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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

10/10 Recommend

4/16/2021 by Angela
I am very pleased with the service and quality of my items. 10/10 recommend shopping here. Very easy checkout process and tracking my package was simple and was delivered on time. I will definitely shop here again.

Flawless Games

4/11/2021 by BlazedWolf88
Games come in a reasonable time and with no problem to the games themselves. Games work flawlessly and I was able to find said games with ease. In this case, I am using Lukie due to being the best price.

From Retro to Now!

4/10/2021 by Redd
I love this site, it has a lot of really great options from retro, to current models and games, 10/10 would recommend.

Able to Replay My Childhood!

4/9/2021 by Tom
I'd recommend Lukie games to a friend. With video games the way they are anyways. I'd like to replay my childhood. No DLC, no long loading screens, and definitely no micro-transactions! Just jump in and play!

Friendly Site

4/3/2021 by Leo
I really like the selection. The fact that you can find rare games is nice. I like the simplicity of searching through them, the site is very friendly. And of course the prices are fair which is nice.

Will Forever Shop At This Website!

4/2/2021 by MooMooBoston; )
This website has everything you can imagine, every game from childhood games to the current era of gaming! Would definitely recommend to look around, I have been purchasing games from this website since 2013 and I will forever shop at this website! Family and friends shop her as well, believe me the selection is amazing and most prices are beyond fair!!

Wonderful Customer Service

3/29/2021 by BradR
Lukie has wonderful customer service and the best selection of older games on the market. They are fair for both sale price and trade-in value and are always higher than other stores. They are my preferred way to purchase games.

Quality Is Always On Point!

3/27/2021 by ZmanTheTech
Quality is always on point with orders from Lukie Games and I am most appreciative of this. I know I can always count on my games coming pristine and in a decent amount of time.

Using Lukie Games For Years

3/25/2021 by Stefine
Luke Games is the only place I buy everything to do with video games. I have been using Lukie Games for years, not once have I been disappointed in anything I have purchased from them. The delivery is fast to. Love, love Lukie Games! In all the years I have been a customer not once have I had to return one purchase. If you have not checked out Lukie Games today would be the perfect day to.

Lukie Games For All Future Purchases

3/21/2021 by AJ
I was so happy with my purchase! It was super easy to find what I was looking for and the product arrived in great condition. I'll definitely be using Lukie Games for all of my future purchases!

Best Selection and Experience

3/20/2021 by Vic Coffee
I’ve been on the lookout for old school games I’ve played in my past. Came across Lukie Games and had to look no further. I’d recommend you guys a million times over. Best selection and best experience for sure.

Simplistically Amazing!

3/18/2021 by Stolas
Dude I’ve been using this website to get all my games that bring back such nostalgia from my childhood. They have everything from elderly-gen consoles and games to new-gen and the process is so simplistically amazing. Amazing prices and always great conditioned; I totally recommend Lukie Games if you ever need anything video game related!

Everything You Need Related To Gaming

3/12/2021 by ojbar
Everything is really great, there's always such a large selection of video games and a wide array of different consoles--most everything you need related to gaming is here. I am able to experience some of the games I played as a child and it brings back so much nostalgia.

Games I Was Looking for And Much More!

3/10/2021 by BPerea
My experience on LukieGames was great. They had the games I was looking for and so much more. It was simple to find the games since they categorize by console and then label it by game, accessory, consoles and manuals. The site makes it easy to find and understand.

Only Site I Trust

3/4/2021 by Young Foxboy
I strongly recommend Lukie Games, they sell a wide variety of games at good prices and ships pretty quickly. They also have some rare games like the old DBZ games. When I’m looking for a throwback this is the first site I come to and so far the only one I trust.

Best Prices, Fast Checkout, & On-Time Delivery!

3/2/2021 by Humble Hustler
Had an easy time finding the games i was looking for and Lukie has the best prices around, fastest checkout, and on time delivery...Excellent place to buy games...

Better Deals

2/27/2021 by Steve
Lukiegames has Wii games for really cheap! I got Super Paper Mario for half price! You should definitely look at their site before buying from anywhere else--they've probably got a better deal.

Lukie Has It All!

2/26/2021 by Alex -Aizen's Mama
We love Lukie Games!!! If you are looking for any older games, controllers or the whole council, they have it. Even the classics are a great price and great condition. Lukie has it all!!

Easier Than Ever

2/14/2021 by bree !
My recent experience was amazing , finding the games I want is easier than ever on this website ! I will definitely recommend my friends & family to buy from here . Prices are soo good !


2/13/2021 by Keewi
I really like Lukie Games because they are trustworthy. Really great prices and guaranteed to be the real thing. I love all the great deals on the accessories, you never know what you will find.

Competitive Pricing

2/10/2021 by Jefe
I was just googling if there were any plans for a studio to remake the Lord of the Rings: Return of the King original Xbox games, and this website popped up. I saw that they had a huge selection of not just games, but consoles too. All for very competitive pricing! I love that I stumbled upon this website.

Childhood games

2/5/2021 by Amanda
Amazing and nostalgic! I will definitely keep an eye out for more items I used to play as a kid!

Fast and Efficient

2/3/2021 by ConejaMala
I’ve been using Lukie Games since 2017 and I love shopping here, they’re fast and efficient. I love being able to find what I need and for a great price!

Mass library of old school games

1/31/2021 by kung-pao-mexican
everything about this website is perfect, the overall condition of products, the service and had no waiting faults for delivery time, retro-catering websites like these need to be preserved as well as their mass library of old school games rarely seen in physical stores

Lukie Games is amazing

1/30/2021 by Marcus
My experience with Lukie Games is amazing everything comes in on time games work and never had any issues order items. I definitely tell every one about lukie games for retro gamers.

They exceeded my expectations

1/28/2021 by Maggie
Products were either new or like-new condition, and they exceeded my expectations. Overall very satisfied.

The best site

1/26/2021 by Bill H.
The best site I've ever encountered for buying retro video games. So easy to order and I've never ran into a stocking issue. Best part about eveything is the discs are in mint condition. I was shocked how good they looked. Better than anything I've bought from places like Game Stop.

I'm ecstatic to have found it

1/24/2021 by Jon
My recent experience has been pretty normal but that's not a bad thing, I'm glad this website is incredibly streamlined and easy to access. I was told about it through my retro-game obsessed brother and being someone who has an appreciation for it as well, and a want to get into older titles that don't have a quality remaster, then this website is perfect, and I'm extraordinarily positive I'll be buying through this website again. I'm ecstatic to have found it and am looking forward to my next buy on this awesome site.

favorite place to shop

1/21/2021 by DeannUhh
Lukie Games is my favorite place to shop online for old school fun video games that I love playing, the website is super easy to navigate and find what your looking for, the prices are cheap and the games are in great condition and work good.

I personally give this website 10/10

1/18/2021 by Little C
This website Lukie Games is awesome. They have products from ps4 xbox one to the original playstation and xbox, Wii, Gameboy and more. I'm talking about systems, games, accessories, guides, even toys I always got what I wanted at a great price. I personally give this website 10/10. I recommend this website to anybody.

Check this site out if your a true gamer!

1/15/2021 by Lou
I found all the retro titles I was looking for and they were priced the cheapest I found online. Delivery is always fast, so far all of my orders have been delivered one day ahead of schedule which I absolutely love! Everyone should check this site out if your a true gamer!

Keep coming back

1/13/2021 by Matt
I have purchased from this site since 2013 or so and have never had any issues. That is why I keep coming back through the years

I'd give 100 stars if I could

1/13/2021 by LilBrit
I love this website! Out of all the games I've ordered used only one didn't not work. I contacted the company and they responded immediately and sent me a replacement game free of charge the next day! No hassle! Amazing customer service! I recommend this site to all my gamer folks! I'd give 100 stars if I could. The website is easy to browse and the prices are great! The customer service is by far the best I've ever dealt with. I am one very satisfied customer and have been coming back for over 15yrs.

quality guaranteed

1/12/2021 by Tony Starr
Lukie games is pretty cool mad easy to complete an order and you at least know your getting quality guaranteed the prices can sometimes come in clutch beating out most market prices but its pretty standard to whats out there. If your looking for retro or just older games systems and accessories by far its the best online shop to go to.

Easy to find what you want.

1/11/2021 by Annie
I love the fact that you can get all the older games in one place. Plus all the accessories. Easy to find what you want.
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