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Total Carnage
Total Carnage
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Total Carnage

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Total Carnage SNES Super Nintendo Game Cartridge Cleaned Tested and Guaranteed to Work! 

Captain Carnage is in charge of your force... all right he is your force. That's right - one man against an entire army! If you need better odds, this isn't your game! Here's your mission: with your one-man ground force, you must stop a mad dictator bent on destroying the world! Rescue civilians, eliminate key targets, and destroy General Akhboob's bio-nuclear generators, which he's using to create his endless mutant army! On your side: an awesome arsenal of the 21st century's most destructive weaponry. On their side: battle zones full of the nastiest mutated enemies and the baddest bosses you'll ever want to see!

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Action & Adventure


Super Nintendo


NTSC (N. America)



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Customer Reviews

5 Stars
Arcade mayhem
The controls are the same as Super Smash TV, challenging at parts, A lot of fun with two players.
Reviewed by: from guelph, ON on
5 Stars
3x better than Super Smash T.V.
This game is one of the funnest co-op games on Snes. Please buy this.
Reviewed by: from Independence on
5 Stars
I loved this game when I was a kid. I received it quickly (like normal from Lukie) and my 8-year old and I had a go at it. He likes the retro games as we have all the nintendo home consoles except Wii because you don't need it if you have GC and Wii U. This game is TOTALLY awesome
Reviewed by: from Thunder Bay on
4 Stars
Good shots!
Label is awesome. Very fun game in perfect condition. Thanks LG!
Reviewed by: from Chile on
3 Stars
Total Carnage
A port of the Top-down arcade game of the same name, Total Carnage is exactly what the title says; non-stop chaos! As a spiritual sequel to Midways' Smash TV, you shoot everything that comes your way as you make way through levels where the amount of enemies increase every level. To shoot you press the Y,X,B and A buttons (Y to shoot right, B to shoot down etc.) and to move around you use the D-pad. If the action gets too intense go find a second player and then they can join in the action. Overall, Total Carnage is fun little arcade shooter. Having a second player to play with only increases the fun. If your in to these types of arcade shooters, you might want to pick this game up.
Reviewed by: from Port Alberni on
4 Stars
Arcade Action!
Great arcade style fun. If you like smash tv you will like this game
Reviewed by: from Thunder bay on

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