the mission in case you ever need extra supplies. Step out of Fox's Arwing and explore a vast, 3-D world lush in forestry, animals, puzzles and adventure.

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Action & Adventure


Nintendo Gamecube


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

3 Stars
Lukie games always does a great job with shipping and are pretty good on prices. This game is different than other Star Fox games. They took the unreleased Animal Planet and slapped Fox into the storyline and turned it into a GC title. The graphics are awesome. The gameplay is alright. The controls are good. The dialogue and voice acting is horrible. The story is crap and it's all over the place. The different mechanics are not really consistent. The music is dumb. I also felt the game was too long. However the game was fun and I'm still glad I bought it.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Kansas on
5 Stars
Memory Lane
I haven’t played this game in years.Prodcut came in the mail like brand new!
Reviewed by: from Minnesota on
4 Stars
Starfox Adventures
Even though this game is not a starfox game in the traditional sense it is still very well made and a lot of fun as an adventure game.
Reviewed by: from Lewisville, TX on
5 Stars
Awesome game, excellent condition! Will buy from Lukie games again!
Reviewed by: from corpus Christi, tx on
2 Stars
All Out of Fox to Give
I started playing this game thinking it was alright. It felt like a Zelda approach to Starfox, and I was okay with that. Then I continued playing. Krystal is the epitome of poorly made female characters. After one level, she gets captured and it's up to Fox to fix everything. Movement is slow, combat is slow, and everything else is slow too. As the game progresses, you end up fighting the controls to even play. For example, in first person mode or in any shooting segments, the reticle automatically moves to the center of the screen when no direction is input, making these parts twice as difficult. The most enjoyable parts of this game are the transition segments between levels which take inspiration from the original game, but even then you just have to fly your Arwing in a straight line through a set number of hoops. There's also an Andross battle at the end that was basically ripped straight from Starfox 64. This game is not good. It should not even be used as an introduction to the series.
Reviewed by: from Florida on
5 Stars
amzing service
We ordered starfox from here the service was great and we received our game in a very timely manner..which FYI my son could not wait for..thank you very much lukie games..and if I ever need another one I will be using u again...and I would be happy to refer your company to all my friends...thank u
Reviewed by: from cornwall on
5 Stars
Great family Game
Great family Game!
Reviewed by: from clarksville on
3 Stars
Not a true tarfox
This is not at all like starfox 64. It's very different. But it's fun in it's own way.
Reviewed by: from Quebec on
5 Stars
on of the
best game ever made on gamecube
Reviewed by: from canada on
5 Stars
This is a great game.Idont think that pro gamers willfinish this in 2 or 3 hours? need more of this kind of games.Thanks Lukie Games
Reviewed by: from nv on
5 Stars
StarFox Adventures
This is certainly a great game, arrived fast and has beautiful graphics, one of the best games ever!
Reviewed by: from Brazil on

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