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Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi
Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi
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Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi

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Super Star Wars Return of the Jedi SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

Join the Rebellion and crush the Death Star in a giant 16-meg universe filled with all the action and adventure of the Star Wars® finale. The command of five different characters-- from Wicket the Ewok to Princess Leia--and go up against the Empire's worst, from Jabba the Hutt to the Emperor himself! This is it! You're going to need every ounce of Force you're got in you. Battle in actual movie locales, from Jabba the Hutt's palace to the Forest of Endor and the Emperor's Tower. Duel sabers with the darkest of the dark side: Bib Fortuna, Jabba the Hutt, the rancor, Darth Vader and the Emperor.

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Action & Adventure


Super Nintendo


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
A really cool game, haven't had the time to play very long but seems like a fun game that will definitely take away the COVID blues.
Reviewed by: from Weymouth on
5 Stars
The force is strong with this one
Ive bought the entire star wars series from Lukiegames and all 3 worked like a charm the first time. I clean all the contacts on cart games myself but lukie must do this as they are always looking great when they arrive and work right out the package. This is the best site for retro games and if a game isnt in you can hit notify when available. Ive done this for a different game and what do you know less then a week later boom they had it and i got it. Couldnt be more pleased with LukieGames. Ive made 3 big lot purchases so far and looking forward to more. Thanks Obi Wan Shinobi
Reviewed by: from Canada on
5 Stars
The trilogy is complete!
This is still one of the best games I have ever played in my 30+ years. Always fun to replay and challenging enough to make you sweat!
Reviewed by: from Yardley, PA on
5 Stars
Great game for any fan of the originals!!! Fast shipping 100% happy, thanks
Reviewed by: from Deerridge, MN on
5 Stars
Unique part of the trilogy
For me the star wars trilogy is a must have for the snes. Although this one is not the hardest of the three (except for the death star escape which will blow your mind). It is definitely a great game!
Reviewed by: from Ontario, Canada on
4 Stars
SNES Super Return Of The Jedi
Ive not had a grat deal of time with this game yet, bt it promises to be another great game in this Super Star Wars series. Game play so far is fun and challenging. Buy it with confidence.
Reviewed by: from Roxboro, NC on
5 Stars
A bangup conclusion
I was sad to see the SNES saga come to an end, but of course it had to. The final installment is just as good, and incredibly challenging i might add, as its predecessors. Now, Luke, Chewbacca and Leia must rescue Han Solo from the clutches of the vile Jaba the Hutt. Even if they succeed, however, they must then prepare for the final battle with te Empire, a confrontation that will decide the fate of the galaxy. Luke Skywalker, Jedi apprentice, must also face his own trials, for Darth Vader, aided now by the Emperor himself, seeks to tur the young man to the dark side of the force. Gameplay wise it's muuch te same as the prior games, the main diffeence tat dring non veicle stages you will often have the option of choosing from several different characters to play with, even including Wicket the Ewok. Each character has their own weaknesses as well as their own set of special abilities. Luke, of course, now has his full set of force powers as well as his Lightsaber. Sound wise the SFX are in large part the same as the prior games. There area small number of voice clips, mainly a few quotes from Admiral Akbar and the Emperor's laugh. The music, again directly from the movie, is extremely well presented here. All in all this game is a fine conclusion to the Star Wars saga. Allt ree are incredibly tough but I like the challenge. It beats many of today's games by a long shot.
Reviewed by: from Twin Falls, Idaho on
5 Stars
Great Star Wars Action
Each of the Super Star Wars game got better then the one before it. This is the best in the series!
Reviewed by: from Iowa on

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