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Free Shipping on all Orders over $25
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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Look to Lukie First!

12/22/2021 by Jason
The selection and pricing that Lukie offers in combination with the limited warranty and good customer service make it a great and solid option for Retro Gaming purchasing, I always look to Lukie 1st before buying a title for pricing and availability, because who would want to overpay?

Always Buy From Lukie!

12/18/2021 by Ed
My wife and I, always buy our video games from Lukie. We have always been very satisfied. We never had any issues with the games we purchased.

My Go To for Gaming!

12/17/2021 by D316
Lukie Games is my go to for retro games. I always find what I'm looking for and get it at a great price.

Lukie Customer for Years

12/16/2021 by Kali Rose
I've been familiar with Lukie Games for years since I was around the age of 19, I am now 27 and I still love and appreciate this site. Lukie Games lets me relive that Nostalgic part of my past. My old PS1 got lost over the years. I got tired of looking at YouTube videos to listen to that old start-up sound that I remembered and found this website. I purchased a PS1 and all the games I remember playing as a kid. This website has been a friend to me ever since.

Fast Arrival, Great Condition

12/10/2021 by Roxie
I have purchased from lukie games numerous times. Have always had products arrive fast and everything always is in great condition. My dad recommended them as this was the only place he found Kickle Cubicle for nes and i have loved them ever since. Thank you

Early Delivery and Awesome Support!

12/9/2021 by 41tomja
Absolutely love Lukie Games! Just recommended them to my brother. Always early delivery and awesome and immediate customer support. My new game, nba street vol. 2 for PS2 works perfectly! So much fun!

Everything I Was Looking For

12/5/2021 by Shanny
Very great experience. The site was easy to use, had everything I was looking for, and my items are getting shipped in an excellent amount of time.

Enjoyable Experience!

12/4/2021 by troysback
I enjoyed my experience and the great prices and selections you choose from. I would definitely use this link again for more purchases for myself and for gifts. My kids will enjoy their gifts. I have enjoyed all the other times and was satisfied with my purchasing prices

High Quality!

12/3/2021 by Joc
Website is set up for easy shopping, HIGH quality products, and shipped to me and delivered faster than expected! This is my second purchase from Lukie games, I was very satisfied both times, and I'll be back! Thank you!

Games at a Great Price

12/1/2021 by StarChild
Found games at a great price on a system I have a hard time finding games for. I am absolutely recommending this site to all my friends and family. We all enjoy retro consoles and parts are hard to find. This site is clear and easy to use and has all those hard to find accessories.

Easy Buying Experience

11/27/2021 by Cristina
I was looking for a specific game, Lukie had it in stock and the price was reasonable. I had no issues ordering the game- it was pretty and easy. Lukie provided tracking and that was great and up to date. The product arrived early and it appears to be everything that was described.

Quality Products

11/24/2021 by Adam
Lukie Games is a great place to go if you are looking for any retro gaming supplies. You can find consoles, games, and accessories too. I have only ever received quality products from Lukie Games.

100% Happy With Purchase!

11/21/2021 by Xero_Cool_420
The order shipped in a timely fashion and I was able to track it the entire route. The parcel arrived in good condition in a bubble wrap mailer. The game itself is probably the mintiest retro game I’ve ever seen. The book and disc were in pristine condition. The case had one sticker on it that was easily removed. I’m 100% happy /w my purchase and would buy from Lukie Games again

Will Definitely Be Back

11/19/2021 by New to gaming
I highly recommend Lukie Games. Lukie was referred to me. I was trying to find an N64 game for my boyfriend that I could not find anywhere else. It was easy to search on the site, and everything was so quick and simple! I will definitely come back when we buy more games.

Other websites are no match for Lukie!

11/17/2021 by BigC
I'm going to use this website for now on, any other website is no match. Love how quick and easy it is to buy games. Shipping came the day before it was supposed to be here. Would recommend this website to everyone and anyone that loves video games.

Simple & Easy Experience

11/14/2021 by Online Shopper
My experience is always easy and simple. The quality of product is high. Processing is efficient. And I’m always happy with the result. I love that I can get the games of my childhood that both work(!) and don’t brake the bank

Absolute Best!

11/12/2021 by Spoondebloom42
When looking for older gaming gems, Lukie Games is the absolute best place to shop! You won’t have to break your bank to buy the games you want, as you can buy all the games you want for a fantastic price, and guaranteed no hassle returns if one or more of the games don’t work. The customer service is excellent and I highly recommend anyone and everyone to purchase from Lukie Games

90 Day Returns!

11/11/2021 by LyNx
Lukie Games has all the games that my local game shop doesn’t. They’re prices were good, which is why I chose them. I also like how they have a 90 day return policy in case there are any issues with the product that they sold. Overall I’m super happy with my purchase and I can’t wait to play the games I purchased.

Easy way to order games

11/8/2021 by Tan1977
Lukie games is an easy online way of ordering video games of your specific gaming system. With a variety of selections and an unbeatable price, with no shipping charge, this is to good to pass up. I will be shopping at lukies for future games, to give for gift ideas or just to have an online exciting experience in the world of gaming.

LukieGames brought my childhood back!

11/5/2021 by ThatWoWGuy97
So my fiancé bought me the original Xbox for me for Valentine’s Day. It is so hard trying to find the games of my childhood. I heard about Lukiegames and instantly started looking at the best games of my childhood. The amount of games on this website is insane. Such a variety and at an amazing price. So many classics to pick from. The whole website is designed perfectly and is easy to browse. A huge thanks to lukiegames for bringing back my childhood!

So Many Games

11/3/2021 by Dj
I came to buy NFL 2k5(best football game of all time). And just browsing through the games they had just brought nostalgia. So many games I wanted to buy cause they got a lot. This been the most straight forward site I been on to find games. Definitely 5 stars!

Recommend to all Gamers

11/2/2021 by Dooly
Lukie Games is the most trust worthy vendor I have ever seen for all retro games you can not find in stores. This site gives you the option to get complete editions for all games available. It amazes me everything is in great condition. I recommend to all collectors and gamers to use this site when available.

Fantastic Customer Service

10/29/2021 by Strumlover
Lukie has a very easy site to navigate, very user friendly. If they don't currently have what you're looking for, they'll let you know when they do have it. They always offer sales, both new AND used options, fantastic customer service.

Had everything I wanted & then some!

10/27/2021 by Eric
I found Lukie Games while looking for vintage games. Iwas really amazed by their selection. I had to restrain myself since they had everything I wanted and some!I will be recommending thise site and also do some more shopping in the near future

Easy to Navigate! Great Prices!

10/24/2021 by ew4ever
Lukie Games has an easy to navigate site and great prices. They let me choose how I want to purchase a game, whether it be a disc only or complete in box game. The times I have ordered from them, I always get an almost pristine disc and the box and manual have been in very good condition. I could not recommend Lukie Games highly enough, it's a great place to purchase all of your retro gaming needs.

Very Happy!

10/21/2021 by FluffyWuffyKins
Well I just ordered one game at first because it was a game that I missed dearly, and it came very fast to me and surprised me thoroughly! I started playing the game a bit after it arrived which was luigi's mansion for gamecube and it worked! No scratches or anything so it made me very happy! I am definitely going to order more from here and I would recommend this site!

Would Definitely Buy From Lukie's Again!

10/21/2021 by Ollie
I was looking for this older game that I used to play when I was younger for the PS2 and everywhere I could find it, it was selling for a crazy amount of money. Luckily I was able to fine it on here for only $25! The product was great, everything was in the case and the disc was completely fine, no scratches and plays perfectly. The shipping was also relatively quick! I was very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely buy from here again.

Awesome Service

10/17/2021 by Punahele M
Very fast shipping, perfect selection of games, awesome service all the way around, 10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting great retro games

Best Place Ever

10/16/2021 by Metalhead1986
This place has everything!!!!! I have purchased before and item are in amazing condition. Prices are very reasonable and website is easy to navigate. Highly recommend.

Best I have Ever Found Online!

10/14/2021 by Thmbward
The selection of games and the prices that Lukie Games offers is the best I have ever found online. Will be buying from them very soon in the future!

Exactly What I Was Looking For!

10/11/2021 by Gerrs1992
I am a big fan of older games that are hard to find. Lukie Games had exactly what I was looking for after I spent a long time searching other places. They had exactly what I wanted, at a good price, and it was easy to find. Lukie Games is the go-to from now on!

Your Best Bet!

10/7/2021 by Brian Burke
If you're in the market for retro games and don't wanna travel super far to a store an hour away or so to get them, I'd say Lukie games is your best bet! Very honest and great people over there!

Love Buying From Lukie Games

10/6/2021 by TBLKucherovFan
I love buying from Lukie Games because of the great prices,great selection,and ability to purchase free games through points;they are truly the best and always my go-to place whenever I want to try old school games :)

Save Money

10/5/2021 by Sebas
I really like your guys offers and deals you guys have. I really do save money when buying stuff from you guys. I bought some guys a long while back and have loved them ever since thank you guys so much!

I Recommend Lukie Games

10/2/2021 by Coot
I bought two games; Dead Space and Sonic the Hedgehog. Both games came early according to the projected delivery date, and were in near mint condition. I would recommend Lukie Games simply for availability, affordability, and reliability
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