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Street Fighter Alpha 2
Street Fighter Alpha 2
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Street Fighter Alpha 2

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The bad boys from the Street Fighter series are back for more fisticuffs of fury! Street Fighter Alpha 2 ups the ante on the prequel to the Street Fighter saga with 18 fighters and several new options, including high and low Alpha counters as well as more moves and combos for each character. Screamin' moves like Ken's Dragon Punch, Adon's Jaguar Tooth and M. Bison's Somersault Skull Driver will blow you away! Play alone or pummel a friend in two-player simultaneous action. This ain't no cakewalk.

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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
illest fighter on the console
It's the best fighter on the console. It was my first introduction to anime-style art and first fighter. It would have been cool if they released the gold version that included guile, dee-jay etc. My favorite game for the system besides Megaman X and 7.
Reviewed by: from Milwaukee WI on
4 Stars
Possibly the best looking game ever on SNES. Unfortunately, it came out when most had moved on
At the time this game came out, I had kind of passed my phase of being into Street Fighter 2. To be honest, the only thing that really appealed to me about Super Street Fighter 2 was the Group battle/ tournament mode. Unlike any of the other Street fighter 2 titles released on SNES, I wasn't even aware it was coming out. I had already moved on to sports games on Play Station. I only found out about it when I saw my Gf's little brother playing it. I remember being blown away by the quality of graphics on considering it was an SNES. This game looks better and moves faster than ANY of the other SNES titles. The game is more challenging and has different layers to master (understanding combos is absolutely essential in this game). The game came out when not a lot of people were still playing the SNES. I dont think it came out on any other console either- which is bizarre.
Reviewed by: from California on
5 Stars
Vale cada centavo.
Otimo game só isso, a compra pela lukiegames foi rapida uma dica só compre um ou dois games por vez.
Reviewed by: from Brazil on
5 Stars
Unique Street Fighter Game
This game is quite different from the other games before it in the series. It has really cool charachters, graphics, and cool combos. It's a fun game to play.
Reviewed by: from Ft. Payne, AL on

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