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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Prices are the best around

5/15/2022 by Blake
This site is awesome. Lukie Games has just about anything you would be in the market for, from old retro games/systems, to more modern and recent. Prices are the best around in my opinion and very reasonable. I will definitely be purchasing more products from Lukie Games in the near future!

Never had an issue

5/15/2022 by CaptainTAT
I enjoy your selection of vintage games and the quality they are in. I have shopped with Lukie for several years and never had an issue.

Fast and Easy!

5/14/2022 by Marie23
Great prices and its fast and easy to set up an account, put together lists and buy games. Looking forward to getting the games and buying more in the future.

2-0 for Lukie

5/11/2022 by Reggie
My purchase was a huge success! Not only did they have the game in stock, let alone a Gradius game which is very hard to find, the game came in perfect condition! Not a scratch, not a scuff mark, nor a single yellow fade on the cartridge can be found! The game was in such good condition that it almost makes me wonder how they did it. So far it's 2-0 for Lukie Games! I have received nothing less than perfect products from this business and will continue to support for years to come!

We're professionals

5/10/2022 by Ike
I've been very impressed with the professionalism of LukieGames! My experience has been nothing but great. I will continue to use in the future. Thanks!

We have what you need!

5/9/2022 by WillowMaker
I spent weeks on both Amazon, Ebay, and WhatNot looking for used PSP games. Then I randomly decided to go to Google and start searching for other resources, and Lukie popped up. You had so much more inventory than the other places, at reasonable prices. I'm so glad I found Lukie!

Great prices

5/8/2022 by KySupaFly
Great prices for great games! New and old! Even consoles are on here and I love it! Definitely will recommend.

First time!

This was my first time ordering from this website and everything went very smoothly. I appreciate that you can order without making an account although after this experience, I will definitely make one (:

Never Disappoint

5/6/2022 by Bubblez
I am very very satisfied with Lukie games they never disappoint me

Big Thumbs up

5/6/2022 by Chris
Everything about Lukie games is good especially having all these retro items and consoles available to purchase which are rare to find. I give a big thumbs up and 5 star rating and will continue to purchasing from here :)

A breeze

5/5/2022 by HomeAlone
I purchased 2 games from Lukie games and it was the easiest thing I could imagine! The ease of adding products to my cart, and searching for certain games by system was a breeze. I will most certainly come back and purchase more!!

Multiple Systems

5/4/2022 by Aunt jillian
Love the amount of games you carry for different consoles I have multiple systems so it's great to get all my games in same site. I have also purchased a system in the past and it works great!

Variety of games and consoles

5/3/2022 by Online Shopper
It was pretty nice finding a website that is for classic games and such. I will Definitely be coming back to this website to buy a ton of other stuff. Finding what I wanted was very easy, at such a good price too. That goes for everything else on the site, This website pretty cool to with the variety of games and consoles are on it, I will definitely be buying more things in the future.

Exactly what I wanted

5/3/2022 by GamersMom
My son wanted an older game that I was having a hard time finding. I came across Lukie Games really by accident and they had exactly what I wanted. Ordering on the website was easy and my order arrived in the time frame I needed it to for my son’s birthday.

Gamestop who?

5/2/2022 by Han
My boyfriend really recommended this site for games and accessories and it hasn't let me down! My new go-to game store!!! Gamestop who?! You guys have way more than they EVER have and on time delivery!!!! Love you guys.

Wii Games for all

5/1/2022 by Crystal
I'm so happy that I found a website that I can order all the games I need without going through the big name companies! I'm so glad they still carry Wii games!


4/30/2022 by Regnum
Fantastic source for finding affordable older videogame experiences. Great opportunity to go back and explore titles I missed when I was younger.

Starting a collection

4/29/2022 by Online Shopper
Every order I've ever had from Lukie games has been exemplary to help me start my classic game collection

Fast and easy online navigation

4/11/2022 by Mom of 4
Shipping was fast, online navigation was easy, the controllers were new in the box and the games were in very good condition. Have already recommended this site to family


4/11/2022 by Julie
Lukie Games is awesome. They have the best pricing, fantastic customer service, reliable selection, and website is pretty good.

Wide range of games

4/10/2022 by Lark
Very good and simple to use with a wide range of games for many different platforms at the best price!

Endless Options!

4/8/2022 by Online Shopper
I found Lukie around Christmas time. What a find!! I had never heard of this site but it is has endless options for Xbox 360 games and accessories. Highly recommended!

Retro games for all

4/8/2022 by Online Shopper
This website is amazing, its hard finding most of these retro games and systems in my area and Lukie games has had everything that iv been looking for i love it.

3 years of excellence

4/8/2022 by Jjblacker23
I have not had a bad experience yet. Ever since i found Lukie games 3 years ago Ive been recommending to everyone that i know.

First Order

4/3/2022 by Brent G.
My first order just arrived and I'm surprised at the pristine condition everything is with 10-20 year old games. This is amazing. You guys will be number one on the list when I go to buy again. Thank you!

A Lost Art

4/2/2022 by Jim
Customer service is a lost art these days, and you being an online purchase, certainly wasn't expected. The game was exactly as advertised in like-new condition. The entire process and the product are perfect. I honestly couldn't ask for more. This game is hard to find and to get one at an outstanding price is something I never thought would happen. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Don't change a thing!

Awesome Wide Selection

4/1/2022 by Andy
It was good. The wide selection is what really draws me back to the site. Ever since I first discovered this site 1 or 2 years ago, I’ve been in love ever since. I’ll definitely continue to shop here and recommend to my friends. The prices are fair and reasonable. Overall I’m pretty happy

Loyal Customer

2/4/2022 by Empire217
The customer service at Lukie is superb. I''ve been shopping here for 6 years and I see many more years coming.

Top Tier Service and Website!

2/3/2022 by Online Shopper
Lukie Games is among the easiest websites to navigate, and placing orders for items in stock is a breeze. In addition, their customer support team is top-tier for this market (second-hand video game reseller).

Perfect site to help you re-live your childhood

1/26/2022 by JJ King
Whenever I want to relive some nostalgia, Lukie games is always a no-brainer. They always have any game/accessory that I need.

8 years of satisfaction

1/25/2022 by Raul. R
Ive been buying products from this company for about 8 year now. Always satisfied and i appreciate the customer service.

Retro Shopping Made Easy

1/23/2022 by Kris
Lukie Games has a great website! It is very easy to find what I am looking for and comparing the prices to other websites. And the detailed description of products is a huge plus.

Unbeatable quality, unbeatable deals

1/21/2022 by Princess10801
Their prices for old games and accessories are the best by far that I have ever seen. This is my first purchase with the company and once i receive my games if i am happy they definitely have a repeat customer every week until I can build a huge collection.

Telling all of my friends to shop Lukie

1/18/2022 by Online Shopper
I was super impressed with lukie games. The games I ordered appeared way faster than I thought they would. Also the condition they were in was amazing ! Like brand new games no scratches and came with the game booklet. I will recommend all my friends this site

They had just what I needed!

1/16/2022 by fanana
Started collecting for the Dreamcast recently after being unable to find many of the games from my childhood in the attic. I went to some local retro-game retailers in my area but to no avail. Being weary of ebay, I was directed to Lukie Games by many online. Glowing reviews. Gave me peace of mind in my purchase. You had the games I needed at a reasonable price.
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