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Suikoden Sony Playstation Game

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Playstation 1


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Nervous with first purchase
This site was brand new too me but I saw Suikoden for a great price so I risked it. Received the game today and I was beyond happy with my purchase. The case was in pretty decent shape, the manual was there and the game was immaculate. The prices can very on this site but I will be scouring constantly.
Reviewed by: from Michigan on
4 Stars
A Classic in Every Sense
This was one of the first RPGs I played on PlayStation as a teenager. The great thing about this game is that it moves at a very brisk, concise, almost elegant pace. You can literally finish it within a couple of afternoons. That's not to say that it's a bad thing, because you get really engrossed in the story and characters. It still stands up today, as being quite fast paced, playable, and engrossing. It's pretty standard when it comes to the RPGs trimmings, but it's got some unique aspects that set it apart - 6 man parties, very fast paced battles, and rock-paper-scissors style war battles. If you enjoy stories that pack an emotional punch, fantastic music to go with it, and are looking for something to kill a couple of afternoons, you need not look any further.
Reviewed by: from Calgary on
5 Stars
One of playstation's finest
Suikoden is one of the best jrpg series of all time. Join the rebellion against a corrupt empire and use the soul eater rune to crush your enemies. You will need to collect/recuit 108 stars of destiny to attain the best ending in the game and build the best rebel base possible. All in all it is a 25+ hour game and you will want to start suikoden 2 right after playing this game.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Guelph, Ontario on
5 Stars
Received just in time for christmas! Love your services lukie! thank you for brigning joy into our family!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Canada on
5 Stars
Suikoden - A true PS1 Gem
So you have a playstation, and you ask "What are the greatest RPG's for this awesome system?". Most people will answer with "Final Fantasy VII", "Final Fantasy VII", and "Final Fantasy VII". Not to bury Final Fantasy under the ground - it's an excellent game - but not many people looked beyond the Final Fantasy games as far as RPG's were concerned for the PS1. Then there are some people who will say "Go to Suikoden". And they would be right to recommend so. Suikoden for the playstation is an underrated RPG that all fans of the genre MUST play at least once. It's a perfect balance of story, gameplay, innovation, and presentation overall. You play as a young boy who is the son of a great general of the Scarlet Moon Empire. You do errands for the Empire, until eventually you see the corruption within the ranks. It is then up to you, to unify rebels across the land, build an army, and fight the Empire. Storywise, Suikoden is excellent. You will be engaged heavily in the plot, and feel somewhat connected to most of the characters you encounter. Gameplay is partially typical roleplaying style. You can have a party of up to 6 characters to fight turn based battles. Standard, basic, but it works and it's fun! Eventually however you find an HQ where you can recruit various characters from all over the world, to fight in your turn based battles, which also include army and duel encounters. Army battles basically wage rock-paper-scissor conflict until one side loses its entire forces. Duels are basically the same way, one versus one action, rock paper scissors. It's easy to figure out eventually when to use certain moves, so although there isn't much depth to these, but they are entertaining at times and do add flavor to the game. The Music is also fantastic. From Gregminster onward, you will more than likely enjoy the unique soundtrack of this game. Overall, fans of the RPG genre should pick this game up. It's unique, fun, and ambitious. 5 Stars.
Reviewed by: from Mount Pearl on

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