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Free Shipping on all Orders over $25
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Lukie Games Reviews and Customer Testimonials

Very Happy!

10/21/2021 by FluffyWuffyKins
Well I just ordered one game at first because it was a game that I missed dearly, and it came very fast to me and surprised me thoroughly! I started playing the game a bit after it arrived which was luigi's mansion for gamecube and it worked! No scratches or anything so it made me very happy! I am definitely going to order more from here and I would recommend this site!

Would Definitely Buy From Lukie's Again!

10/21/2021 by Ollie
I was looking for this older game that I used to play when I was younger for the PS2 and everywhere I could find it, it was selling for a crazy amount of money. Luckily I was able to fine it on here for only $25! The product was great, everything was in the case and the disc was completely fine, no scratches and plays perfectly. The shipping was also relatively quick! I was very satisfied with my purchase and would definitely buy from here again.

Awesome Service

10/17/2021 by Punahele M
Very fast shipping, perfect selection of games, awesome service all the way around, 10/10 would recommend to anyone wanting great retro games

Best Place Ever

10/16/2021 by Metalhead1986
This place has everything!!!!! I have purchased before and item are in amazing condition. Prices are very reasonable and website is easy to navigate. Highly recommend.

Best I have Ever Found Online!

10/14/2021 by Thmbward
The selection of games and the prices that Lukie Games offers is the best I have ever found online. Will be buying from them very soon in the future!

Exactly What I Was Looking For!

10/11/2021 by Gerrs1992
I am a big fan of older games that are hard to find. Lukie Games had exactly what I was looking for after I spent a long time searching other places. They had exactly what I wanted, at a good price, and it was easy to find. Lukie Games is the go-to from now on!

Your Best Bet!

10/7/2021 by Brian Burke
If you're in the market for retro games and don't wanna travel super far to a store an hour away or so to get them, I'd say Lukie games is your best bet! Very honest and great people over there!

Love Buying From Lukie Games

10/6/2021 by TBLKucherovFan
I love buying from Lukie Games because of the great prices,great selection,and ability to purchase free games through points;they are truly the best and always my go-to place whenever I want to try old school games :)

Save Money

10/5/2021 by Sebas
I really like your guys offers and deals you guys have. I really do save money when buying stuff from you guys. I bought some guys a long while back and have loved them ever since thank you guys so much!

I Recommend Lukie Games

10/2/2021 by Coot
I bought two games; Dead Space and Sonic the Hedgehog. Both games came early according to the projected delivery date, and were in near mint condition. I would recommend Lukie Games simply for availability, affordability, and reliability

Always Satisfied

9/29/2021 by Una
Always satisfied with products. The prices are great and have no complaints. I continue to recommend for people who still enjoy the classic platforms and games.

Wide Selection & Reasonable Prices!

9/28/2021 by Patch
My recent experience at this website I go to frequently called LukieGames has a wide selection of games for reasonable prices. I'd highly recommend going through then for your classic and modern game shopping! Plus their checkout and shipping are outstanding.

I Check Lukie's First!

9/24/2021 by Peter E.
Love buying from Lukie games!! Never have problems, shipping is fast, prices are very reasonable. I always check Lukie first when looking for a game or accessories. Thanks again.

Good Selection

9/23/2021 by Adam B.
The website is simple, easy to read, and it has a good selection. I never felt like I was being upselled or given the run-around. I like that there were options for complete or non-complete games at reasonable prices, and the free shipping minimum is SO reasonable that I asked friends if they wanted me to grab things for them while I was ordering.

Full of Suprises!

9/23/2021 by Jimbo Lewis
I bought Tenchu Wrath of Heaven. And i was just surprised you guys were selling it, along with a bunch of other old games, for just 30 bucks. WITH the case in good condition. I wish i had found y'all years ago.

Best Prices

9/17/2021 by Dan
Lukie games had a great selection of older, good quality games for by far the best prices. Huge amount of ps3 games, most under $10 and lots under $5. If you’re trying to revive a good portion of your childhood, lukiegames is the best place to buy any copies of the games you love.

Always Depend On Them!

9/16/2021 by Timmydaddy
I bought these games from Lukie games and I highly recommend to big from here, because they have great prices and very good shipping. Every time I was looking for an older game they always had it in stock and never let me down, and I always depend on them.

Found what I was looking for!

9/15/2021 by Liss
This is the first time I've ever ordered from Luke games and my shopping experience was excellent. I found exactly what I was looking for right away. I would definitely shop like games in the future & definitely refer others to Luke games as well.

Will Buy Again!

9/10/2021 by Guanaco
I just got a new game I wanted, Super Mario Galaxy 2. I loved the first one, so I wanted to try this one. I love it! It was very well priced, and it came before I even expected it to. The disc was in perfect condition, which was great. Will buy from Lukie again!

Only Place I'll Buy Games From!

9/8/2021 by Lukielover711
I just bought a bunch of games from and I’m telling you, it’s the only place I’ll buy games from. I’ve used the website twice so far and have had nothing but good experiences. Great prices, shipping is nice priced and comes quick. I love it!

Using Lukie Games For Years

9/6/2021 by DSmitty
It's always a great experience buying from this site. I've been using it for years. Usually have whatever you're looking for in stock. And the customer service is great to be honest. Probably the best place to go for games, retro games in particular in my opinion.

Great Place & Great Company

9/2/2021 by Wayne in Kentucky
Great place to buy games of all kinds. They are also a great company to deal with. I had a game that I could not use in my Wii because I did not have the motion sleeve for the Wii Sports Resort. They gladly said to return it, and, they paid the postage. Highly recommended.

Vast Selection, Swift Shipping & Fair Prices

8/31/2021 by Jack
The website is well designed so it's pretty easy to navigate through. The game selection is also very vast, the shipping is swift, and the prices are fair. Lukie Games is my go-to spot for fulfilling my video game wishlist.

100% Recommend!

8/31/2021 by AshF
I LOVE Lukie Games, my kids are so hard on games we go through them like crazy I searched and found this place and they were LEGIT I got what I paid for the games came unsratched in PERFECT condition they were basically brand new not only were the games in great condition the price was amazing. I would 100% recommend Lukie

All Good, Nothing Bad!

8/26/2021 by Robocop4188
All Good, nothing bad. I love PS3 stuff, especially with times getting hard, I now have a spare PS3, thanks to Lukie Games, and I can crack my original open and work on it, while having a spare to game on. Please keep on being awesome to your customers. :)

Excellent Quality & Customer Service

8/26/2021 by Nat C.
I've ordered from Lukie Games a couple of times in the past year and they've been killing it!!! I love Lukie Games and their company has never let me down! Excellent Quality! Excellent Customer Service!!!

Extremely Happy!

8/25/2021 by Shinobi
I’m extremely happy with my purchase. This was my first time ordering from this site and I was impressed by how fast my delivery came. Since I started collecting games for my sega Dreamcast it’s been a challenge to find games that are in either mint or playable condition. I recommend this site when it comes to buying video games.

Astounding Selection

8/21/2021 by Odi
Lukie Games is a good site for purchasing old video games. They are my to go-to whenever I learn of an old gem or classic video game that interests me. The website is easy to navigate and the selection is astounding!

Deals and Discounts!

8/19/2021 by ilya_link
Amazing online store. Good variety of games, consoles and accessories. Many great deals and discounts. I also love the loyalty program with lukiepoints. Literally the paradise, one of the best online shops for retro and old school gamers

Recommend to All!

8/16/2021 by Chena
My husband told me about this site I fell in love with it the prices are amazing I was able to find so many of the games I wanted for such a good price I mean one of the games that I wanted to buy I was going to spend $70 on and I found it on lukie games for $49 this site is amazing I'm going to recommend it to all of my siblings and everyone I know that plays games

Amazing Prices, Great Shipping

8/13/2021 by RealShu
I would say it was a pretty great experience. Simple to use, added everything in my cart that I wanted, and made the purchase. Prices are amazing and shipping is great. No complaints. Highly recommend if you're into gaming.

They have earned my trust!

8/11/2021 by Digdug
I was always cautious about ordering vintage games online but I would say that after the amount of transactions I've had with Luke games... They have absolutely earned my trust. Customer service is great, only had an issue once with an order and it was corrected near instantly. I wouldn't waste my time hunting else where for games when this place has near everything for the burgeoning retro gamer to get started.

Don't Think I'll Buy Retro Games Anywhere Else

8/8/2021 by Ken
Lukie games is a really good site to buy retro games. I got my first Gameboy there for my birthday! It had new parts and was what I would say was in mint condition. and ever since then I’ve been using Lukie Games to buy all my retro games and things alike. Everything I’ve bought from here has been in really good condition, and has decent pricing along with good deals every so often. I love the points system too! I just got Halo 3 for free! Honestly I don’t think I’ll buy retro games anywhere else, I’ve had had nothing but great experiences with this site!

Buying Experience Like No Other!!!

8/4/2021 by Biggs
Lukie games offers an game buying experience like no other. The prices or great and the quality is guaranteed. The customer service is delightful and they have a wide selection of games. You can order video games, consoles, guides and accessories with ease. Lukie games is my first choice when looking for all my gaming needs.....and you don't have to stand in any lines or leave your house. IT COMES TO YOUR FRONT DOOR!!!

Never Had a Single Issue!

8/3/2021 by Scotty boy
I love Lukie!! I tell all my friends about Lukie... Why??? Every single item I have received from them has been as close to mint condition as it could be for 20 year old games. Never had a single issue!!
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