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Free Shipping on all Orders over $25
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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Always ships fast and in amazing condition.

1/3/2021 by Camicozy
Love this site so much. as a avid collector I LOVE having physical discs. The pricing is resonable sometimes to the point where you don't even want a game but get it anyway because the price is TO GOOD to pass up. Always ships fast and in amazing condition.

Lukie games for my retro game fix

1/3/2021 by FrenchFrIssac
I’ve always bought with Lukie games for my retro game fix and I have always received solid service with great quality game cartridges and they always arrive on time or earlier. Greatest place to get your classic games! Prices are a bit steep in general but they are much better than other online sellers and the quality of the game is much more guaranteed.

Literally, I have no complaints or flaw about Lukiegames.

1/2/2021 by Kama Kozzy from GTS
I HIGHLY recommend this website to anyone who is looking for retro video games. I come here to get the games I'm looking for and the customer service is outstanding. Literally, I have no complaints or flaw about Lukiegames.

If im ever looking for old school games, i come here.

1/1/2021 by Kate
I love old school games. If im ever looking for old school games, i come here. Ive bought from here a year or so ago. I would recommend for anyone looking for old school games

I loved the games i received

12/31/2020 by Shay
I loved the games i received, they were in way better condition than i expected & worked as if they were brand new. I will definitely be shopping with Lukie Games more.

Wonderful source to help complete any collection.

12/30/2020 by Gamerat
The prices were excellent and the site was easy to navigate. It’s a wonderful source to help complete any collection.

I highly recommend Lukie Games

12/29/2020 by PDD
I loved the ease of choosing games based on the specific type (Handheld) and on the price range I had chosen. Due to the great selection and prices, I actually spent much more than I had intended. I highly recommend Lukie Games.

System i bought and game were in perfect conditiom

12/27/2020 by Prissy
I love my purchase, the system i bought and game were in perfect conditiom, my daughters can't stop playing the games, it make them so happy.

Very impressed by the selection

12/25/2020 by Belle
My nephew is a major retro game collector. He was very impressed by the selection and the prices are great. Delivery was on time.

The website is easily accessible and prices are cheap and reasonable.

12/23/2020 by Dan Dan
Lukie Games has afforded me to the opportunity to play all GameCube games I’ve missed since my early childhood. I love that they keep specifically GameCube games in stock and in good condition. I’ve purchased Mario kart and smash bro’s melees and many others. The website is easily accessible and prices are cheap and reasonable.

They had every game I ever had as a kid

12/22/2020 by Sammysoaker
So I just recently bought a play station 2 which is my favorite game system and needed some games so a quick search on Google led me to lukie games and they had every game I ever had as a kid and I'd even say it was decently priced so I was really happy about that.

They have really good games for the lows

12/21/2020 by Donovandash
Hey you if your looking for cheap games that you can't find in the game shop you should go to lukie they have really good game for the lows and you can even get next day shipping it really cool man/girl.

Go to where you can find a huge selection of what your into

12/19/2020 by EricShocker1217
Dont go to the game store to buy your used and not always available console games! Go to where you can find a huge selection of what your into. Great deals and Guaranteed or you can replace it or get a full refund no questions asked! I received a game disc that didn't work and they ended up sending me another copy and told me to do whatever with the broken copy! Must see for all gamers!

Thank you Lukie Family

12/16/2020 by Marie
I would recommend Lukie games because they are professional and send you exactly what you buy at the exact price as advertised with no hidden fees whatsoever. Also they have a large selection of amazing gaming products at really good and competitive prices.

Great experience

12/14/2020 by Alister
Hey bud you need to check out this site for your games. They have everything from new systems to old, we bought all our Nintendo and Xbox games from them. They're so much better priced then the places around here, with a much better selection and don't have to wait a month for them to come in.

Highly Recommended

12/11/2020 by Rosa
They have great quality in games from ps1 to new games in general. The experience is really great and quick on the draw when it come to checking out. I would definitely recommend lukie games for you gaming needs of all ages.


12/9/2020 by Chrissy
So many classic games that i remember playing as a kid. It brings back memories and countless hours of gameplay. I told my friends and this has been our go to website to buy classic games and accessories.

Love you guys!

12/7/2020 by Meka
I am very satisfied with lukie because this last order was pretty much a gift from lukie. For every purchase you make lukie awards points and well I used the points to get my free games. They have great games and have never had any problem from them and I've been buying games for over 2 years.

Gamer heaven

12/4/2020 by Will
Lukie games is excellent great selection of games very easy to find what your looking for and it has all the classics! When I look at lukie games I see my childhood

The place to be!

12/2/2020 by Hallie
I found exactly what I was looking for as quickly as possible. There was a great selection and many other items to choose from. Nothing bad can really come to mind when I think about Lukie Games.

Thank you!

11/30/2020 by Jane
Lukie games is super easy to navigate and can find any game you are looking for. They've always arrived in a timely manner sooner than expected. The games are in great quality, better than you'd expect.

First Impressions

11/27/2020 by Damien
First time ordering and i loved every minute of it.. Received my items fast and in great condition.. Will order again

Highly Recommended

11/25/2020 by Tyler
If you like purchasing used games and old consoles for cheap lukiegames is my favorite site on the web. And I would recommend it to my friend for that reason.

Love you guys!

11/23/2020 by Blair
I love lukie games! as an Autistic person who loves gaming, they always have what i need, or get it quickly at a much cheaper price than stores!

Highly Recommended

11/20/2020 by Marco
This is my first time purchase from Lukie Games. The shopping experience was easy. I placed an order today and will be happy to send a review of my experience once my order is received. It’s hard to give a better review with limited experience. Prices are great and I hope the condition of the games ordered is acceptable.

Love you guys!

11/18/2020 by Nicole
The prices are phenomenal, my son loves all types of games so for me to be able to buy games that I played when the GameCube first came out and still have a plethora of games to choose from for my son and daughter is amazing.

Great experience

11/16/2020 by Nick
The experience was great. Site is clear and easy to use and prices were great for products and shipping as well!

Gamer heaven

11/13/2020 by London
Lukie Games provides quality gaming systems and games that are nostalgic to me and intriguing to my children. The company provides a seamless checkout process while reliably delivering quality used products. Thank you, Lukie Games!

Thank you

11/11/2020 by Jessie
It was nice seeing all of the good games i used to play when i was younger, I lost or got rid of them back then but wanted to get them back and re live the experience, i would recommend to everybody that played these games and would like to relive those experiences again too especially at reasonable prices.

Great experience

11/9/2020 by Emmet
I've only used Lukie games twice but so far I'm very impressed and satisfied with their products and service. Plus they're very kind and helpful. I heavily rely on this site for any classic games that I want to reunite myself with or if I want to surprise anyone with a game. I can heavily rely on Lukie games. It's really awesome!

Gamer's heaven

11/6/2020 by Alex
Wide game selection and the prices are great! Purchased five games the whole family can't wait to play... and all for under $25, with shipping!!!

Gamer heaven

11/4/2020 by Robbie
Been hunting for nfs underground 2 for over 3 years never heard of your site got in there it was waiting thank you so much, will be looking for more nfs lost mine in a move thank you to all who work there

Great experience

11/2/2020 by Pelusa
My shopping experience was excellent. The selection of old Sega Genesis games made me feel like a kid again. I would recommend this site to a friend or family member in a heartbeat.

Love you guys!

10/30/2020 by Ryan
There is nothing I wouldn’t recommend about Lukie Games. This place literally has everything that you can think of game related. Very trust worthy source for all your gaming needs!

Highly Recommended

10/28/2020 by Miguel
This website has a great selection of games and a easy format to pay, I absolutely love how they make the process so easy and overall give a good price on the games, you have to come to this site and purchase games for yourself, I consider them trustworthy!
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