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I am very satisfied with lukie because this last order was pretty much a gift from lukie. For every purchase you make lukie awards points and well I used the points to get my free games. They have great games and have never had any problem from them
Lukie games is excellent great selection of games very easy to find what your looking for and it has all the classics! When I look at lukie games I see my childhood
I found exactly what I was looking for as quickly as possible. There was a great selection and many other items to choose from. Nothing bad can really come to mind when I think about Lukie Games.
Lukie games is super easy to navigate and can find any game you are looking for. They've always arrived in a timely manner sooner than expected. The games are in great quality, better than you'd expect.
First time ordering and i loved every minute of it.. Received my items fast and in great condition.. Will order again
If you like purchasing used games and old consoles for cheap lukiegames is my favorite site on the web. And I would recommend it to my friend for that reason.
I love lukie games! as an Autistic person who loves gaming, they always have what i need, or get it quickly at a much cheaper price than stores!
This is my first time purchase from Lukie Games. The shopping experience was easy. I placed an order today and will be happy to send a review of my experience once my order is received. It’s hard to give a better review with limited experience. Price
The prices are phenomenal, my son loves all types of games so for me to be able to buy games that I played when the GameCube first came out and still have a plethora of games to choose from for my son and daughter is amazing.
The experience was great. Site is clear and easy to use and prices were great for products and shipping as well!
Lukie Games provides quality gaming systems and games that are nostalgic to me and intriguing to my children. The company provides a seamless checkout process while reliably delivering quality used products. Thank you, Lukie Games!
It was nice seeing all of the good games i used to play when i was younger, I lost or got rid of them back then but wanted to get them back and re live the experience, i would recommend to everybody that played these games and would like to relive th
I've only used Lukie games twice but so far I'm very impressed and satisfied with their products and service. Plus they're very kind and helpful. I heavily rely on this site for any classic games that I want to reunite myself with or if I want to sur
Wide game selection and the prices are great! Purchased five games the whole family can't wait to play... and all for under $25, with shipping!!!
Been hunting for nfs underground 2 for over 3 years never heard of your site got in there it was waiting thank you so much, will be looking for more nfs lost mine in a move thank you to all who work there
My shopping experience was excellent. The selection of old Sega Genesis games made me feel like a kid again. I would recommend this site to a friend or family member in a heartbeat.
There is nothing I wouldn’t recommend about Lukie Games. This place literally has everything that you can think of game related. Very trust worthy source for all your gaming needs!
This website has a great selection of games and a easy format to pay, I absolutely love how they make the process so easy and overall give a good price on the games, you have to come to this site and purchase games for yourself, I consider them trust
I'm more likely than to recommend Lukie games because of their large assortment of retro device it really helps you recapture those nostalgic moments as a child when gaming was an experience to be appreciated in every aspect of the word
Lukie Games are great there's a great wide variety of finding classic to Modern games it doesn't matter if the games are current retro doesn't matter if you want a game system or just a controller they have it all here at Lukie Games
A buddy just recommended this site. If you're wanting games you haven't played in years, this is the best site to get them! They're reasonably priced and have a fantastic collection. If you want a particular game, they probably have it.
Overall a great buying site for reliving all of your childhood nostalgia! Great selections and amazing prices.
Found every game I was looking for, in the case, in good condition, without having to scroll through 27 copies. This has quickly become my go to for older games.
It was really simple and pleasant to make a order, pay and actually get what you want. I will most defiantly be ordering from them all my games and let any and everyone know just how my experience was
Lukie Games always delivers. I've bought so many games from them and they've always provided the best service and quality. Large selection, fair prices, I'd recommend to anyone looking for retro games
I am happy with the purchases that I've made from Lukie games. my games came in the mail in a quick and precise time frame and were always in good playable condition. I am a satisfied customer and I am highly likely to continue shopping from Lukie ga
I just ordered Zero Escape: 999 from here and it was overall a great experience. The price was good and making the purchase was easy. Shipping is free and will only take up to a week, which is great. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking
I've purchased a lot and the games are always in good condition and stated correctly. The shipping is fast. The service I always receive is professional. Anytime I email about a question they respond right away. Very happy to be doing business with t
Lukie Games never fails to satisfy when it comes to looking for the good classics. I've ordered at least 3 to 5 games from them every month and they've always arrived on time and in great condition.
Lukie games often have the cheapest prices I've found for second-hand last-gen games, and it has a bigger selection than you can usually find on eBay. I strongly recommend it.
I was able to find exactly what I wanted for reasonable price. They had original systems controllers and games and all in good working condition. I would definitely recommend Lukie Games to any friends looking for older games and systems.
Lukie has once again left me speechless. Trust me, I’ve ordered from here numerous times. Lukie is the place to go for retro systems and games and even some current gen ones as well.
Game was ship to my house quick I’ve enjoyed the game so far definitely will be ordering from here again. Your best bet to find game that are no longer in stores or any classic retro games this is the place quick and easy and the game selection is of
Your employee Juan has given me the utmost satisfaction within the parameters of customer support and time to respond to my emails, he was very kind and helpful to the point of which i feel comfortable asking lukiegames for help on all of my shipment
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