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Stuntman Ignition
Stuntman Ignition
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Stuntman Ignition

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Stuntman Ignition Sony Playstation 2 Game

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Playstation 2


NTSC (N. America)



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2 Stars
That's a Rap
I put this game down before and gave it a bad name and now that i'm older my opinion hasn't changed that much. The first stuntman is nearly a perfect game what a true classic that one is, however this game has very little pros with a lot of cons, The things i like about this game are the load times are very fast and quick i don't mean compared to the first SM game where they were slow i mean in general, The other goods are there are a lot of extra side jobs & missions you can take on that you could not do in the first game know i like that touch. Now for the bad and that's 80% of the game,First of all there are more then 3 major problems wrong with this game but i will just pinpoint my top 3 cons i beat this game just like the first one but no matter how hard i try i still could not get five star ratings your supposed to string combos together without breaking the chain but even when i do it right the game still won't give me the five stars they should have just left out the stupid combo chain and kept it like the first game. 2.This game to me is harder and there where times i would try to switch it to easy mode in between some of the later stages just to get through this darn game for the sake of beating it however when i switch it to easy the game became harder then before and i did not receive any stars,i think the game has easy mixed up with hard mode. 3.And last is once again the original stuntman have these cool movie trailer's you unlock once you beat that stage and you could see your in game driving in the movie trailer cool right, Well i don't know if it's like this on the ps3 or 360 versions, But in the ps2 version of the game you can unlock the movie trailer's nice but now you can't see your in game driving in the movie trailer's like before, What Gives.People either like this Sm game or the first Sm game, rarely does anyone like both games. So whatever stunt you pick make sure your the right man for the job as these games aren't for everyone. Thank you
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