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Thunderstrike Operation Phoenix
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Thunderstrike Operation Phoenix

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Thunderstrike Operation Phoenix Sony Playstation 2 Game

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Playstation 2


NTSC (N. America)



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5 Stars
Thunderstrike: OP. Phoenix
Whether you like simulators or "run and gun" type games, this is one such game to look into getting. Thunderstrike is a good mix of both arcade and simulator, though it leans more to the simulator/strategy type games. I say this because it may seem like a simple heli game where you shoot at everything, but it isn't. You can very easily die in this game if you are not aware of the surroundings. It is not an easy game by any means, but it is not a game where you will want to break the disc or throw the controller. In the game you get four campaign areas to choose from, no order of completion is set in stone, so go wherever you like first. Before you do this, recommend that you use the "Test Range" before jumping into the campaigns. Here you will be able to get used to the controls and basic principles of the game. You will also encounter various enemies you will also see in the fields. You are practically invincible in the Test Range, but don't forget that it wears off after you leave. You won't get to customize your armament in the Test Range like you do in the campaigns. But standard loads include a gun, rockets, and missiles. Later in the game you will get different items to use. Highly recommend you keep the preset loads unless you are confident enough to change it. Graphics are very nice for the time and the variety of missions in each campaign will keep you on your toes (or fingers...). There are a few "boss battles," if you can even call them that. They are usually just more difficult missions at the end of each campaign with slight twists that keep it interesting. You can also steal enemy technology by locating labs in certain missions. Sometimes the rewards will be extra merits (points) or new weaponry you can use later in the game at any time (using merits basically seals the arcade side of the game with an actual high score leaderboard). A unique feature in the game is the ability to toggle camera views from both AWACS and from the target you've selected. Not exactly useful strategically but is a fun feature nonetheless. You can toggle the target camera and watch your demise become imminent (see things from the target's perspective). Overall, a fun game that has a lot to offer and plenty of play time. It even has some secrets that I will not spoil.
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Tennessee on
5 Stars
Reviewed by: from Albion,mICHIGAN on

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