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Super Ninja Boy
Super Ninja Boy
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Super Ninja Boy

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Super Ninja Boy SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work! 

A peaceful life in quiet Chinaland was suddenly thrown into disaster after the Universal Peace Conference was over. The Emperor's concerns kept growing until Jack and Ryu decided to go out and settle the problem. The places they visited during their expedition were: Chinaland, Mysteryland, Fairyland and Futureland. The more they advanced, the more suspenseful it became. What they found out was a devastating plot. There are loads of exciting action, cool items, neat vehicles, great attacks and magic spells available. They are all yours to blow adversaries out of the way of the once peaceful Chinaland.

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Customer Reviews

4 Stars
Super Ninja Boy
The main reason I bought this game is because this RPG as coop elements and is played into a world where japanese mythos are part of your daily challenges. The gameplay is interesting or, if you prefer, different from what we are accustomed to and the game seems pretty hard. And then again, the story is absurd if not funny. You play it, you make your own mind on it. For my part, it is a must have. Kind of a hidden gem of the SNES .
Reviewed by: from Quebec on
5 Stars
Easy to pick up and play!
One of the few Rpg's that has co-op if your into that. It plays like a final fantasy snes title but the battle system is in real time. This action RPG is a hidden gem for sure.
Reviewed by: from Toronto on
5 Stars
Super Ninja Boy
Coming from NES, Super Ninja Boy decided to make it's leap to SNES. The gameplay feels altered however. You still run around and face random encounters but the combat is more of a sidescrolling beat em up rather then a top down perspective from the other game. The music is recognizable and you still level up. This game is at it's best when playing 2 Players as was the other title. My one complaint is it still uses the password system rather then a battery feature save file. Highly recommend this RPG game to add to your library.
Reviewed by: from Sudbury Ontario on
4 Stars
Cool Coop RPG
This is one of the rare coop RPG. Pretty cool game. When you play with a friend, you will never get in the situation where you must wait for your partner to level-up, because you went up level faster. Levels are shared, you both got the same Exp and Stats. It is tough, but it's really funny, lot of diversity in there. Most fight are Double Dragon style, but some major boss fight a Final Fantasy style. World map is Final Fantasy style, as well as most dungeons. But there are Platform style moments, that's mostly where it gets tough, but you can almost always get out of that situation with a Dragon Egg, which makes you fly (riding a dragon) for a short while. Excellent game to play with a friend.
Reviewed by: from Joliette, Québec on

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