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Lukie games has always had a huge selection of games and everything I get is usually all legit and the shipping doesn’t take long at all very good company . I don’t have any cons
Sum it up all in one word...... excellent
I found what I was looking for super quick, as always, and the discounts on them made the decision to grab them easy. The recommended portion also gave me quick access to the second product I was looking for without having to look for it. Purchasing
I absolutely love Lukie games it's an amazing website with a ton of video games for a gamer like myself everything seems to in order and well organized and this website definitely deserves more social status I will be recommending my friends here tha
Brought back many memories. Great condition. I appreciate all the disks being cleaned. Thanks. Crazy to think these old games still hold up!
I love this site... I am a lover of retro and old games (favorites gotta be GameCube era) and this website is more than perfect for me.. ordered from Lukie multiple times now and am extremely satisfied with my purchases. Super happy and got some grea
The experience I get from you guys brings me back for all my game needs if it sells you guys got it for cheaper than anyone else and have been the most reliable service for games.
My overall experience on the website was great. Very user friendly and easy to navigate. I was able to find exactly what I was looking for with no hassle. I will definitely be purchasing again from this platform. Check out was also super easy and fas
I’m a huge gamer! I love the next gen games and console but my heart is really into the retro games and console’s I grew up with! I still play them regularly. I have a collection in my video game room. I love your selection of retro games console’s!
Highly trust Lukie Games, everything I have ever ordered has been great quality and clean.
The site was easy to use, and the checkout process was very simple. I like that shipping is free for orders over $25, and I appreciate the low prices
I got my order in a short amount of time! The people at Lukie Games were very nice & helped me & answered my questions with kindness & courtesy to me! I will definitely order from them again!
Lukie games is outstanding, from the selection to the quality its all perfect and the prices cant be beat, i will definitely tell everyone about Lukie games! I have ordered many items from Lukie games including controllers, ps1,ps2,n64 games and will
LukieGames has always been my go to when it comes to buying retro games, consoles, or accessories. The prices are incredibly good. And the shipping, handling, and care of all the products is amazing as well. Everything is just perfectly great! Also b
This site is awesome. Lukie Games has just about anything you would be in the market for, from old retro games/systems, to more modern and recent. Prices are the best around in my opinion and very reasonable. I will definitely be purchasing more prod
I enjoy your selection of vintage games and the quality they are in. I have shopped with Lukie for several years and never had an issue.
Great prices and its fast and easy to set up an account, put together lists and buy games. Looking forward to getting the games and buying more in the future.
My purchase was a huge success! Not only did they have the game in stock, let alone a Gradius game which is very hard to find, the game came in perfect condition! Not a scratch, not a scuff mark, nor a single yellow fade on the cartridge can be found
I've been very impressed with the professionalism of LukieGames! My experience has been nothing but great. I will continue to use in the future. Thanks!
I spent weeks on both Amazon, Ebay, and WhatNot looking for used PSP games. Then I randomly decided to go to Google and start searching for other resources, and Lukie popped up. You had so much more inventory than the other places, at reasonable pric
Great prices for great games! New and old! Even consoles are on here and I love it! Definitely will recommend.
This was my first time ordering from this website and everything went very smoothly. I appreciate that you can order without making an account although after this experience, I will definitely make one (:
I am very very satisfied with Lukie games they never disappoint me
Everything about Lukie games is good especially having all these retro items and consoles available to purchase which are rare to find. I give a big thumbs up and 5 star rating and will continue to purchasing from here :)
I purchased 2 games from Lukie games and it was the easiest thing I could imagine! The ease of adding products to my cart, and searching for certain games by system was a breeze. I will most certainly come back and purchase more!!
Love the amount of games you carry for different consoles I have multiple systems so it's great to get all my games in same site. I have also purchased a system in the past and it works great!
It was pretty nice finding a website that is for classic games and such. I will Definitely be coming back to this website to buy a ton of other stuff. Finding what I wanted was very easy, at such a good price too. That goes for everything else on the
My son wanted an older game that I was having a hard time finding. I came across Lukie Games really by accident and they had exactly what I wanted. Ordering on the website was easy and my order arrived in the time frame I needed it to for my son’s bi
My boyfriend really recommended this site for games and accessories and it hasn't let me down! My new go-to game store!!! Gamestop who?! You guys have way more than they EVER have and on time delivery!!!! Love you guys.
I'm so happy that I found a website that I can order all the games I need without going through the big name companies! I'm so glad they still carry Wii games!
Fantastic source for finding affordable older video game experiences. Great opportunity to go back and explore titles I missed when I was younger.
Every order I've ever had from Lukie games has been exemplary to help me start my classic game collection
Shipping was fast, online navigation was easy, the controllers were new in the box and the games were in very good condition. Have already recommended this site to family
Lukie Games is awesome. They have the best pricing, fantastic customer service, reliable selection, and website is pretty good.
Very good and simple to use with a wide range of games for many different platforms at the best price!
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