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Free Shipping on all Orders over $25
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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Excellent Condition for PS2

4/16/2019 by Carlos M
It is hard to find good quality in games you purchase especially online or in store but Lukie Games has always provided the best in shipping and quality together when it comes to gaming. I would highly recommend it to anyone out there who’s looking for quality & and great prices beat all other prices out there store bought!

Arrived in immaculate condition

1/20/2019 by Brandon H
Lukie has once again left me speechless. Trust me, I’ve ordered from here numerous times. Lukie is the place to go for retro systems and games and even some current gen ones as well.

Best Bet for Retro Games

1/20/2019 by Darrius H
Game was ship to my house quick I’ve enjoyed the game so far definitely will be ordering from here again. Your best bet to find game that are no longer in stores or any classic retro games this is the place quick and easy and the game selection is off the charts.

Selection is Beyond Expectations

12/16/2018 by Penmore
The site might look a bit bare and bland but the selection they have is beyond what you'd think to find in such a site. If you're trying to find a game and having a hard time elsewhere I really recommend trying the site to see if you can find it for a rather cheaper price than expected.

Blast from the past!

12/6/2018 by Jaime
I am thoroughly enjoying playing Animal Crossing again! I've come back to Lukie Games to buy more games and glad I found you guys!

Everything Works Great

11/27/2018 by Kayla Sue
I would definitely recommend Lukie Games! I've purchased from them several times over many years and everything has always worked great, came as described and were delivered in a timely manner! I also love the redemption points. I have used it a few times to get items free!

Good Deals

11/27/2018 by Laur
I found this website that sells thousands of games at better prices than I’ve found anywhere else! I will continue to check this site before any other when I’m searching for more games. I was satisfied with how quick and easy it was to check out and I can’t wait to keep looking for good deals!

Definitely Would Recommend

11/10/2018 by heidigucci
I absolutely love lukie games! everything is always so cheap and always gets to my home faster than usual. they always have what im looking for and have the best old games for my gamecube and ds at a good price. i would definitely recommend this to anybody who loves games!

Delightful Experience

11/5/2018 by Ja
The experience I had from ordering from Lukie games has always been a delightful one. Everything I search for comes up with ease. I've been recommending to everyone I know who plays games or collects retro games that Lukie Games is the place to shop.

Perfect Condition Items

11/2/2018 by Jkases
I found 3 games alot cheaper on this site then at local game store. Shipping is free if you spend $25 and you earn reward points. Every game I've purchased before has been perfect almost new condition in my eyes. I love this site!

Never Had Trouble

11/1/2018 by Mika
I always check locally for games beforehand, but, if they don't have what I'm looking for, I know that LukieGames will most likely have it. I've never had any trouble with them. In fact, I ordered a game for the wrong console once and they gave me no hassle at all with a refund (even though it was my fault!). And honestly, I thought the prices were scams at first because of how good they are. 10/10 would recommend.

Ahhhh the nostalgia

10/29/2018 by Ian
Thanks Lukie Games for delivering once again a great game in awesome condition. I have ordered off of them for the last year and haven't had one complaint. Even bought a NES and N64. This site is awesome!!!!

Lightening Fast Delivery

10/25/2018 by Kenny
Lightning fast delivery system, games work perfectly and in very good condition. Saved a few bucks shopping here instead of Gamestop. My new favorite place to buy games. Well done guys!

Great Prices

10/23/2018 by apsnj27
Prices are really good. Love to be able to find a lot of the games I owned when I was a young kid. The only issue I had was with one of the game descriptions, it was for another game in the GTA series but besides that, the site is super easy to navigate. Gives you the option to purchase just the disk or the entire case. Free shipping was awesome, wasn't expecting that on an order less than $50.

Lukie Games is my go to

10/22/2018 by RAustinP
I have recently gotten back into old school gaming. Lukie Games is my go to. They most always have what I'm looking for and their prices are great. The games are always in good condition which is important since they are older games that I can't buy new. I like that there is an option for free shipping and reward points as well.

Beat Gamestop and Ebay

10/3/2018 by Christina
They have awesome games! The prices definitely beat GameStop and even Ebay!

Helping Keep the Classic Games Market Alive

10/1/2018 by Jet
It's very hard these days to find classic games and consoles that are in good condition. Which is why I love Lukie Games. All their stuff is in excellent condition and guaranteed to work. They're helping keep the classic games market alive and well.

Gem of a Website

9/29/2018 by Mr. Roboto
I just wanted to get a new PS1 as my other one was broken (rip :/). So I discovered this gem of a website and purchased a new one with a memory card of course because well.. its mandatory lol and 2 games that I've always wanted but could never get my hands on them. Overall, the site is great, checking out was fairly simple and the shipping was free so thats great! I'm really excited to welcome the PS1 back into my gaming family.

Super Impressed

9/27/2018 by Fwalk02w
I was super impressed with this sight they had games I couldn't find anywhere else n way cheaper then any other place when my games arrive and there in good condition will definitely purchase again

Made the switch to Lukie Games

9/25/2018 by Caleb L.
Your employee Juan has given me the utmost satisfaction within the parameters of customer support and time to respond to my emails, he was very kind and helpful to the point of which i feel comfortable asking lukiegames for help on all of my shipments and orders from your site, i have made a switch and cut my Game-stop Pro membership card in half and cancelled the membership, i will now only be shopping for my games fix at lukiegames.

Never a Bad Experience

9/16/2018 by Joey
Very wonderful experience! You can earn reward points from each purchase based on how much a product is (with an account) and you can redeem them to get free games that would you otherwise couldn't get if you didn't have enough for it. Very wonderful service from LukieGames and any time I have ever had an issue they have quickly fixed the issue within a few days. Never a bad experience! :)

Competitive Prices

9/4/2018 by Puky
Lukie games has some competitive prices for complete in box games. If you're looking for a title or two, they're definitely someone to check out.

No Negative Experiences

8/25/2018 by Peezuz
i've never had a negative experience with lukie games! maybe my 5th-7th purchase and i'm always satisfied! fast shipping and the games are send in the proper packaging to keep safe.

Super Advantage

8/22/2018 by Oldwings
I had been window shopping and price comparing for a couple months, so I knew that they had great prices. When I saw an item that caught my eye, and the price was reasonable, I decided or was time to take advantage. Super Advantage

My First Stop

8/15/2018 by SugarBear
If your trying to find a good game for almost any system I’d try lukie games first. You may find what you’re looking for at a pawn shop or eBay. But it may not be complete or in as good condition as Lukie games can offer. The prices are great and variety of accessories is good too. A first stop for me before I’d look anywhere else honestly.

Quick and Easy

8/15/2018 by Guy
Quick and easy. Great selection at great prices.

Best Online Place to Collect Games and Consoles

8/5/2018 by Keno
Lukie games is the best online place to be able to collect games and consoles. They make returns easy their items are in great condition and prices typically are very good if not the best. I am a serious collector and have added a lot to my collection because of lukie and I can buy with confidence knowing their return policy and their quality with their items. I could go on but, that is really it. I have used many ways to purchase games and if lukie has it for the same price or likely lower I would much prefer to go through them even if its alittle more.


7/13/2018 by Barrett
The site is straight forward and simple. They almost always have what I am looking for, and they almost always have a complete option. Prices are competitive especially if you qualify for free shipping.

The Prices Were Great

7/8/2018 by Flakko
Decent selection of games, easy to find for the platform you want. I came in looking for specific games not expecting to find many, but most of the games I wanted were there. The prices were great.

100% Satisfaction

7/7/2018 by deke
Top notch sellers,top of the line products and 100% satisfaction could not be happier.

Fast and Efficient

6/10/2018 by Reap3r205
I would recommend lukie games because it is fast and efficient and they also charge a good price for old games plus it's one of the best places to get old games. Lukie games also allows you to see the full cost of your purchase which is very helpful.

High Quality

6/5/2018 by Dev
Lukie products are high quality, cheap and delivers on time. Lukie Games is the only place I will order my games from, because you're simply amazing.

Awesome Site

6/5/2018 by Brandon
Came across this website by doing a Google search for "PS2 Games". Awesome site, easy to use, great prices, and fast shipping!

Offers Reasonable Prices

6/2/2018 by Matt
Lukie games is the only site that offers reasonable prices for older generation consoles, and that alone makes this website wonderful. Most games are the cheapest on this website, which is convenient for me and for people looking for games.

My go-to source for retro gaming

3/5/2018 by Dustin E.
Lukie Games is my go to source for retro gaming. They have everything you need for your retro gaming needs. Orders ship fast and games are always in great condition. Accessories are mostly new in package as well. Love it!
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