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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Highly Recommended

4/3/2020 by Bill
I would highly recommend Lukie games. When I am looking for games or for game equipment, I start with Lukie. They have a very wide selection, but it is easy to find products using the website. They have reasonable prices. Purchases from Lukie arrive quickly. And they have high quality merchandise. I have never been disappointed with a purchase.


3/30/2020 by Sam
I have been buying games and consoles from lukie games and I haven't been disappointed, I love shopping on there,the prices are low and the items of good quality

Thank you Lukie Family

3/27/2020 by Rachelle
Lukie Games was an awesome place to find games. They have a wide selection of games for the Nintendo 64 as well as other consoles. The website is easy to navigate and the prices are very reasonable!

Highly Recommended

3/25/2020 by Buyer
I know for a fact that you would most definitely love to shop for items from Lukie Games because I have been utmost satisfied with the experience and service provided. I have also received the most utmost respect.


3/23/2020 by Buyer
Lukie rewards program is really nice. You get points on your purchases and then you can redeem them for games. Best part everything was free! Lukie is my go to for vintage games.

Thank you Lukie family

3/20/2020 by Yoda
I would, definitely, recommend Lukie Games over GameStop because Lukie has a better selection of games at much lower prices. I was able to get 10 more games for my nephew's birthday than I budgeted for because I discovered Lukie's website.

You guys are awesome!!

3/18/2020 by LaShun
I was pleasantly surprised at the price of gameboy advance and psp games! The selection is great and you can be put on a waiting list for games and consoles. This is where to shop for good, quality consoles and games.

You guys are awesome!!

3/16/2020 by Larry
I loved it! Great items in stock! Awesome prices! Respectful and kind happy going customer service!

The place to be!

3/13/2020 by Janessia
I thought it was pretty awesome that I was not only able to find what I was looking for, but I was able to get it at a really good price. I love the amazing variety of games on the site, the fair prices, and will continue to shop from the site in the future. Anyone who is looking for a game (especially more retro ones, like I usually am) should use this site to do so.

Thank you Lukie Family

3/11/2020 by Nathan
This was my first purchase using Lukie games. I'm primarily using it to start collecting games for older systems I missed out on from previous generations of consoles and handhelds. There were many options, and I loved how you could get the original cases. A lot of other places that sell used games might just send your games in a cheap sleeve or jewel CD case. I look forward to ordering more PSP, PS1, PS2, and PS3 games from Lukie Games. Very excellent service thus far.

Gamer's heaven

3/9/2020 by Saba
This site is a gamers heaven! If your looking for classics or rare games that you can't find in your local game store Lukie games have it. I highly recommend them.

Great service

3/6/2020 by Kim
I would and have recommended Lukie Games. The prices are the best. Quality is very good. Delivery is prompt.

Love you guys!

3/4/2020 by Breanna
I’m really surprised at the selection Lukie Games has and the incredible pricing and amazing deals. Definitely buying all of my future games from this site.

A great experience

3/2/2020 by Buyer
Lukie Games is awesome and has the largest selection of games from various consoles. It’s always hard to find PS2 games but Lukie has them all. I would definitely recommend using them and their deal for shipping is sweet. The games get here fast and work well!


2/28/2020 by James
I love the fact that I can browse and find vintage game titles. Lukie games is most definitely one of a kind great selections and prices! I'm a big fan since discovering them thanks for your service and dedication true value at great prices.

I love Lukie Games

2/26/2020 by Buyer
I love Lukie Games. They have always had a wide selection of games, consoles, and accessories to choosw from. The prices are reasonable and they ship fast to you. I would highly recommend them to anyone who is a gamer or just looking to get some fun stuff from there.

More than just games

2/24/2020 by Kirsten
I love the availability of all old gaming systems and their extras! Like the guns, steering wheels etc. and SO many game options!

Great experience

2/21/2020 by Sam
Lukie games has an amazing selection, a very well-built website. It ships fast, and I'd never go anywhere else to shop for games

Amazing company

2/19/2020 by Buyer
I love this company. Great customer service, great games (in good condition), and great prices. This company is perfect. I'll highly recommend this company! And I will definitely buy more games from this company!

Thank you Lukie Family

2/17/2020 by Buyer
I think this place is great! It has given me a second chance to play all the games that I couldn't when I was much younger. They have all the games that I'm looking for and at such reasonable price as well too! Everything is so well organized and easy to find from old systems, various games to accessories. I can't wait to let my family and friends know about this little hidden gem of a website I found. Keep up the work everyone your doing great!

Love you guys!

2/14/2020 by Buyer
Lukie games is a fantastic online retailer for video games. While some of the prices can get a little higher than others, the quality of products, selection of titles, and overall user experience make it more than worth everything. I'd wholeheartedly recommend them to every one.

You guys are awesome!!

2/12/2020 by Al
Lukie Games is a quick and easy place to shop for video game products of all types. I would recommend all.

Brings back memories

2/10/2020 by Danielle
Lukie games made it easy to find the type of game for my specific console. They have so many much variety it’s like being a kid again.


2/7/2020 by Robin
I highly recommend Lukie Games, especially if you're looking for anything retro or rare gaming wise. I shop with them a lot and I've never been disappointed in any aspect whether its pricing, shipping, or returns.

Arrived in immaculate condition

1/20/2019 by Brandon H
Lukie has once again left me speechless. Trust me, I’ve ordered from here numerous times. Lukie is the place to go for retro systems and games and even some current gen ones as well.

Best Bet for Retro Games

1/20/2019 by Darrius H
Game was ship to my house quick I’ve enjoyed the game so far definitely will be ordering from here again. Your best bet to find game that are no longer in stores or any classic retro games this is the place quick and easy and the game selection is off the charts.

Made the switch to Lukie Games

9/25/2018 by Caleb L.
Your employee Juan has given me the utmost satisfaction within the parameters of customer support and time to respond to my emails, he was very kind and helpful to the point of which i feel comfortable asking lukiegames for help on all of my shipments and orders from your site, i have made a switch and cut my Game-stop Pro membership card in half and cancelled the membership, i will now only be shopping for my games fix at lukiegames.
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