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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Love my SNES

9/17/2022 by BrewCity
I'm very satisfied with Lukie Games and the products I purchased. I love my SNES. You have games that I have not played in many years. I am 37 now and my younger brother and I received a SNES from our parents for Christmas back in 1992. This site is awesome and I am already getting my next choices to purchase picked out.

Always satisfied

8/12/2022 by Jento
I love the game selections and the points you get with each purchase! Your order always arrive quick and I am always satisfied with my purchase! I would not look or go anywhere else to purchase any gaming needs again always satisfied!

Cleanest cartridge I've ever seen

8/9/2022 by window man
I don't own many Snes games, but hot damn fam, this has got to be the cleanest cartridge I've ever seen. Looks brand new. Almost question if it's a remake based on how new the cartridge looks, but I trust it is an original based on the listing description and am beyond pleased with the playback. Will be back.

Quality and price can’t be beat!

8/5/2022 by Ash_Kicker
This is the place to buy older games! By far, the quality and price can’t be beat. It’s nice to have a trusted place to go to buy nostalgic games.

Wonderful selection

8/4/2022 by Aiden W
Lukie games has a wonderful selection of games, fair pricing, and transparent descriptions of products as well as their conditions. I have no complaints at this time.

Teaching the next generation

8/3/2022 by Monster
I always enjoy using your website and shopping for all the games I love from my youth to present day. I get the chance to share all these games with my son and will continue to purchase games from your site.

We do please the customer

8/2/2022 by Tilly
Lukie is the best game place for me. Prices are great. They are trustworthy and always send your order. I love this place. They do please the customer

Cheaper than GameStop

8/2/2022 by Nan
I recommend to all my gamer friends. Have ordered a couple different times and all the games were in perfect condition. Also cheaper than GameStop.

I can play something that was important to my youth

7/30/2022 by TY
I've used lukie games for a good many years. They always deliver quality products for good prices. Thanks to them, i can play something that was important to my youth. I thank them and each and every worker under them. For they will get the games you wish, its just a matter of time.

Selection is great

7/29/2022 by Sparky
I've ordered several PS1 games through Lukie, and the service and merchandise are top notch. I recommend Lukie anytime I hear someone express interest in vintage video games. The selection is great and I love that on most titles, there is the option to buy the games only or to buy the complete games with case and inserts. With video games being such a tactile- and visual-based experience, it's nice to have the option to order the complete game with case and manual. My experience has always been positive, and I've never received scratched, damaged, or defective items. 11/10 experience. Keep up the good work, Lukie!

Everything in great working order

7/25/2022 by Online Shopper
I got all the games I ordered and came right in the mail . Everything in great working order . And they have so much to choose from from old to new systems . .really thankful to have a company I can order from online and trust !!

Fantastic condition

Love the selection that Lukie has. Games are fairly priced, always show up quickly and have been in fantastic condition. After finding this site I only buy from here when it comes to retro games.

Fast, efficient, customer friendly

7/21/2022 by Lugar
Lukie is a wonderful company. The product delivered really fast and I needed to return some of my order. I contacted customer service for a return label and they responded within the hour. Lukie Games is fast, efficient, customer friendly, and I highly recommend their services to friends and family if needing any video game product and service. Top notch customer service and company.

Visit us again

7/19/2022 by Wally
Mannnnn!!! Lukie is great!! All my wonderful games that I miss playing. Looking forward to visiting again!!

Highly recommend it

7/17/2022 by Joesph
I have purchased from here in the past and highly recommend it.. and I have recommended it to a couple of my friends. And so they have purchased from this site after and loved it as well as I have.

We got what you need

7/17/2022 by Sugafree Jay
Lukie Games is my go to for all my old school systems. Love the site and prices along with the rewards system. Always have a good experience with you and appreciate the fact I can still get these games when they are no longer available in stores. You guys are awesome, thank you!

Trustworthy website

7/16/2022 by Jojobanks
Really love this site bought from you guys a few times everything comes as expected or better love that I can find the old games I like on this trustworthy website.


7/15/2022 by Sunshine
I have a disabled son that just likes to play Wii and PS2 so i am so glad i can still get his games he likes to play and not have to pay a lot for them. Thanks so much for always making his day he can't do doing like other kids, so he enjoys playing his games

LOVE THIS SITE for retro and modern gaming.

7/15/2022 by Desawyer
Everything I order I have received in a reasonably fast amount of time. Every game I've looked for I've found plus so much more . I LOVE THIS SITE for retro and modern gaming.

Prices are unbeatable and well worth it

7/14/2022 by Fearlus
I am completely satisfied with my purchases and experience with Lukie Games. The prices are unbeatable and well worth it. I’ve never been more in love with a website in my entire life. I could browse Lukie Games for days and days. You guys have all the games and consoles that's I’ve been searching for.

Easy to navigate

7/12/2022 by Rocky
Easy to navigate through the games you're searching for. The search bar easily brings up exactly what you're looking for and it is not a complicated site.

Can't say I trust anyone more than them.

6/28/2022 by Matchy
Lukie Games has a great selection of games with not only great pricing, but great quality as well. This site is about the best place you can go to if you're going to be buying used games, and as a person who's recently been going back and trying to rebuy games from my childhood, I can't say I trust anyone more than them.

All the old games I used to enjoy as a kid

Lukie Games has been my go to for buying games for about five or six years now. Always easy to navigate through the site. Always get exactly what is listed. It comes in a very timely manner. They help me remember all the old games I used to enjoy as a kid.

Best resource for retro and classic games!

6/25/2022 by EJS
Lukie Games is far and away the best resource for retro and classic games! I absolutely love their storefront and trust them to provide a fantastic shopping experience.

Very Happy!

6/24/2022 by KB
Pricing was really good and all the games came in great shape. It has given me a chance to remember my childhood. Very happy!

We have all your favorite titles

6/21/2022 by William
I love introducing my daughters to video games I played as a kid, and it’s awesome to watch them learn to appreciate them as much as I do. When we travel, I like to check out vintage video game stores, but I’ve found it almost impossible to find most of my favorite titles. It’s great knowing I can count on Lukie Games whenever I start feeling nostalgic for my childhood.

Easy to navigate

6/19/2022 by Dee
I love the fact that the layout is nicely put and easy to navigate. I love that they have games even from way back then. It's nice to have a website that accommodates to gaming needs. I recommend this website to a lot of people, daily.

Feeling nostalgic!

6/17/2022 by Online Shopper
Lukiegames is my favorite place to shop when I'm feeling nostalgic! As a 90s kids it's wonderful to find old games friends had and buy them as an adult.

fr fr

6/16/2022 by RowdyRoddyPeeper
Bruh, dead*** I was shook when I seen these games were mad gleamin like new no cap fr fr

Always trust Lukie games

6/14/2022 by Brandon
I love Lukie games and they clean their products and love their support! My games and systems arrive just like brand new! I will always trust Lukie games for my future purchases!

Very satisfied

6/9/2022 by Haley
I was recommended Lukie by a family member. This is my second purchase and I am still impressed by the quality of the product even though the system I am purchasing for is 20 years old. I liked that shipping is free when spending a certain amount. Because of the free shipping I don't mind waiting a little longer for the product. My package actually came earlier than expected as well which was great. Overall I am very satisfied and will be using Lukie before any other retailer for games.

Your go to shop

6/8/2022 by Jacob
Lukie games is great. Its my go to site seeking video games for my grandson. Great selection, fair prices and prompt shipment and delivery. I recommend to all!

Huge selection of games

6/8/2022 by Colt45
Lukie games has always had a huge selection of games and everything I get is usually all legit and the shipping doesn’t take long at all very good company . I don’t have any cons

What more can we say?

6/5/2022 by Terry
Sum it up all in one word...... excellent

Purchasing easy as always

6/5/2022 by Apollyon156
I found what I was looking for super quick, as always, and the discounts on them made the decision to grab them easy. The recommended portion also gave me quick access to the second product I was looking for without having to look for it. Purchasing was easy as always, so I have nothing to complain about here.
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