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Tomb Raider the Prophecy
Tomb Raider the Prophecy
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Tomb Raider the Prophecy

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Tomb Raider the Prophecy GBA Game Boy Advance Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work!

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Action & Adventure


Game Boy Advance


Region Free



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5 Stars
Lara Croft is back! Better than Ever!
This is the most beautifully crafted Tomb Raider game in Gameboy Tomb Raider series, and is also one of the most sought after. Become a true Tomb Raider! With over 20+ levels, several weapons and ammunition, take Lara Croft the well known, sexiest video game icon to many different tombs and areas! Collect medi-packs, avoid dangerous traps, defeat various enemies on the greatest Tomb Raider Adventure yet! Unlike previous Gameboy installments for the series, this one truly stays true, to it's retro and classic play style. You almost forget it's a Gameboy Advance game, as its engine is so similar to the PlayStation 90's installments. Jump, shimmy, speed run, collect artifacts, and take enemies down with classic Lara Croft trademark pistols, Uzis, ect. This game will bring hours of play, and the scenery is absolutely stunning! A must have for any Tomb Raider fan! And anyone who is looking for a more familiar feel to the older games. I have played this game more then a few times, never gets old or boring! Lara Croft has never looked better on a handle held console then in this story! If you've played older instalments for the Gameboy, Gameboy Color, prepare for a great and super upgrade! Whether you are just getting to know Lara for the first time, or already know her from previous games on other platforms or Gameboy platforms, this is hands down the best one to have apart of your collection. Nostalgic for veteran raiders, and great for new comers, join Lara today! You won't be disappointed!
Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer) from Maryland, USA on
5 Stars
Tomb Raider The Prophecy
Kids were very happy to get this hard to find game for their GBA and it came to us in great working condition, awesome site!
Reviewed by: from Wisconsin on

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