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Free Shipping on all Orders over $25
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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Great Point System

7/3/2021 by Willis
Lukie Games has a great selection of Retro games and accessories at fair prices. They make it super easy to find and get what you're looking for. The Lukie Points system that rewards you for buying from them is great and what GameStop should have done. The 90 return policy is also a huge plus, as it gives you peace of mind when buying them, as it shows they stand behind what they sell. If you're in the market for Retro games, you need to stop by Lukie Games and give their selection a look!

Works Like Brand New

7/2/2021 by Jay
I bought a N64 years ago, refurbished, been about maybe 4 or 5 years now, and it still works like its brand new. So that tells you right there the quality is great. Did I spend alot of money with that and games and controllers, not really, and Lukie Games gives you points to reward yourself to get free items. Its awesome!!!

Crazy Great!

6/30/2021 by Carrottop1
I love the way how nice y’all ship it nice and fast to me and the product pricing and the coupons/discounts/special offers on this website is crazy great for me. I can’t never gone a website that’s so cheap for games and I showed 5 of my friends this website and they love this so much and thank you so much for the games lukie games.

Never Disappointed

6/24/2021 by Rich
Lukie games makes it easy to find the console or game I’m looking for, and takes the frustration of picking through a pile of low quality products like you find on eBay. I’ve used Lukie games for some years now and never have I been disappointed.

Great Experience and Customer Service!

6/23/2021 by Cat
My first experience of buying from LukieGames is great so far! I received my games on time and protected with bubble wrap. When I tested all the games, they worked perfectly. I contacted customer service because I had an extra copy of a game and wanted to return it. But they were very nice enough to give me a refund and let me keep the game. Great experience and customer service! I will definitely recommend this to my friends and continue to buy from them if interested. Thank you for all your help and service!

Smooth and Simple Check Out

6/22/2021 by flash99
I was looking to buy a wii game and every spot I looked the games were super expensive but Lukie Games held that game at a good and reasonable price. I went to check out and the experience was super smooth and simple. Great quality and I’m definitely coming back

Loyal Customer for Life

6/17/2021 by Micci Brown
The very first time I ordered from Lukie games I was impressed by how quickly I received my order and the fact that every game worked like brand new. I had an entirely different experience with another online vendor whom I will not dignify by referring to by name. I nearly exhausted my tracking app worrying over the status of my order. But Lukie made the experience a lot less nerve-wracking. I'd gladly endorse Lukie; they've made this experience worthwhile. I'll be a loyal customer for life.

Competitive Pricing

6/16/2021 by Nick
The site was super easy to navigate and they had one of the most comprehensive selections I've ever seen on a used/retro gaming website, with prices that were either competitive or lower than the competition. It was easy to look through the entire selection for a system and add a bunch of lesser-known titles to my cart.

Know Someone Looking For Reto Games? Send Them Here!

6/15/2021 by Sunny Summer
Honestly, I love Lukie games. I’ve had issues ordering products from other places and it’s always something, it’s either the wrong disk or it doesn’t work and then there is no customer satisfaction, buying always feels like a gamble. But lukie games is easy, they have such a wide selection, it’s easy to recapture my childhood and it’s a reasonable price. I’ve ordered several things from them over the years, and I’ve never had any issues, it always gets here fast and I never have to return anything because it’s legit. I absolutely always come back and when people tell me they are looking for old games, I send them here.

Games I love at great prices!

6/13/2021 by Tat
They have a huge selection of all retro games and consoles and the prices seem to be really good. I just found my PS2 and was looking for games and came across Lukie Games and it's awesome. Found the one game I was looking for and ended up finding a few more games that I love at great prices!

Cool Way to Shop B)

6/9/2021 by Brian
Cool way to shop for old retro games that I played when I was younger. Many of these games are really hard to find and I'm glad Lukie Games helps out with finding them for me. Awesome place to shop online!

Everything I Could Ask For!

6/8/2021 by Majin_Koda
I absolutely love this website. I am trying to build a nostalgic game room and this site has everything I could ask for making it so easy. I’ve already recommended it to almost everyone I know wanting childhood games at reasonable prices. THANK YOU

Kids Love Lukie Games!

6/2/2021 by Mojo
I was looking for Wii U games and found lots to choose from! Many in sale! Ordered a Mario 3D world and Sponge Bob game and got them delivered sooner than expected. Kids love them and are both working great!

Browse Through Your Childhood

6/1/2021 by BakingPanda
It was like looking through to my childhood and buying games I thought were once lost to time. Finding not only the same color of GBA, but my favorite game of all time for it too? Nostalgia hit me like a wave and I just had to scoop it up.

Dream Selection

5/30/2021 by Loco_saiyan
It's a dream selection with fair prices and complete options.

Amazing Quality and Availablity

5/29/2021 by Online Shopper
I’d absolutely use and will continue to use Lukie Games for all of the classic gaming purchases I make in the future. Their site is amazing with the quality and availability of classic games they have.

Extremely Happy!

5/27/2021 by Zakami
I recently bought a PlayStation portable console and was looking to find some games to relive my childhood. This site has every psp game you could look for, I am extremely happy to have stumbled upon this site.

We're Just That Good

5/26/2021 by Cal
Any purchase from Lukie Games comes with a quality guarantee. I run a video game channel on YouTube and just about every retro/video game accessory purchase I make is with Lukie. Never once have I received a faulty product, nor have I ever had to go through a return process. They're just that good.

Look No Further

5/24/2021 by milksama
I logged into Lukie Games today and must say I am very impressed with their website and the content for sale. If you are looking for rare games and are having difficulty finding them, look no further. I am a collector and have made many purchases on this site!

Wide Variety!

5/21/2021 by Sifwhit
I love the wide variety you offer! I absolutely recommend this site to others!

Awesome Company

5/19/2021 by Meadowlark
Awesome company with good prices, fast shipping and great customer service. They have just about everything to relive your childhood.

Love this site!

5/14/2021 by FaeBae808
Honestly really love this site. I’m really happy my boyfriend recommended this site to me so I can find games I like. I really enjoy how easy it is to find any product on the site. I love that you can search for what you want by gaming console, price and even genre! I really enjoy the site as a whole and will definitely order again as well as recommend it to my friends!

Find Everything You Need

5/13/2021 by Strange
I love old school game systems and over the years some of the cables and power cords have broken. I was able to find everything I needed through Luke games for a great price. I got my husband everything he needed for his birthday present to be able to use all of our old gaming systems in our new home.

Love Lukie Games!

Love Lukie Games! I have never had an issue with any of the games. Shipping was fast and on time. Whenever we are in the market for games I always check out Lukie Games.


5/5/2021 by Mikey
Increíble games, for an incredible price. You won’t be able to match it, honestly a great website would give a 10/10 and will be using more often!

Great Condition Sega Genesis Games

5/3/2021 by MOBMacNicksoe415
All the games Purchased from this site have been in great condition. The selection of Classic Sega Genesis games is vast and I’ve found games that I hadn’t thought about in decades. The prices are better than any other online seller. Easy to navigate the site.

Best Site for Games!

5/2/2021 by NaitPhoenix
I find some of the best games I haven’t even seen for years in good condition, and the library is huge! Gotta admit: best site for games I’ve ever seen.

Solid Experience

A friend suggested Lukie after my old PS3 died. Prices on them have gone through the roof recently and Lukie had reasonable prices and good selection. Solid experience with the site.

Lukie Games All The Way!

4/26/2021 by Colton
Honestly, LukieGames is a retro game, console, and accessory dealer that has surpassed all of my expectations.... I could never recommend a storefront more than I could LukieGames, I have been using them as a source for hard to find games for a few years now and not once have I ever been disappointed! Plus! Their reward system is pretty darn cool if you ask me! 100% LukieGames all the way!!

No Brainer!

I recieved my degree in video game design, but much of my passion has been dedicated to writing. When I do get a hankering to play video games, Lukie is there for me to relive my highest ideal childhood inspirations. I would highly recommend Lukie games above any other vendor. It's so fun, easy and affordable to browse that it makes Lukie a no brainer of a choice.

Would Recommend To Anyone

4/19/2021 by Ghostreconguy
I had a friend looking for retro games and systems, but had no idea where to get reliable products from. I totally recommended Lukie to him which inspired my newest purchase. Would recommend to anyone.

Quality Customer Service!

4/17/2021 by Mike-Mike
Customer service has a good way of making me feel important. Last time i called i was treated with respect and quality, the experience will never been forgotten.

10/10 Recommend

4/16/2021 by Angela
I am very pleased with the service and quality of my items. 10/10 recommend shopping here. Very easy checkout process and tracking my package was simple and was delivered on time. I will definitely shop here again.

Flawless Games

4/11/2021 by BlazedWolf88
Games come in a reasonable time and with no problem to the games themselves. Games work flawlessly and I was able to find said games with ease. In this case, I am using Lukie due to being the best price.

From Retro to Now!

4/10/2021 by Redd
I love this site, it has a lot of really great options from retro, to current models and games, 10/10 would recommend.
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